Friday, November 7, 2008

An Experiment....

Today I took my grandmother and Kristina to our new Super Target!!! (Sorry James!!) I decided that we would try something ended up that my grandmother went into a wheelchair and my daughter went into the cart. I pushed my grandmother with one hand..and pulled Kristina with the other. It worked! The load was heavy and we didn't stay long! :) That means I can get one of those two kid carts and still be able to take my grandmother out on field trips. Field trip sounds more exciting then just going to the store!

Right now my little girl is taking a nap...think the time change and not feeling good is not working for her. I can't wait for the day that I can say she feels great!!

No news, but I know things are busy...and I am glad for that!!! To know other families are coming together!! Cool beans!!!! I know that if it is God's will that we are allowed to go back...we are going to try and sight see a little more. There was this really cool market at the end of our street. Njegoseva was the street. You could find anything there!! Odd ball stuff to fresh meat and poultry. Oh, then there is the coolest shoe store for kids. CicciBan I wish I bought more shoes!! Too die for cute for girls!! Memories! Kinda fun!!

Well better my least favorite chore, putting away clothes. I really don't like it. I would rather clean my bathroom, then do the clothes. :) But I want a clean room!! So I'd better go!


Anonymous said...

Target?...without me?...:) Oh, if only I had one to go to. Can't believe I live somewhere with no Target close by! Bet you never thought I'd do that...(me, neither). Hope Kristina feels better soon. My kids are not feeling so well either. Just remember, when you have two they both get sick. :( Have a good weekend. Jamey

Spencer family said...

Kristina is sure getting big! What a little beauty! I hope you get an answer from Serbia soon. so many people waiting and hoping for good news! If they allow you to go back, it gives the rest of us hope...of course, I'm still waiting to go for my first. Make sure to post on the UAHH group the moment you hear!