Monday, October 11, 2010


Yes, we could set up a travel date. I found out today. We are still short funds and can NOT travel without them. We are about 3800.00 I know God is in control..and boy is writing this post is hard! Our funds were always in place way before we traveled for our other kids. God is teaching me to totally depend on him!! And this would fall under that category!

Our son's seventh birthday is Friday. Can you please help us by getting our son the one birthday present he really wants. A mommy and daddy! He has said this many times..that is what he wants! .

Please pray for us and God's will to be done. Thank you!

Check out my friends blog who is hosting a birthday party for him!! And trying to raise funds for his birthday.

Another place that is donating to us..check it out The cards are awesome..Jovan has used them and he is just beginning to read! He looks at the pictures! :)

Keep us in your prayers!

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Zactly said...

Hugs to you Tammy. You are soooo close to going to get your little boy. Lots of prayers going up here. Sorry we couldn't donate more, but I know every little bit helps.