Friday, October 29, 2010


Yep, I have two going on three. Thank you God! Well, kids sometimes need a little more encouragement on some days. Yesterday was an example for my daughter..let us just say that it was not a very spectacular day. It was a day for frustration, and a day that was a reminder of how to listen much better!

So what do you do on those days? For me it was quite a combination of emotions. Because she
did not listen very well there was a chain reaction. Later after she was told the consequences of her actions (that is being disciplined) ...we had a great evening!
We needed to use this card to find out what happened. Kristina knows these cards and she sometimes has a hard time expressing herself, so this took pressure away and she was able to tell me what happened. Sometimes seeing a picture is easier then words. As in this case with my daughter.
How sweet is this? Kristina loves cats! The cat girl! :) So this was a sweet way to remind her that even though she had a rough day and she needed to be disciplined I still love her! Very very much! More then mommy can stretch her arms wide!

My children love to look at pictures!! Of anything..even of those icky bug pictures! :) So these cards are great for my children to see and understand. I am showing these cards and giving real life examples of how we use cards in this family with our kids.

These cards can be found here. Not only are they great for kids, there are many other kinds as well. Love them! While we are still raising money for our adoption this company is donating to our adoption fund. You could find many reasons for these cards and also help us at the same time. Check it out! When you buy cards it would be really awesome to know how you used them..maybe someone else could get ideas! Just leave a comment on my blog!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Post...

It was brought to my attention that I have not blogged in thirteen days. Well, as some bloggers know sometimes you are just too busy or run out of ideas to blog about. FYI not the case here, well maybe the busy part but no I have not run out of ideas and topics! :) Lucky readers you all are!

Right now I am dealing with P words. Some not my favorite because they are hard to do sometimes! But one is an absolute joy and a thrill to do. Curious?

1) bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint
2) manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain
3) not hasty or impetuous
4) steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity
5) able or willing to bear

to persist in a state, enterprise, or understanding in spite of counter-influences, or discouragement

1) to express a favorable judgement of
2) to glorify (a god or saint) especially by the attribution of perfection
~for me it is glorifying GOD~

Those are all P most favorite is PRAISE and my most favorite way to express myself! Just ask my kids and dogs! Let's just say my kids love when mommy praises God more then my dogs. :) Through thick and thin we are to praise God! It is easier to praise him when we are happy and thankful. But we must also praise him when we aren't happy.

Perseverance is a tough thing. What it means to me..state of mind and being, to hang tough. Like stand firm when being attacked and wait quietly until it is over. Maybe not the correct meaning..but one I keep in my head. Or like a roller coaster ride that goes up down and all around it doesn't matter...just HANG on!

Now patience is quite the word! As I was reading each of the definitions, I realize that I am NOT patient! Bearing pains or trials calmly or without NO I do not. And the list goes on and um the answer is I am not patient! Then it come to me that God is patient with me! Oh, did that make me sit up and really think about that. How many times has God called me to do something or not to. How long does he wait for me to come to him with my every need instead of my forging ahead by myself? How long does he wait for me to come and ask forgiveness? He waits... And he waits with patience. Some day I would love to wait bearing my pains and trials calmly or without complaint!! It is a blessing to know God does have patience and perseverance with me! Thank you God!

For me, I must have patience along with perseverance and always praise God for everything!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday...

Our little boy had a birthday today. (he is sleeping now) I tried to post earlier today and my computer didn't cooperate! Gave me so much time to think.. Today I went to a meeting to start and adoption support group at our church. It is exciting! On my way to the grocery store I was filled with such a peace from God. Almost like he was telling me to relax..he's got my back.

My son had another birthday by himself..some would say that is not right. Even more would say he has waited too long. Yes, I totally agree! But I say to those people..God is in control in this adoption..and it is HIS timing that we depend on to the end! No matter who is not happy with it. My verse for this adoption.. If God is for us, then who can be against us? Romans 8:31 (NIV)

I have had to cling to that verse so much during this time of waiting for our son!! Can't even share any details...oh someday I might, but right now let me say nothing. I am true to God and follow his lead..doing what he calls me to do.

Okay, enough of the so much time to think part of this post. Now let's get down to the birthday boy. Today he is seven. And I know he will get his wish for a mommy and daddy!! Go God! He has gifts waiting! (I picked out specific gifts from my huge gift bin) (I save and buy toys when they are SO inexpensive!) I can't wait to see his face and hug him and tell him that God gave him parents. It's all about God and how good he is!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Have you ever been truly happy like from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes? Like just for nothing? Well, driving home from Target...I just smiled and realized that I was so happy, well maybe more like filled with joy!

My joy I know came from God! Lately there have been some...hum...lets just say trying times that many times I needed to cry out to God!! Oh my, yes I did!!! Pain and frustration tore at my heart.. But through many tears and many prayers I have the joy in my heart..just because I called out to my Abba Father and rested in his arms! Without our heavenly father for love and wisdom I would have quit a long time ago.

