Saturday, February 28, 2009

One night...

After a whole day with her papa this is how my little girl looked while sleeping.

My mom, grandmother, and I spent the day together..which included a spin around Supertarget. My grandmother had some meds to pick up and we needed a few things. Well, we missed the before the lunch break pick up, so we had to sit and wait. We ate lunch ourselves in the Target seating area/Starbucks coffee shop. We were gone three and a half hours! Time flies! Then my mom and I had another errand to run, about my grandmother's b-day tomorrow. So basically Dan and Kristina were together all day! Just the way Kristina likes it!

Now, off to bed with me as it is going to be a busy day. I will post pictures of the b-day tomorrow!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Can I just say, that I hope and pray that God blesses me with more children. Right now in my house I have three children ranging in age from thirteen to nineteen months. And my two days shy of ninety year old grandmother is here as well. It has been work..but so much fun. To see them play and also get along..oh sometimes not so well. :)

This morning I went out to snow plow the driveway. Not as nice as hubby..but pretty close. :) I can now go out and around town this afternoon. Kinda cold for the kids outside right now..maybe later this afternoon after naps.

We got almost six inches of snow last night..and the cold came as well. But such bright sunshine. It reminded me of the flood in the Bible where it rained and then God stopped the rain. I can only imagine how bright and beautiful the sunshine was then. :) Made me smile and thank God for what I have.

This weekend I am going to try and walls are white and I do not like them. I go to Home Depot and buy "oops" paint for five dollars. When the color is wrong for someone else..but I get them..and use them. What a savings for me. This is the scary corner for's over our staircase going up and down. Hubby does not like to paint..and I love it! I sit..

Well, better daughter is done with her treatment (a little late..) so, now we can move on with our day. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can I cry?...

My daughter is "baking" her play-doh. She is having a blast! It's just so sweet how she she went to her kitchen to get spatulas because it's "hot". Now, she is going to feed it to my grandmother.

There is eighty-five year difference between them..oops gotta go and "eat". Boy, that stuff sure has a smell to it. Don't remember it from when I was a kid. No, I don't make the homemade kind.. She would LOVE an easy bake oven..but I think she is still too young.

She is just so sweet..just love her to death!! Tonight is mostly girls night..daddy stayed at work because of the weather and Kristina's little nineteen month cousin is staying over night. He's a peanut and so easy to watch.

Better go start supper..leftover meatloaf from grandpa. :) Easy..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dog Problem...

Yes, we have a dog problem..not our dogs but a wandering pain in our side dog. He lives down the street and wanders in our yard. Needless to say, Calvin and Cooper go nuts! I have YELLED at the dog to go home.. many, many times!!! So, today I called our local sheriff's office and asked what can I do..I asked about a b-b gun. She said to do what it takes to keep our property and our family safe. Well, I told her about our family and two dogs..

Now, I don't want people to think that I am cruel to animals when I say I want to buy a b-b gun. I am afraid of what can happen..and if my dogs did that (go in other people's yards) then it would be a hard and painful lesson for our dogs. I would like any help regarding this if anyone has advice for me! Please!

We don't have to worry about tomorrow as we are expected to have 6-8 inches of snow. So, they are bound not to come out. And that means that my wonderful husband will be spending the night at work. :( But, also that means our little girl will be excited to go play out in the snow! Can't wait to see her when it starts to snow! :)

UPDATE... I found the owner of the dog/s and she said that their kennel had been re-done and they know how to break out..she just needs to fix it. I am glad because I really didn't want to do anything but yell at them!

Monday, February 23, 2009


My house is quiet..can you hear it? Wow, it has been a zoo all morning. On top of the normal activity there are hairy fluff dogs loose in the neighborhood!!! Makes me so MAD!! so, the boys were a wee bit crabby, to say the least!

So, now that my house is quiet...I am going to finish planning the menu for my grandmother's party. Since I am having a garden theme..I thought about an English tea garden party..something like that. My sister and I are going to make the flowers..a big centerpiece for our kitchen island. And balloons..

I love the quiet when I am awake..peaceful! :)
My Grandma...

My grandma is going to be ninety on Sunday. So, this week I will be working on bits of her party during the week. I want to have a garden theme..can't decide if I want to do the flowers or have someone else.. My sister and I have been making flowers up for different occasions for the last several years. Hum..just had an idea. I can get flower bulbs as party gifts... ooh, I'll have Kristina help me with that today.

