Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time Flies.....

Wow, I can't believe it is already Saturday!! So much has gone on! I'll just give a recap of the last few days. Then you will all see how come time flies!! :)

Thanksgiving day...what a day. To reflect on being thankful on all the "things" that we have and having family close by. This year, being thankful for my family was emotional for me. I really, really thought about all the families that had family members missing! Tears were running..the loss through death, being in the hospital, and most of all the people serving in our military!! The other thought was about families that really didn't have the means for a "Thanksgiving" meal. All that we maybe take for granted?

I went over to my parent's house and started to help my dad make the meal. For the first time in my life we were eating the meal at supper time. We normally eat at noon, we have more time to visit and eat leftovers the same day. :) My dad made homemade rolls while I made the stuffing. (I have never made homemade stuffing before) Then I had to stuff Paul (the turkey gets a new name every year), and my dad and I put him in the roaster. We did green beans like he grew up with. Oh, couldn't remember after that...then I went home to make a cauliflower/broccoli salad, jello, pumpkin dessert, and peach pie. The food was really good, the stuffing was okay..a little on the moist side. Dessert was okay...the jello was really good. Love to make JELLO!!

Day after Thanksgiving...My mom and I talked about going shopping, Kohl's was one place I wanted to go. Love that store!! They opened up at 4:00am.. set my alarm for 3:30am, woke up at 2:00am!! Well, got ready to go and got there at 4:28am. Oh, my goodness the store was PACKED!!!!! We shopped around together, then one of had to stay in the checkout line as it went around the store. During that trip we got almost everything we needed to get. But, now as I write this she and I are completely done! :) Now, comes the dreaded!!!! dreaded!!!!, wrapping of the presents!!! We stood in line for an extremely LONG time. We did make a trip to Target for household stuff and a bite to eat. By the time we got home we were dead!!

I made lunch (turkey leftovers) and Kristina went down for a nap. My time to snooze on the couch for a few minutes. Then it was off to the tree farm to cut the tree. Last year we got the tree right away. This year it took awhile...lets just say that someone in our family was very tired and went right to sleep. We had some other leftovers other then turkey. :) Dan and I watched tv..I think? My eyes wouldn't stay opened!

Christmas Tree cutting 07
Christmas Tree cutting 08

Two days after Thanksgiving...I got a bee in my bonnet and started to clean out closets and cupboards! Why? Don't ask me! I was like a mad woman out of her mind! I went through Kristina's dresser and EVERYTHING in her closet. Then it was off to the bathroom, and laundry room. Then did the general Saturday cleaning...We then had to make a trip to Target to get a new tp holder and new boots for Kristina to match her new jacket and snow pants I bought yesterday. (her boots are getting on the smaller she really needs new ones) :) Made supper with some Thanksgiving turkey! Tonight we set up the tree so it will be a surprise. There would have NO way that we could have done it last night!!

Sunday...After church we are going to a heritage type festival at a Ukrainian hall. They have performers from all over Europe..and food. It will be a nice kick off to the Christmas season!! Can't wait to see it!! The last time I went I was a pre-teen! Then after we check that out, we are going to my great uncle's and set up his tree. He has one of those old fashioned tree..kinda brings back so many memories of childhood. Of course it's PIZZA night! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just felt like saying little boys with snails and puppy dog tails!! Can I have one? :) Thought and prayed a lot for John today. Just missed him!

Today, I re-found verses in Jeremiah, 29:11-13. (NIV) For, I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.

Basically that was told to the captives in Babylon. They were to carry on with their lives even though they were in exile...God did not forget them. He had plans to give them a new beginning!! How awesome is that!!

Today, I am not in exile...don't know the plans that God has for me (or John), but I will continue to pray and seek Him and find Him!! God has John!! I have God! John has us! So, we are already really together! :)
Where did they go?....

