Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time Flies.....

Wow, I can't believe it is already Saturday!! So much has gone on! I'll just give a recap of the last few days. Then you will all see how come time flies!! :)

Thanksgiving day...what a day. To reflect on being thankful on all the "things" that we have and having family close by. This year, being thankful for my family was emotional for me. I really, really thought about all the families that had family members missing! Tears were running..the loss through death, being in the hospital, and most of all the people serving in our military!! The other thought was about families that really didn't have the means for a "Thanksgiving" meal. All that we maybe take for granted?

I went over to my parent's house and started to help my dad make the meal. For the first time in my life we were eating the meal at supper time. We normally eat at noon, we have more time to visit and eat leftovers the same day. :) My dad made homemade rolls while I made the stuffing. (I have never made homemade stuffing before) Then I had to stuff Paul (the turkey gets a new name every year), and my dad and I put him in the roaster. We did green beans like he grew up with. Oh, couldn't remember after that...then I went home to make a cauliflower/broccoli salad, jello, pumpkin dessert, and peach pie. The food was really good, the stuffing was okay..a little on the moist side. Dessert was okay...the jello was really good. Love to make JELLO!!

Day after Thanksgiving...My mom and I talked about going shopping, Kohl's was one place I wanted to go. Love that store!! They opened up at 4:00am.. set my alarm for 3:30am, woke up at 2:00am!! Well, got ready to go and got there at 4:28am. Oh, my goodness the store was PACKED!!!!! We shopped around together, then one of had to stay in the checkout line as it went around the store. During that trip we got almost everything we needed to get. But, now as I write this she and I are completely done! :) Now, comes the dreaded!!!! dreaded!!!!, wrapping of the presents!!! We stood in line for an extremely LONG time. We did make a trip to Target for household stuff and a bite to eat. By the time we got home we were dead!!

I made lunch (turkey leftovers) and Kristina went down for a nap. My time to snooze on the couch for a few minutes. Then it was off to the tree farm to cut the tree. Last year we got the tree right away. This year it took awhile...lets just say that someone in our family was very tired and went right to sleep. We had some other leftovers other then turkey. :) Dan and I watched tv..I think? My eyes wouldn't stay opened!

Christmas Tree cutting 07
Christmas Tree cutting 08

Two days after Thanksgiving...I got a bee in my bonnet and started to clean out closets and cupboards! Why? Don't ask me! I was like a mad woman out of her mind! I went through Kristina's dresser and EVERYTHING in her closet. Then it was off to the bathroom, and laundry room. Then did the general Saturday cleaning...We then had to make a trip to Target to get a new tp holder and new boots for Kristina to match her new jacket and snow pants I bought yesterday. (her boots are getting on the smaller she really needs new ones) :) Made supper with some Thanksgiving turkey! Tonight we set up the tree so it will be a surprise. There would have NO way that we could have done it last night!!

Sunday...After church we are going to a heritage type festival at a Ukrainian hall. They have performers from all over Europe..and food. It will be a nice kick off to the Christmas season!! Can't wait to see it!! The last time I went I was a pre-teen! Then after we check that out, we are going to my great uncle's and set up his tree. He has one of those old fashioned tree..kinda brings back so many memories of childhood. Of course it's PIZZA night! :)

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Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi Tammy & Family,
OMGoodness...Look at how much little Krissy has grown. Her feet dangle much further this year!!! They grow sooo I'm going to get on the crying binge...ha ha;-). She is such a darling!!! I enjoy your blog immensely. Happy Holidays and many blessings...Trish