Trying and have been for a long time to think of what she might want. I asked her this morning and she said a party in the ground. She is so wanting to go to heaven! Her body has a lot of she suffers a lot and wants to go.

Well, better be off today is laundry day and extra...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A verse...

Jesus replied, "What is impossible with men is possible with God." Luke 18:27 (NIV) Still waiting on adoption news..nothing yet. We wait, trying so patiently! :) If you want an invite to our private blog just send me an email. Just posted my first post. :)

Well, it was nineteen degrees and I did it!! I went outside wearing shorts! Spring is coming! Can't you feel it? :) It was so awesome! For as long as I can remember, I wear shorts inside all year round. Sometimes I have on a sweatshirt or something like right this very minute! Can't wait to stay out longer! My family thinks I am a goofy girl! That's okay.. :)
Crunch and Diamonds...

The other day I was thinking about this and then this morning I was reminded of it again. Okay, for those of you who do not get snow in your area...too bad! :) When I was driving home the other night from my parents, I saw diamonds in the road..probably millions of them!! Actually they were handcrafted snowflakes from God! It was the prettiest sight, dark and a tree lined street! And all sparkly!

Then this morning after a run to Walmart I heard the crunch of the snow under my feet! It was so nice, haven't heard that in a long while. Kristina will be going out to play tomorrow after church..

It was a nice winter Saturday!! Except driving in it!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I woke up this morning, and was so glad that I was alive! Just peaceful! And I thought all of that through a huge headache!! Oh, my it was the best feeling!!

Yesterday I had my feelings hurt so bad that my heart actually hurt! Oh, I cried..trying not to have my daughter hear me..sometimes it is good that Kristina's CF treatment is loud! :) That is a blessing! It took awhile, but I was much better by bedtime. :)

And I forgot, I had a dream about our child that will be joining us soon. It was so nice, he just was here and part of our family..was perfect.! What a feeling! :)

Oh, by the way..this is in green because it is my favorite color!! I'll tell that story later! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have decided, I think, to keep this blog open to show our daughter's progress and family fun while we wait for our son/brother to come home. Sometimes his name (which has been changed to protect him) will appear from time to time, as it has in previous posts.

So, I am starting a new blog about our adoption from Eastern Europe that is only for invited readers only. Friends, family, and new friends.. If you want and invite then leave a comment. And for those who have already or emailed..gotcha covered!

Thanks for keeping up with us..

My blog is going private starting tomorrow. We are still adopting, but do to privacy issues it needs to be private. Please email me for and invite or leave a comment. I hope to continue to have people follow our story as we adopt from Eastern Europe once again....

Monday, February 16, 2009

I LOVE Betty!...

Betty Crocker that is! I have not run across a product that I haven't liked. No, I am not a paid spokesperson.. :) I always say Betty helped me, when people ask me where I got the recipe. She has a website.. I use it a lot.

My cooking skills are okay..and I like trying new recipes..easy ones that is. :) Tonight I made Chicken a' la King. I did not have pimentos..but it was really good! And I had to make the sauce from Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom either! I was nervous at first, that it would not turn out. But, after what seemed like forever I got the cream sauce just right and without lumps! To me that is a HUGE accomplishment! :)

So, if you need a recipe idea go to her website and find what you need. I found a recipe for tomorrow's meal! Don't tell's Layered Chile-Chicken Enchilada Casserole. He wants chicken enchilada's and this will be a twist. :) Doesn't look too hard either! The fat grams per serving are high..but I try to make a "diet" version of recipes if I can.

Gotta go start the dishwasher.. Which is a treat because I have only had one for about a year. Maybe a smidgen more..but you still have to load and unload..and dishes are work no matter what! Sometimes, I tell my family that we are eating on fine china..which is really paper plates!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please help...

V (also known as Alexis) is a very kind-hearted girl in an orphanage in Russia. She is 10 years old. She is known for being very obedient, smart, and always helping or standing up for the younger children in her home.For awhile, Alexis had 2 best friends(more of a sister type relationship) to live with. Over the last 2 years, those 2 friends have found their forever family and been adopted. After the first friend left, V began sneaking over to the 2nd friend's bed to sleep together each night. To avoid getting into trouble, this was done after the caretaker left the room The day the 2nd friend left, V cried on the shoulder of the new adoptive mother and begged her to, "take me too, please take me too".