Perogies, that is. Today Kristina dug in the freezer...never has done that before and was looking for lunch. She pulled out perogies. A little while later while I was putting stuff away out of the kitchen, she comes to me with another bag. Now mind you, she has never gone in the freezer...and the second round was about twenty minutes after she finished eating the first time.

She said "please more", how can I say no to that? :) And I made more. All together she ate sixteen!! They were homemade, so they are not that big. But my goodness!! Sometimes its like she gets a bee in her bonnet and just chows like some football player! Now, when she wakes up in the morning...she will have grown 10 inches with all that food!! :)

This was a few weeks ago. She had a blast!! Those are just a tad bigger then the ones she ate today. Next week we start making them for Christmas Eve dinner. Our family does a traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal. Has been that way for all of my years of living!! We make some with potato and some with sauerkraut!! YUMMMY!!! Guess which ones are my favorite? Yep, the sauerkraut ones!!!

It's treatment time and she wants to watch her favorite movie (at least this week). The Lion King...she roars and has a blast!

God's beauty.....

God's beauty is all around us!!! I found some of these pictures the other day. They reminded me of God's awesome power! He can do anything!!

These are different pictures of our backyard...everyday, all day long there is something different to see! Magnificent works of art!!!

This is looking out our front door one evening...pretty in pink!!
There was a double rainbow over our house several weeks ago. It was the most incredible sight to see. Unfortunately, you can barely see just one of them. Dan and I saw a double rainbow on our honeymoon (18 years, 6 months, and 11 days ago). I love that man!! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Never Again!!!

I will never again wait this long to shop for a holiday!!! Sorry James, went to Super Target and was able to get almost everything!! But, still had to stop again and finish.

This is the first year that we were not ready...So, Kristina and mommy went out and got our fixin's. The people were EVERYWHERE!!! Three deep in the grocery isle!! UGH!!! Got our turkey though!! And enough to have leftovers too! :) I love turkey!

It was a memory that I will have...and will not repeat! :) I told the cashier that I was so thankful that we were able to get groceries for Thanksgiving...

Being thankful is what life is all about!! Or should be!! But more on that another day...

Tomorrow is prep for Thursday. Sauerkraut!!! Yum!!!!!! And cutting celery, carrots, making the easy can be made ahead dishes...

Monday, November 24, 2008


To be quite honest, I was so sad that my heart actually hurt! Being me, I cried off and on after we got the email on Friday. Did my quiet time before I went to bed..and was feeling much better about the adoption. When I woke up on Saturday is when it hurt the worst..scared me because I thought that I was getting a peace. A peace that I had asked God for.

God, of course had a different road for me to go...lessons to learn, and His talking to me, so to speak. I went through Saturday with the pain. I even had trouble YELLING during my nephew's hockey game. Love doing that!! The lessons that I was to learn started to come after that...I was eager to learn and know about God and His plan..

Where was my trust? Not just the wishing for my son, hoping that God would change my answer to yes..Trust no matter what. I prayed for God's will...and that is what I have right now at this moment. And I have the peace that I asked God for... Thank you God!

In my mind, I wrote this so much more eloquently then I am right now... I grew so much and learned so much about God during our first adoption. The waiting and trusting I thought I knew pretty well. During this adoption, I was so caught up in saying "if it's God's will" that I forgot the meaning of what I was asking. There are/were verses that I was reading and clinging to, but thinking that was the lesson to learn. No sweat..but in my quest to "fear" God I blocked off any other lessons that I was supposed to learn. I did not multi-task in my mind and heart. My understanding of fearing God, is to get to know Him a reverence to Him.

And I did think, how could God bring this little boy to me, one that I fell in love with and truly thought he was somehow going to be a part of our family? I met him, held him, kissed him, laughed with him, prayed over him, took him to play outside, sang to him, and best of all fell in love with him!! That is when it hit me that people ALL over the world lose children that they have done those same things to. That was reality. It unfortunately is not just me that it happens to.

