Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Story...

I am going to tell a story of a family. This family started with two people and it remained that way for many years. These two people wanted to have more people in their family, but no one ever came. This couple watched as many others added to their families, even again and again. Sometimes it was very hard to see...but this couple just kept patiently waiting...

One day the couple were talking about how they could add more people. The idea of adoption came up. It seemed like the best idea. After praying about it the couple decided to look into it. Where to adopt from? Well, the woman in the couple always thought she wanted a little girl from Ukraine to name after her mother and grandmother. So they started to proceed to do just that. Then as they were very close really jumping in...Ukraine stopped accepting dossiers.

Now what to do? The woman was looking on her computer one day and was cleaning up and deleting things. Came across a web site she never ever remembers looking at, with kids with different special needs. So many kids.. She told her husband about it and they both knew that any child God brought to them would be wonderful! Before they became a family the couple always knew that they wanted kids with special needs. Well days went by and one little face stuck out to them. It was a little girl, a beautiful girl. And after much prayer, faith and God moving MANY mountains they added her to their family.

While they were in the little girls country to adopt her, they saw a little boy. A little boy with a smile that lit up the room. A sound like a soft squeal came from his lips. A little body that was not one that the couple had ever seen before. The couple saw this boy several days and one day the woman held the little boy... The little boy's heart and the woman's heart were bonded forever! God brought them together. The woman cried and prayed for that little boy. She held and sang to him with great love in her heart, all the time knowing that he was someone special.

The new family went home and began a new life together. It was wonderful for them. The woman continued to pray for that little boy all the time. She begged God for a family for him, the perfect family that would be his forever. Tears still continued to flow every time his name was spoken. Praying continued for days, weeks, months, and even years! Well time went by and the couple continued to pray and think about this little boy..and one day the woman saw this boy on a web site and her heart just ached! But she knew this was a good way for him to find his very own family.

Then one day, the woman and man were talking about this little boy and just had a very strong feeling and it was laid on their hearts to try and adopt him. The next thing they had to do was to ask permission for that to happen. They waited, prayed and hoped that the answer would be yes. The couple and their daughter started planning for him to come home to them. God moved many mountains for that to happen. The couple went back to get their son to join their family. It was a wonderful time for them.

Now to tell you about another special little boy. The couple met this little boy when they picked up their daughter. They were there for several weeks and saw this boy many times. They talked to him, and watched him play. Such a smile that just radiated from him. Just a sweetie pie. When the couple went to pick up their son that they were finally able to bring home, they saw this other little boy again. He was still the same wonderful little boy they remembered. While they were there the couple wondered why no one adopted him. There was a family that tried to adopt him..the couple were very happy. Something came up and they could not. The woman cried when she found out, especially when she saw the little boy again.

There was just something about him, and the couple knew he wanted a family. A mommy and daddy just for him. A home to live in, a place to call his own..his very own. Well, this woman prayed for this little boy..and hoped that he would find a family very soon. It did not seem possible that this couple with a family would be able to adopt him. God is all knowing and knew that there was a family for him. The couple was in awe that God would bless them with that little boy. Now this little boy waits for his family to come and bring him home. He does not know that his mommy and daddy are trying very hard to get him. His mommy and daddy got him his very own bed in the room that he gets to share with his very own brother. His room next to his very own sister.

This family is praying and trying to get everything ready for him. Every detail of paperwork is almost done. Praying for God's will and timing to be done. Trying not to worry about the funds needed to get him. Knowing God is in control, patiently waiting....

If you do not recognize this family, it is our story. A story of a couple with lots of love and faith in God. A couple who has seen mountains that God has moved and will continue to move. While we wait, we have committed to bringing our son home with the help of an agency called Reece's Rainbow. They have helped many many families find their children. Most of those children have Down Syndrome, but there are children with other diagnosis as well. With Reece's Rainbow we are able to have people donate and have it be tax deductible. We really would be thankful if people would pray for us..our journey, our faith, and most of all God's will to be done and in his time. There will be a link on the side if you feel led to donate to our son's adoption.

Thank you for reading this story that started with a couple...and we will see what ending God has for us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Days gone by...

It has been a little while since a post. Well, from Saturday evening..I started to not feel well. I thought I would feel better in the morning. Not! We did not make it to church, that was a bummer!! Didn't feel good all day. Monday I got the kids ready and off to school, and then I really got sick. Very flu like symptoms! (we will just leave it at that) This went on day and mother telling me I really needed to see a doctor. I kept saying no, I will feel better soon. Meanwhile in the back of my head I was NOT sure. Literally praying for God to help me. I prayed a lot!! And also praising God that I had/have an awesome and very helpful family who help out a lot!! Having them live so close is an awesome thing!! :)

So Wednesday I had Dan come home from work after I had to have help with the kids. Thanks mom and Tanya!!! My mother really insisting I go husband joined with her. Mid-morning I went to the emergency room. I thought must have been slow as the doctor came in like right when I was done changing in a gown. After that the whole day flew by!! (we were there for close to seven hours) X-ray, CT..and then I got a diagnosis. And we left with two antibiotics, a narcotic pain killer, and a strict diet to follow. Here I am now with two days of antibiotics in me..I am much better. Like night and day!!! My prayers and others were answered!! I was MUCH better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the kids ready and took them to school. Came home and cleaned up a little bit in the house...rested. I even made supper, then I crashed. Kinda..I spent time with my bouncy home from school kids!! :)

I have another post I am working far as our adoption. Hopefully I can get it posted in the next day or so. We are a week behind in Easter prep. Don't think my hubby can make Ukrainian Easter bread!! :) His relatives are all from Norway! :) I'll let you know on that one! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

God loves me...