Over the last year, she has pretty much given up hope on getting a family. Her one big disadvantage to being adopted is that she is older. Being special needs, whether physical or mental, puts you at a disadvantage. If you are older, that is another strike against you.V is getting ready to enter a new phase in her life. She has gotten to the age where they will transfer her soon to the institution. Once you enter the institution, you will never get the opportunity to be adopted again.

Here is a statistic: 90% of the children that are put in the institution die within the first year. It is not a place any of us would want to be.There is a very kind, generous family in New Mexico willing to adopt V. They happen to be the proud parents of one of her best friends from the orphanage (Katie Aunna). Over the years they have adopted several children. Some are grown and living on their own. They have been blessed with children from the U.S., Ukraine, Russia, and Serbia. They so desire to bring V home forever. They are willing to make all the sacrifices required for adoption and raising a special needs child and have lots of experience in this area.

With Russia there are many grueling requirements. Tons of paperwork, expenses, and 2 trips of being away from your family . Lots of unexpected problems and delays along the way. Duane and Trisha ( are able to come up with most of the required money to bring V home. They just need help raising $5000. Any amount can help, and it is tax-deductible. If you are able to spare any extra, please consider helping V. She needs the mommy and daddy that she fell in love with as much as Trish and Duane need her! (And of course her friend Katie Aunna) What a better way to end Valentine's weekend to give so love can grow!
Trish was/is a big help and an inspiration to adopting in Serbia. She answered a TON of questions that I had..nerves, tears, joys, ups and downs! So, now is my plea to others to help her! Oh, please think and pray about how you can help..big or small just answer the call...
Just a note...

In blue, means Jovan is on my mind! A lot lately.. When I was praying the other morning, I just had a peace.. It was wonderful, I need not worry about anything! Now, for a while I have not worried at all..but just would like it all done.. That would be the patience that is hard to have sometimes. On beautiful sunny days like we are having right now, I just want to hop a plane and go and get him! Up, Up and away! :)

Today I asked Kristina about the pictures I have hanging in the hallway. (one is daddy and mommy together, one is her, and the other is Jovan) I pointed to her..she said her name and I aksed her who she was.. "your daughter". I asked her who Jovan was.."your kid" Now, how cute is that! :) She makes me smile!

She knows that God is in control.. Which is awesome that she understands that! God is good! All the time!!! :) We have not heard anything..all in God's timing! What a ride! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's all about LOVE! That is one of my most favorite words! Hubby and I don't really do anything fact can't remember the last time we went out. He just said "who needs to spend money to have a good time". I love that man! We are planning trips for camping and outings this summer..that is fun for us. Being a family that's what we love!

This Valentine's Day we are missing part of our family!! I shouldn't say missing, because I know where he is..just not with us! We love him and miss him very much! I say that a lot, because he can't hear me say it in his ear..when I held him I told him God loved him! Soon, I get to say his mommy loves him! (of course daddy too)

Love to me means accepting someone into your life without matter what. When I tell a person that I love is never just words to say, I mean it! This year I can not tell my g-uncle that I love him..he missed his birthday and now Valentine's Day. Those are the mushy days for me. I won't be able to say that to him..and I miss him very much.

This year my hubby surprised me with a card and a gift. I have told him NOT to buy flowers! When we first got married I managed a flower shop..had enough of the holidays with flowers, probably for the rest of my life! :) I buy him some from time to time..he loves daisies! Just remembered, his daughter got him a balloon with a daisy on it. (I am sure the balloon was for her as well) Oops..but it is still Valentine's Day. :)

Tonight we are having steaks and our favorite ice cream (frozen custard)(sorry James) from Culver's. Lemon meringue..yum That is of course, after our little girl goes to bed. Then we are going to watch one of his favorite movies...which has a little romance... It's a Hallmark movie.. Fun times!

Calvin is crying and digging at my leg..he is wanting some of my valentine love! :) He is my four legged boy..oh here comes the other one..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ode to my best friend...

Valentine's Day is coming right around the I thought I would post about my best friend. She means the world to me and right now she is several states away. Which in my opinion is too far away!

