Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Story...

I am going to tell a story of a family. This family started with two people and it remained that way for many years. These two people wanted to have more people in their family, but no one ever came. This couple watched as many others added to their families, even again and again. Sometimes it was very hard to see...but this couple just kept patiently waiting...

One day the couple were talking about how they could add more people. The idea of adoption came up. It seemed like the best idea. After praying about it the couple decided to look into it. Where to adopt from? Well, the woman in the couple always thought she wanted a little girl from Ukraine to name after her mother and grandmother. So they started to proceed to do just that. Then as they were very close really jumping in...Ukraine stopped accepting dossiers.

Now what to do? The woman was looking on her computer one day and was cleaning up and deleting things. Came across a web site she never ever remembers looking at, with kids with different special needs. So many kids.. She told her husband about it and they both knew that any child God brought to them would be wonderful! Before they became a family the couple always knew that they wanted kids with special needs. Well days went by and one little face stuck out to them. It was a little girl, a beautiful girl. And after much prayer, faith and God moving MANY mountains they added her to their family.

While they were in the little girls country to adopt her, they saw a little boy. A little boy with a smile that lit up the room. A sound like a soft squeal came from his lips. A little body that was not one that the couple had ever seen before. The couple saw this boy several days and one day the woman held the little boy... The little boy's heart and the woman's heart were bonded forever! God brought them together. The woman cried and prayed for that little boy. She held and sang to him with great love in her heart, all the time knowing that he was someone special.

The new family went home and began a new life together. It was wonderful for them. The woman continued to pray for that little boy all the time. She begged God for a family for him, the perfect family that would be his forever. Tears still continued to flow every time his name was spoken. Praying continued for days, weeks, months, and even years! Well time went by and the couple continued to pray and think about this little boy..and one day the woman saw this boy on a web site and her heart just ached! But she knew this was a good way for him to find his very own family.

Then one day, the woman and man were talking about this little boy and just had a very strong feeling and it was laid on their hearts to try and adopt him. The next thing they had to do was to ask permission for that to happen. They waited, prayed and hoped that the answer would be yes. The couple and their daughter started planning for him to come home to them. God moved many mountains for that to happen. The couple went back to get their son to join their family. It was a wonderful time for them.

Now to tell you about another special little boy. The couple met this little boy when they picked up their daughter. They were there for several weeks and saw this boy many times. They talked to him, and watched him play. Such a smile that just radiated from him. Just a sweetie pie. When the couple went to pick up their son that they were finally able to bring home, they saw this other little boy again. He was still the same wonderful little boy they remembered. While they were there the couple wondered why no one adopted him. There was a family that tried to adopt him..the couple were very happy. Something came up and they could not. The woman cried when she found out, especially when she saw the little boy again.

There was just something about him, and the couple knew he wanted a family. A mommy and daddy just for him. A home to live in, a place to call his own..his very own. Well, this woman prayed for this little boy..and hoped that he would find a family very soon. It did not seem possible that this couple with a family would be able to adopt him. God is all knowing and knew that there was a family for him. The couple was in awe that God would bless them with that little boy. Now this little boy waits for his family to come and bring him home. He does not know that his mommy and daddy are trying very hard to get him. His mommy and daddy got him his very own bed in the room that he gets to share with his very own brother. His room next to his very own sister.

This family is praying and trying to get everything ready for him. Every detail of paperwork is almost done. Praying for God's will and timing to be done. Trying not to worry about the funds needed to get him. Knowing God is in control, patiently waiting....

If you do not recognize this family, it is our story. A story of a couple with lots of love and faith in God. A couple who has seen mountains that God has moved and will continue to move. While we wait, we have committed to bringing our son home with the help of an agency called Reece's Rainbow. They have helped many many families find their children. Most of those children have Down Syndrome, but there are children with other diagnosis as well. With Reece's Rainbow we are able to have people donate and have it be tax deductible. We really would be thankful if people would pray for us..our journey, our faith, and most of all God's will to be done and in his time. There will be a link on the side if you feel led to donate to our son's adoption.

Thank you for reading this story that started with a couple...and we will see what ending God has for us.


Zactly said...

Such a great story!

Anonymous said...

I love a good story!