Best of all...I am learning so much about my relationship with God. It's all about Him. God is huge...He can take care of Jovan. No matter what God's will is up until the end of his life.. I will not stop praying for him, ever! I will continue to pray for the government ...and for the other families that are adopting. It is my hope and pray that they will continue and children will come to have families!

My mother like I said just thinks this is a pause...what ever it has giving me a new lease on life...I have a daughter that needs me, a husband that needs me, and my God that needs and wants me and I need my God most of all! Psalms 33 is a book that I have read during this adoption. Romans 5:3-5, and there are many more.

My little girl is outside in the garage playing "hockey". My nephew played hockey with her last night after his game. We bought her a stick at a thrift store... She was on top of the world! I think she is going to be an athlete! :) Mind you it is cold in the mid 20's. She is out there... oh, I have pictures from the hockey game...
Watching Emmanuel play!! She is glued to the glass!!

A smile for mommy!! Happy little girl!!

We have lots of fun!! Thank you for ALL the encouraging words and prayers! That is so awesome that people I know in person and people that I have met online..pray together! LOVE IT!!! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trust in the Lord...

Yes, that is what we must do! We got an e-mail yesterday and right now Jovan's country is no longer doing International adoptions. Figuring out different ways to do them. It was so sudden, that I had to re-read the e-mail a few times.

God is in control! I have been praying for the government for two years now. And I will continue to pray...there are many families that are in the process of adopting from Serbia right now. Join with me and pray for them and their children...God has a plan, unknown to do what is right and in His timing. That could mean a lot of things...

My mother called this a "pause". A moment in time. And with that I must go..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Three months and three days...

I can NOT believe how time flies!! A few posts ago I said the same thing! But it is true! Next week we get our tree...then only one month and a smidge it will be 2009. My goodness!! I think the older I get the faster time goes? Maybe. Or having a daughter makes it go by faster? :)

In some ways it really feels like it was a few months ago that we brought Kristina home! And we met John at the same time! Love that boy! I have praying for constantly!! He is so close to my heart...and growing like I thought he would, and have been praying for. God knows my heart...

People from our church went out to start a mission to help troubled marriages. Like a retreat type place with counseling. Anyway, they had just built there barn with the church youth group helping just a few months ago. There was an explosion of a propane tank..while it was being changed. Knocked our friend like ten feet away and then the barn burned with almost ALL of their personal possessions inside. They are sleeping in a tiny cabin..and used the barn as an office and a play area for their kids. We saw pictures of the aftermath. Everything was gone. Charred pictures of their wedding pictures..beds, lawn furniture, cd's, books, toys...everything.

I left church with the thought of that...could I leave my stuff behind? And I can honestly say, yes! Stuff doesn't's the people and my relationship with God that truly matters! So, with that being said..if you could remember them in your prayers that would be great!! And now I am off to de-clutter some more cupboards and such! Getting ready for Christmas...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hot Dish...

My poor daughter!! We were eating supper the other night..she knows what "hot" means, and she knows what "dish" imagine the look on her face when I asked her to eat her hot dish. I usually name the food, instead of saying things like that. But, it was a slip. We explained what it really was funny.

I think that the English language has to be harder then any other one? Maybe? But, she is learning and talking...some words that she has had trouble with in the past, are coming out of her mouth like nothing was ever an issue. :) It's so fun.

Better go, laundry is calling. Dinner is made and I need to make some banana bread.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am adding some more pictures of Jovan. I have been printing and playing with them. These are some of our favorites! He has gotten so big! I am glad, and he looks really good!! :)

Don't ya just want to reach out and grab him!! I know I do!! It has been three months today since saying that we are commited to him! Time is flying so fast... I am getting ideas together for Christmas..they keep popping in my head! Daddy is getting a special one, but don't tell!

Better go...we are hooked on Dancing with the Stars! :)

Attitude effects the Gratitude...