The last several days have been kinda tough for me..just so much going on. In turn that just makes me get a little crabby and a little overwhelmed! But, I have had people pray for me and I have felt the love of God surround me! What a feeling of peace and happiness! And I know that life is not always peaches and cream all the time..but I want to come close to that. God is showing me a lot in life..especially with our next child coming home. My job is to get more organized..and less stuff!!! In the next several weeks we are planning a garage sale to raise funds. Oh my, there will be lots. My first garage sale...uff da! But, it will lighten up the house and also raise up our funds! Praise God!! More blogging to come. Dog wants out...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Potty Training...

Yep, we are trying to help Jovan be potty-trained. We have not received conformation to our questions, if he can be. He showed great interest in using the toilet from day one. The little seat ring that sits on the toilet needs to be used as he has a very small body. Needless to say we did not have one in his home country and well, lets just say oops..didn't have the seat! :)

I have forgotten how to potty train..have been reading and studying it again. He has been doing a really good job!! And this morning he was DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WaHoooooooo And away we went this morning!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too tired to post...(part 2...)

I really have not forgotten to post about the other day! I will just mention a few of them. children were racing up and down the hallway laughing and giggling so hard!! The sound that is the best in the world for this mom to hear!! They have been home for FIVE days!! I hate every other day Kindergarten! It does not do my kids any good to be off for so long, they both love to learn and need to learn!! But mommy school helps out. :) One day the kids were playing together like peanut butter and jelly...then later that SAME day, they were at each other's throat!! To cool off they had to play in their own rooms.. (Here's a funny story. After Kristina's treatments she is learning to ask "Am I done?" And we let her know if she is or isn't.)

The room time out was just beginning and Jovan says "mommy am I done?" Like that was his ticket to leave his room. :) Maybe it was just funny to me. Some of the things he puts together are so cute. Anyway..just cute for me I guess.

So, they have been home for FIVE days, and today they are at school. Sad part is that I MISS THEM!!! I can go get them in two and a half hours! :)

Gotta go hubby is sick!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Right from the start I (we) have talked to our kids about God and his son Jesus. Kristina seemed to really understand it from the beginning! It came from day about 8 months after she came home we were talking about Jesus. Not knowing what she comprehended..from our talks and the wee bit in Sunday school. Anyway, she told me that "Jesus was at home". That took me a back and I asked her where Jesus was at home, and she said "heart". (At that time she really did not speak many words..although Jesus was one of the first besides mama and papa)

We have talked about Jesus since Jovan has come home too..but he doesn't seem to understand. But he is getting it. The other day we were driving somewhere and talking about Jesus. And Jovan said he wanted to go to Jesus...and Kristina said she wanted to go too. Jovan immediately said "NO stina!!" "You stay home!!" Made me smile!! But I also hoped that God would have them be with me a lot longer before calling them home.

Tonight at our pizza supper, we were talking about Easter. I told my grandmother that I needed to make the babka (Ukrainian Easter bread) as she had made her share. I said I would use my recipe! Hers is OLD and in Ukrainian..made for 50+ years!! I also am going to try my hand at Easter bread from our children's country as well!!

Back to Easter, I asked Kristina if she remembered what Easter is..she said Jesus' birthday. I said that is Christmas..and proceeded to explain Easter. We did not get into the whole time after Christ rose from the grave to when he ascended into heaven. I told her that is when Christ died and got to go to see God in heaven. Wasn't sure if she remembered what dying was and reminded her about my great-uncle last winter. I started to tear up...she did not see. She said she would miss me, and got up and came over to hug me. I told her that it was okay, she might not see me for a little while but forever in heaven. My thought when we were talking was please God let her grow and live a long life! Since she has been under the weather and coughing (another post) I have prayed for God to heal her!! She is MUCH better..but still is not 100%.

Before the kids went to bed..Kristina was doing her CF treatment, and Jovan came to me and said he wanted to talk on the phone. When Jovan is understandable for the most part..sometimes you just have to listen close.m I asked him who he wanted to call..he said he wanted to call Jesus. I told him that we pray to Jesus, we can't reach him by phone! :)

Today as I was pulling out Jovan's clothes for church..I prayed for our newest little boy to come home and I want him to know Jesus!! Oh God, I want him to know you!! My children are asleep and now I must go as well!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too tired to post...

So many things going on! CF, fever, racing, potty training, Auntie, suffering, and many other descriptive words that have escaped my mind!! Happy, joyful, but VERY VERY VERY tired. More later. Not whining, but real! :) True life! :)