What would I have quit, you ask. Well, let's just say adoption is hard. When you love someone and can't be with them it is HARD! Knowing that it is paper...plain paper with a greenish ink. You know the kind that sits in your wallet, the kind you give your kids because you love them. The kind you put in the offering plate like God wants us to, oh and the kind you give away to have special things to eat and drink. That is what is missing to go and get our son. I want to throw in the towel..cry..and even thoughts of just "running" to EE and get him!!

The joy that comes with a new morning that God gives us to live. Joy that God has everything in his hands with his plans. My job is to do what needs to be done at home to get ready and he will do the rest. I can relax and just smile knowing God loves ME! Knowing he has plans for me is peaceful and fills me with happiness! Do you know the feeling?...

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's A Party...

My friend Jody and her family are having a birthday party for our little boy. I mentioned it already but I wanted to add the chip-in that she created for him. She also has signs that she is giving away two signs to two people that donate to our son's birthday. She will draw the names at the end of the fundraiser. The two she has on her blog right now were exactly the words I needed to hear this morning! The heart of this family is so huge and inspirational!!


Yes, we could set up a travel date. I found out today. We are still short funds and can NOT travel without them. We are about 3800.00 I know God is in control..and boy is writing this post is hard! Our funds were always in place way before we traveled for our other kids. God is teaching me to totally depend on him!! And this would fall under that category!

Our son's seventh birthday is Friday. Can you please help us by getting our son the one birthday present he really wants. A mommy and daddy! He has said this many times..that is what he wants! .

Please pray for us and God's will to be done. Thank you!

Check out my friends blog who is hosting a birthday party for him!! And trying to raise funds for his birthday.

Another place that is donating to us..check it out The cards are awesome..Jovan has used them and he is just beginning to read! He looks at the pictures! :)

Keep us in your prayers!

Friday, October 8, 2010


"Have Faith" Jesus answered Mark 11:22

Do you have faith? Trust in the Lord with all your heart and not lean on your own insight. Proverbs 3:5 I believe faith and trust work together! I don't know about you, sometimes I have a hard time keeping my faith "bucket" from spilling and losing faith!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010




They're not very big numbers, are they?

What about 3800? Is that a big number? In the scheme of things, not really. I've seen much bigger. But that $3800 is that last amount of money that is preventing us from bringing our boy home. That's it! That is all that is standing between us and a plane to Eastern Europe!

So where does the number 20 come in? That is the $20 people spend on Starbucks each week, or on McDonalds, the magazine subscription your niece was selling last week...or any number of things in life that, when they think about it, probably is really money they'd rather spend elsewhere. For us, that $20 is a life.

And what of the 190? If 190 people felt that they could spare $20, one little boy in Eastern Europe, who has spent his entire life living in an orphanage, will be spending Christmas home with his family where he belongs! Talk to your family, talk to your kids. Ask them if they think your family can spare $20 so that one little boy might know the joy of a mother, a father, a brother and a sister.

Just click on our son's picture on the right sidebar and it's that easy to help him come home!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everything Apples...

On Saturday we went to the BEST BEST apple orchard I have ever been to!! Oh my, it was awesome!!! We got there a little after they opened. (Good thing because when we were leaving the place was FULL of people!) And we rode a hay wagon to the place for the kids to play. That had a train that the kids climbed through and up on. They had a blast. Of course my daughter had to try out the swings. :) Then we saw some animals. Goats, mini horse and plenty of chickens! Oh, Kristina climbed stairs up in an old corn crib. The round wire thing...maybe called a silo? Hubby said it is a grain bin...okay whatever. :) It was tall and she did it just fine. Then the highlight...a huge mountain of hay!! Like a one story building. HUGE! The kids climbed and climbed! Jovan needed a little help getting to the tippy top..was too tall for him to reach up. Kristina went up all by herself. That girl surprises me all the time!

The bag of apples we all picked..took a long time! :)

My beautiful kids sitting on the top of the largest hay mountain I have ever seen!

All of us climbed up and played on the hay!

We were there almost four hours and went on hay rides a plenty. The last place we went was to pick apples! The bag of apples weighed about thirty five pounds (15.88 kg)..which is heavier then Jovan. :) There was a huge hill that we had to climb and get the apples. Jovan was carried and the apples rode in his wheelchair down the hill. :) Both the kids and parents were very tired after this adventure. It was the BEST BEST field trip we have done in a long time. It was worth every cent of the four dollar per person entry fee. Did I say the word BEST yet? THE BEST!!!

The weather was awesome too! It was totally a Minnesota fall day! Crisp, little windy and clear sky! Hubby's mother was visiting from out of state so we took her along.. She enjoyed spending time with the kids.

It was decided that going to this apple orchard will be an annual fall tradition for our household! Next year there will be one more going and having a blast! Thank you God!