How's that for a saying? A great friend of mine told me that this morning. Her niece learned that saying in Sunday school yesterday. That is like the theme of Thanksgiving...being thankful and grateful! Just think about all of the things you are grateful that better or the same as being thankful?

Today is Monday...even though I am thankful get to stay home, Monday's are hard for me. Or at least sometimes. Maybe because Dan goes back to work..we have to switch gears..he is so helpful!! Which I am grateful for! Kristina can't get enough when he is home! She is glued to him..and he does her CF treatments, because she doesn't want me to help when Papa is home! :)

Did you notice that in my last paragraph I used the words thankful and grateful? :) I love that saying...maybe I will make a wood board with that saying and hang it somewhere in my house!
Calvin is whining and begging for a treat!! He is SO spoiled!! But love him to pieces!! He gave up on me!

I am grateful and thankful for my family!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Being Thankful...

November also has Thanksgiving in it...I am working on a new tradition. But I have been for weeks thinking about ALL the things I am thankful for! There are many that happened just recently.

My daughter is also something (a person, not a something) that I am thankful for!!! I added one of her pictures as well. Daddy calls that hairstyle "the palm tree", but I think it is cute!!

This Thanksgiving I am going to look up a lot of verses on being thankful. Then...go around the table and have people list off ten things that they are thankful for! Can't wait to hear what people say!! And we are being out of the box and are straying from our tradition that I have had my WHOLE life. (remember, I am old! ) :) So, we will see how that goes. And in twelve days we get our Christmas tree!!!

Off to my mom and dad's...I love that and am so thankful they are close and I am loved!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flashes...two of them...

To start... I am old! How do I put this???? I think that I had my first "hot flash" yesterday. Freaked me out!!! When I asked my mom about them..she laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair!! So, now what? Maybe, I should start counting backwards? :) Hope that was my first and LAST one!! I'll keep ya posted on that one!

Second flash was the Space Shuttle went up last night! Yes, we all watched it! Daddy is a HUGE NASA fan!! Explaining every detail! So, I got to see how I felt!! The solid rocket boosters were a glow with fire! Just like me!!!

That pretty much sums up yesterday...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ode to my hubby...again

He is so awesome!! I love him very much..not for what he does, but for who he is! When he comes home from work and he is gone 12 hours a day..he always asks me what can he help me with. Those words almost mean as much as I love you~! We have been married 18 years, 6 months and 8 days!! WaHoooo

Tonight Kristina had her eye check-up. I really hurt my back this afternoon..and it is not better...have to shift positions often! So, I wasn't up to going. (And SuperTarget was also on our list to do!) He took her by himself! I know that dads do that all the time...but this is his FIRST time. I take her to her ped appointments and we go to her CF appointments together. So this is a biggie! :) Love him!!

Don't tell, but tomorrow I will be making one of his top most favorite desserts! I just got the recipe! Thanks Nicole!! :) Jamey, I think you made something like this too. Remember the burned smell in the microwave? :) hee hee Friday's he is done early... Did I say I love him? God was so awesome to give me such a gift! Every now and then we have a little tiff, but who doesn't? We just try harder to communicate...and learn from our tiffs! :)

Maybe , it's just me...but isn't he a cutie pie! I know it is a lot of mush...but don't you get excited about gifts? My never gets old..everyday there is something new! LOVE IT!! :) Well, better get to that heating pad..

November is National Adoption Month. I was thinking about all the orphans awaiting adoption...and it occurred to me that there are all kinds of adoptions. "Healthy", Special Needs, Open, ..sure there are more. And for the people adopting..there are all kinds of parents! For some adoptions I do not believe I could do with out God's help!! So I am thankful that there are people that follow there heart/God and adopt!

Still sometimes I can't believe that I am a mom! And I had to cross the ocean to get her! I think if we had the funds coming out of our pockets...we would love to adopt more kids. After John of course. Just thought, if it is God's will..and it is His plan we really could! Wow...I have always wanted four kids. Both hubby and I grew up in a four kid household. And I like the number six..but seven is my favorite number. ? :) It's a good thing I am not driving the bus!