We met the first day of college a long time ago! :) Right away we did not care for each other. It was weird! Then somehow we became really good friends after that..took time. :) She may know a wee bit more on the details..It doesn't matter, we are friends now. :)

She is a "cheese-head"..said with much love! (for those who don't know, that is Wisconsin) Her heart is kind and her words are loving. I looked up to her as she was always so calm and collected and always seemed to know just what to do. I was very shy and just tried to go with the flow.

When it came to the guys I liked...well let's just say she wasn't nuts for them! :) Remember Dave I? :) That was her favorite! :) (not in the least!) I do believe she liked my husband he is the best!

She is a hard worker at what ever she does..when she was in school she was always working..seemed like ALL the time. Then after college she worked hard as well.. She worked and I got married..even though our lives changed a bit, we were always together. There was a restaurant that we would go to, actually two that we always had fun. Going to the mall by school..

We always talked about the day when we both would have children and they would be friends and so on. Well, that never really happened. When she met her husband..actually her first date, she took my husband and I along. He was a blind date that she had been emailing before she met him. We had a great time..and then they got married and moved up north to a farm. Hubby and I would drive up and visit. No wait, the wallpaper! The house that they bought had a TON of wallpaper on the walls. For days we peeled wallpaper till our fingertips were raw!! But of course laughing and having a great time.

One day we were visiting and went out to this really cool place for lunch..she said she just wasn't feeling right. I didn't get the clue. DUH She couldn't tell me, so she waited until I got home to tell me she was pregnant. Wish she would have told me then cuz I would have done the happy dance and hugged her to death! One of us was finally going to have children. At that time hubby and I were off and on about adopting. When she went into labor, I couldn't get up to her fast enough!! The men went off to do the I was trying to hold down the fort. She got sick several times..and I stood right by her! I am NOT very good in that department. My husband cleans out any "sick" buckets. He never gets I am lucky! Anyway, she probably doesn't know how I really wished that I could have done more for her to feel better. It took forever for her son to make his entrance in the world.

She was busy with a new baby..he was a peanut! Motherhood came to her..we figured because she was so old! :) Calm.. Several months later she called to tell me she was expecting again. That was not in the plan.. At that time something happened to me, and to this day I can't even explain it. I drifted away from her..searched my heart over and over. Maybe it was the fact she was a mom..and I was I wouldn't be any help to her. Not realizing until a LONG time later that she could have just had me by her side.

I missed so many moments of her life..never to get them back! She means the world to me! Right now she is sick and needs help and I am too far away to help. Breaks my heart! She is the type of friend never to forget a birthday, anniversary... Can't change anything right now..unless her hubby sees it's "greener" back in Minnesota! Literally! I miss her so...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There has been a tradgedy has been raining/sleeting and warmish the last several days. So, that means that Kristina no longer has a sliding hill. There is very little snow on it. Poor little girl..she is not happy! She does not have a wet suit to go out in this weather! :)

But, as we were eating supper it was snowing teeny tiny little snowflakes! There is hope for more fun in the snow! :) I however am looking forward to no snow because that means working in the garden and having flowers! One day at a time, one day at a time because each day is a gift from God..and I really want to enjoy them one day at a time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Husband...

I am on a loving my husband a lot kick!! Actually I miss him like crazy! (He's only been gone since 4:45am this morning!) We are supposed to have like rain/freezing so he packed up to stay at work tonight. He is fifty some miles away.. I like him, he is my friend and I like spending time with him. I can't wait to see him be able to have a son! :) The qualities that I fell in love with are still with him today. And we have been married eighteen years, nine months and four days. So many years..the best years for me!

My daughter...
She is the brightness in my sunshine and the glow in my moonlight! The joy of my life. The changes in here are amazing everyday. Talking more, wanting to help more..growing up. And my goodness getting taller!!! Since the end of summer till now..I have to try clothes on her like every month! Some of her dresses for church that I thought would work till spring are too short! Pretty soon she will be taller then me! :) She is the best!!

My son...
Today is one of those days when I wish he was just here! To love and to hold forever! I want to here him laugh! Play with the dogs, play with his sister! Just to be free to fly away from where he is..Yesterday on the way home from church his sister said...John coming. She has done this before and we were not even talking about him. We asked her when..she said soon. Then we went through the months..then she said for grandma's birthday. That is the end of June...I hope we have him sooner..but all in God's time.

