Sunday, November 9, 2008

Puffs or Kleenex?...

Just thought I would just compare the two. First of all nose tissues are now expensive!! My goodness! I about fell off my feet when I saw the two dollar price increase.

1. Puffs are very soft! Even with out the lotion added! Very nice for a sore nose.

1. Kleenex are not quite a soft..but better then a store brand.

2. Puffs come in so many different packages...

2. Kleenex not so many to choose from to match room decor.

3. Most important..Puffs is hard to pull out of the box..especially for K to get to fast and cough cough cough!
3. Most important..Kleenex is easier to pull out!

So in our household...Kleenex rules! :)
Trying to be upbeat...while going through so much nose tissue...that would be kleenex!

This is deer season opening weekend. Getting used to the huge sounding gunshots around us. Hunting is not something that I am interested in. Sitting, waiting, wanting, the cold, rain, snow. No thanks! Outside right now is kinda blah..this is the in between seasons time.

A picture of part of our backyard...not a sunny we are just waiting for our flurries to stick to the ground and stay..Maybe next weekend we will get the snow that Kristina wants!

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Anonymous said...

Kleenex rules...but we have Puffs with Vicks for those icky times. :) Guess what? We had Sunday night pizza! Going to Taste of Home cooking school tomorrow night....wish I was going with you.