Search your hearts...maybe you are sitting on the fence or never even thought about adopting..just look, just maybe there is a child for you! There are many adoption agencies and websites that can help you. And pray, best of all pray! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, we have snow on the ground now! Now mind you we can still see some grass..but hey, it stuck to the ground! My darling little daughter immediately wanted to go outside the minute it was snowing. I went to the doctor again because I was NOT getting any better. Still bronchitis and now a sinus infection! ICKY! At least I know it's not in my head! :) I am sick not crazy! :)

In order to save money we try to not have me go I don't drive to often. Actually, glad about that! :) It was snowing and sleeting on the way home. I did not panic, I drove very slow...and thankfully so were a lot of other people! We made it home! Thank you God!

Kristina getting snowed on yesterday! She was outside for about a half an hour!! She went swinging and had a blast!! First thing this morning, "Can I go outside mommy". Maybe we should start building her an igloo! :) We tried to put on her play boots that she just fit into about a month ago..didn't fit! So she went out with her good boots...what a sacrifice! :)

We tried to rearrange our living decide if we wanted to change the Christmas tree placement this year. Didn't work. She has asked for that already too! That is the day after Thanksgiving. Daddy always has the day after off!! So we decided we like the idea of having it done that day, instead of "shopping"! :) Down the road...eight miles is a tree farm! We cut it ourselves! They have a little store and beautiful trees! It was a blast!!

I have an idea for homemade Christmas presents..think I will try it out!! :) Actually two ideas..can't wait! Better get on that..

Monday, November 10, 2008


We heard that Jovan's Center has still not added him to the Central registry yet. They are very busy. It was nice to hear that he has not been forgotten! :) It was nice to get that little note! Trying not to get excited...very hard!

I am trying to get his "room" inexpensively as I can. Kinda a hobby of mine. Getting ideas from places like Pottery Barn and such. It's fun..things come together and I get more ideas..and then hunt for them!! I did however buy a new pillow sham at a thrift store..and come to find out that it is the current Target boys line. Cool beans!!

So we will continue to wait...and use the "p" word. Patiently as well as I can! :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Puffs or Kleenex?...

Just thought I would just compare the two. First of all nose tissues are now expensive!! My goodness! I about fell off my feet when I saw the two dollar price increase.

1. Puffs are very soft! Even with out the lotion added! Very nice for a sore nose.

1. Kleenex are not quite a soft..but better then a store brand.

2. Puffs come in so many different packages...

2. Kleenex not so many to choose from to match room decor.

3. Most important..Puffs is hard to pull out of the box..especially for K to get to fast and cough cough cough!
3. Most important..Kleenex is easier to pull out!

So in our household...Kleenex rules! :)
Trying to be upbeat...while going through so much nose tissue...that would be kleenex!

This is deer season opening weekend. Getting used to the huge sounding gunshots around us. Hunting is not something that I am interested in. Sitting, waiting, wanting, the cold, rain, snow. No thanks! Outside right now is kinda blah..this is the in between seasons time.

A picture of part of our backyard...not a sunny we are just waiting for our flurries to stick to the ground and stay..Maybe next weekend we will get the snow that Kristina wants!

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Experiment....

Today I took my grandmother and Kristina to our new Super Target!!! (Sorry James!!) I decided that we would try something ended up that my grandmother went into a wheelchair and my daughter went into the cart. I pushed my grandmother with one hand..and pulled Kristina with the other. It worked! The load was heavy and we didn't stay long! :) That means I can get one of those two kid carts and still be able to take my grandmother out on field trips. Field trip sounds more exciting then just going to the store!

Right now my little girl is taking a nap...think the time change and not feeling good is not working for her. I can't wait for the day that I can say she feels great!!