I am me, and glad to be! This morning I was thinking about the song Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Something like that. It was a very hectic morning!!! Then I read in the news about all the people that do not have electricity in Missouri. So, I am thankful that I have electricity and my husband has a job! And I am thankful for what I do much!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Obsession/Hobby...

Yep, it's pink! That means my beautiful little girl! My obsession/hobby is taking pictures of her sleeping. I love it!!!

The first one is the very first sleeping picture I took..the second was the second while in Eastern Europe.

Her first night in America

A road trip..

A very funny way of sleeping

Needless to say there are more... LOTS more...
This is one of my favorites!!

Read the update for the weather post... I did go outside in bare feet!! It was a little chilly..but how cool that we are headed for Spring!! :)

I went out to take the "boys" out potty and I wanted to sit down on the driveway and lay out in the sun! It didn't matter that it is coated with ice in spots..I wanted to get some sun! When I went out I had no jacket on..just a sweatshirt and my feet had no socks. And I was warm! Come to find out with the wind-chill it was only eighteen degrees out. It really doesn't matter..I loved it!!!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was freezing for the funeral, and today it is warm! My little girl will be going out after her nap and school time. She will be so happy to go out! I just may go out with her..trying to catch up on things around here. But, she is more important then the "things" around home. They can wait she can not!

When I was outside with the boys...there was an airplane that flew right over our house! It was flying pretty low, and the birds sounded like spring! Then I realized that spring is around the corner! :) So, better stop blogging and get some "things" done now. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was my g-uncle's funeral. Talk about goodness! I thought I was going to be composed, but not so. To me it was feeling that "surreal" feeling..kinda like I am seeing it from someone elses eyes. He looked really good..I could not let go of his hand! That is the part that hurts the most, knowing he will not be around for all of the wonderfulness that he was! We won't go down that road.

Kristina did exceptionally well!!! It was an hour long Ukrainian Catholic service. Divine Liturgy I think that is what it's called. The priest was filling in for the regular one..the regular one had surgery. Anyway, the fill-in had recently come from Ukraine. He spoke very little English, so he really had the Ukrainian accent..unlike here where there is a little English thrown in. :)

We went out to the grave site...okay it was COLD!! My grandmother who will be ninety on March 1st insisted she walk out there as well. It was a little ways of the road. She did well, standing for a while. Then walking back to the car there was a fall. Not her, me! I knew I was going to fall...just didn't know where!

The funeral people were really great!! So helpful!! And SERBIAN!! We didn't know that they had purchased the funeral home from the previous owner. Made me when I feel up to it, we are going to get together and visit.

I have waves of emotion, and I am sooo very tired! But, I wanted to post and say that we made it through. Oh, we went to his house for his birthday. He turned 86 on Feb 1st, he would have loved that!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day...

My little girl is going to be soooo happy that there is going to be six more weeks of winter! :) More time to play in "her" snow!! She would be out day and night if we let her. Today is going to be a little colder..but the sun is shining. :) Mommy loves the sun! I have been trying to get back to our "normal" routine this morning.

Today is laundry and washing floors day. Yippeee And getting a chance to didn't go so well mom is coming to help me. Thank you mom! I have to change colors often, and it's kinda hard...but I'll learn! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Green is my favorite is hard to lose someone that you love, and for me it is hard to "move on" with my life. I know my g-uncle would want me to do that..but my goodness, how? I cried in church this morning because I missed he, but also happy that he is dancing with the angels! To see him suffer in such pain, that image is with me still! To hold his hand after he passed is with me still! The agony on his face as he looked at me for help is with me still.

I think of the life that is waiting for a mommy and daddy..and I am excited for that. What is the "normal" grieving process? To me it would be how comfortable you are. I am very sad, but to dwell on it is wrong, I feel. So for me my life will be for now..grieving when I need to, and living like I should.

We now need to concentrate on the living. Part of that living is our son. We are ready for him, and can't wait till he gets home. So now, getting him home will be my focus. And I am crocheting an afghan for him. Hubby thinks it will never happen..and I will show him!! The colors match his room. Now, you need to know that it has been a LONG time since I have crocheted anything. So, a challenge it will be! :) But this mommy is up for it!!