Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Have a Dream...

Yes, I have a dream...maybe more of a goal really.  I want to learn to use coupons!!  Silly you say...well I would like to see my dollars S-T-R-E-T-C-H as far as they can!  I have used some in the past...but no way near what I would like to.  Looking at all the coupon sites available is so overwhelming!!  And boy, have I studied them!!  It's almost like I need someone to literally lay it all out in front of me!  Or a live step by step demonstration!!

Anybody use coupons and can suggest a great and EASY place to learn?  I have been getting up before the birds to get my "chores" done so I can devote my day to my children's schooling and therapies!  So I need something easy and without much brain effort!  HA!

I hope to have this all set up by Thanksgiving, because I want to have a deadline.  So hold me accountable!

And I also have some posting to do on the children...but that takes mommy's brain power and that does not wake up for hours yet!  Just kidding!  I do the easy chores that doesn't take any concentration to do.