No news, but I know things are busy...and I am glad for that!!! To know other families are coming together!! Cool beans!!!! I know that if it is God's will that we are allowed to go back...we are going to try and sight see a little more. There was this really cool market at the end of our street. Njegoseva was the street. You could find anything there!! Odd ball stuff to fresh meat and poultry. Oh, then there is the coolest shoe store for kids. CicciBan I wish I bought more shoes!! Too die for cute for girls!! Memories! Kinda fun!!

Well better my least favorite chore, putting away clothes. I really don't like it. I would rather clean my bathroom, then do the clothes. :) But I want a clean room!! So I'd better go!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Nothing special to report...Kristina still under the weather. Bummer, along with that is not a really huge appetite. So, I have been letting her eat anything...with her CF fat is a good thing. There is no such thing as a "xtra" large person with CF. I am glad for that!
It rained this morning...and Cooper does NOT like to get wet!! Well, too bad! I literally had to drag him outside. He fine at least I won in the getting him wet department!! :) He is prone to UTI's and it is painful for him and expensive for us. Later, it was just drippy and I hauled them out again. It took just a trot across the lawn and they both did their business!! I was thrilled to death and gave them a treat to show my appreciation!!

Worked with Kristina on more school work. Colors don't stick in her head. She is going to the eye doctor for a check-up and I asked if they could screen her. No problem! Yea!

No nap today...coloring with fresh crayons much more exciting. Did an extra neb also! Now watching the PBS station. Yippee Sesame Street!! What ever happened to the Electric Company? Romper Room? Captain Kangaroo? Surely if those old programs were good enough for us...then where are they now? I don't even know if those shows were in other states or not? Just dating myself... hee hee

Can't wait for snow that is supposed to come inch only. Kristina has been asking for snow since it's gotten colder. Oops a chair accident. She was rocking too hard and fell backwards. My heart is now back in my chest.. We slide down our septic mound hill. Yeah, fun times! Actually that is about the hill that mommy and daddy could stand.Kristina was helping to shovel snow...she had a fit because I went out without her. Who knew she loves to shovel, and she does a great job!

Her cousin had the first run...then Kristina went for her first slide down the septic hill. :) She came in soaking wet..I had to go retrieve her before she froze to death.

Supper prep is calling me...don't have a clue? Wonder what Kristina wants to eat? She says "oatman". Not happening...maybe maybe it will be oatman...tonight will be instant microwave instead of on the stove...fridge alert..she's in the fridge..just wanted yogurt. Well mommy is making chicken tenders/tator tots/salad! She'll eat pretty sure anyway. Daddy is home..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes, that really means emergency room. Tonight, we ran to the grocery store and they have like a minute clinic..I just went to check her...the gal looked at Kristina without registering her to see how she was. The gal told me that if K was her daughter she would take her to the ER.

So, we hour away to the Children's hospital..she was basically fine. The doc told me to call her CF doc in the morning to just double check. He gave me two I have to check on those. I wish we had a oxygen tester...that would help me a lot.

God is good!!!!!!! Love Him to pieces, He just rocks and I will continue to rest in Him!! Good night! (toooo much caffeine!!!!) I hope that I can go to sleep! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

16 Months...

We have been in love with him for 16 months!!!! Can you believe times flies? Daddy is doing dishes, so I am posting a bit! We had perogies made by my grandmother! Yummy!! Now Kristina is now eating her chocolate...wanted that more then the ice cream.

Back to our little Jovan...we are ready, can't we just run over and get him? That was my dream last night. I cried when I woke up because I was holding him and crying. Guess he is on my mind? Ya think? I hung up hooks in the bathroom..and the empty one is for Jovan. If he does not come home to my arms..then it will be for special guests.

My dear Jovan is thought about a lot. Even Kristina talks about him. Out of the blue...does that mean she thinks about him, how much. Heard the weather..snow on Saturday... Gotta go


Did you vote? We did..and mommy was the 1000 voter!! WaHoooo I asked what I won? The lady laughed and said she wished it was something! :) Adoption Funds? That would have been nice. :) Of course I took pictures!!

