Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was my g-uncle's funeral. Talk about goodness! I thought I was going to be composed, but not so. To me it was feeling that "surreal" feeling..kinda like I am seeing it from someone elses eyes. He looked really good..I could not let go of his hand! That is the part that hurts the most, knowing he will not be around for all of the wonderfulness that he was! We won't go down that road.

Kristina did exceptionally well!!! It was an hour long Ukrainian Catholic service. Divine Liturgy I think that is what it's called. The priest was filling in for the regular one..the regular one had surgery. Anyway, the fill-in had recently come from Ukraine. He spoke very little English, so he really had the Ukrainian accent..unlike here where there is a little English thrown in. :)

We went out to the grave site...okay it was COLD!! My grandmother who will be ninety on March 1st insisted she walk out there as well. It was a little ways of the road. She did well, standing for a while. Then walking back to the car there was a fall. Not her, me! I knew I was going to fall...just didn't know where!

The funeral people were really great!! So helpful!! And SERBIAN!! We didn't know that they had purchased the funeral home from the previous owner. Made me when I feel up to it, we are going to get together and visit.

I have waves of emotion, and I am sooo very tired! But, I wanted to post and say that we made it through. Oh, we went to his house for his birthday. He turned 86 on Feb 1st, he would have loved that!

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Anonymous said...

Keeping you in our prayers. Was the obit in the paper? Didn't see it.
Love ya, Jamey