Thursday, February 5, 2009


I went out to take the "boys" out potty and I wanted to sit down on the driveway and lay out in the sun! It didn't matter that it is coated with ice in spots..I wanted to get some sun! When I went out I had no jacket on..just a sweatshirt and my feet had no socks. And I was warm! Come to find out with the wind-chill it was only eighteen degrees out. It really doesn't matter..I loved it!!!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was freezing for the funeral, and today it is warm! My little girl will be going out after her nap and school time. She will be so happy to go out! I just may go out with her..trying to catch up on things around here. But, she is more important then the "things" around home. They can wait she can not!

When I was outside with the boys...there was an airplane that flew right over our house! It was flying pretty low, and the birds sounded like spring! Then I realized that spring is around the corner! :) So, better stop blogging and get some "things" done now. :)

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