She was the best little voter...and as quiet as a church mouse!!! My goodness!! Mommy was so happy we are celebrating with ice cream!! Her favorite!! :)


I just have to say..I am the luckiest mom in the world! God gave me such a gift!! She just went down for her nap..she fell right to sleep. And she is the cutest!!

Well, I may be a little biased...even though she is just sleeping, I miss her! She is still under the weather...kinda stressful, because it is wear and tear on her lungs. We have really never had to deal with her being sick. When she came to the U.S. she was VERY sick!! Then this past month..You try to protect your kids...and it's hard fight what you can't see. GERMS

She will get better, I just wish it would be soon!!!!!!


Don't forget to VOTE!! Pray and go vote!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Out of the mouths of little girls...

Tonight we were sitting at the table eating our Sunday night pizza and of course I had John on the brain. It took me two times to get the number of forks right. Not being obsessive by any means..just a passing thought here and there. Kinda like is it going to rain tomorrow? Or not?

Anyway, in my own, my very own head I thought..wonder if he would like pizza...and not two minutes later out of the mouth of my own gift from God comes the words..."God, John come" then "John come" Made me cry...looking in my daughter's eyes and seeing her love for me was indescribable!!! She has NO clue that he is on my mind from time to time... We have a little video clip of him that she likes to watch every now and then.

I just thought I would share that...makes me miss him and my own daughter who is sitting behind me doing another neb treatment. I love her very much...wouldn't change the waiting time for all the money in the world!! Kinda like natural forget the pain they say. Can't imagine my life without her. What in the world did we do before she was "born"? Lots...but not quite so meaningful!

She is almost done and Calvin wants I'd better go...
2 months...2 weeks...2 days...

We have been waiting for our little boy! (actually 16 months on Tuesday) But that's okay, we will wait until God tells us we can go. Ufda! (that was for my husband) Sometimes, it's he has been here the whole time...what is that? I told my husband on the way home church...getting both of them at the same time is not really any different then getting one at a time...what if we commited to two? Or more? :)

Gotta go..Kristina is done with her it is nap time!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time Flies...

I can't belive it already Saturday night..where has the week gone? Could not even tell ya. It took a few days to get over the shock of the mail on Tuesday! And Kristina and hubby got sick with a cold. So we have spent the last several days trying to neb her "death". As much as we can really do it. I think she may have turned the corner? She keeps saying she is better...

We did get an email saying the we are still waiting for Jovan to be put in the Central Registry...which should be any day now. Some days I can hardly stand it, I miss him sooooo much!! Today was one of those days!! All I could think of was blue! In some ways it does not seem like it has been such long time since we have held him...that is probably God!! This process would be unbearable if we did not have God to rely on. He's waiting with us too. What we are to learn from this journey? What is God trying to teach us? LOTS!!!

Kristina did not go trick or treating...we have a hard time with the whole Halloween thing. Okay...too cute, Kristina was reading in bed before she went to sleep. She fell asleep with her pile of books and her light still on. Too cute!! Sometimes it takes me a long time to blog. Stealing a moment her an there to write. Back to Halloween...I would rather celebrate God then ick. Last year our church had like a God is greater party, and we went to that. It was a lot of fun!! Games and friends and of course candy and such!

Today we went to visit my great uncle. He is 85. It does not seem like he is that old. My grandmother is almost 90, and they are quite different. My grandmother is fragile and my great uncle still cuts his lawn and rakes his leaves. people are alike. Kristina loves to go and see him. She has the run of the place...and gets to eat chocolate. We brought some toys and leave them there, so it is like new toys for her to play with. She gets the toys that come out of the cereal he eats as well. We were there most of the day.

Well, better go..the dogs want attention since we have been gone all day. Calvin is whining and pacing to be held! See ya....