Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everything Apples...

On Saturday we went to the BEST BEST apple orchard I have ever been to!! Oh my, it was awesome!!! We got there a little after they opened. (Good thing because when we were leaving the place was FULL of people!) And we rode a hay wagon to the place for the kids to play. That had a train that the kids climbed through and up on. They had a blast. Of course my daughter had to try out the swings. :) Then we saw some animals. Goats, mini horse and plenty of chickens! Oh, Kristina climbed stairs up in an old corn crib. The round wire thing...maybe called a silo? Hubby said it is a grain bin...okay whatever. :) It was tall and she did it just fine. Then the highlight...a huge mountain of hay!! Like a one story building. HUGE! The kids climbed and climbed! Jovan needed a little help getting to the tippy top..was too tall for him to reach up. Kristina went up all by herself. That girl surprises me all the time!

The bag of apples we all picked..took a long time! :)

My beautiful kids sitting on the top of the largest hay mountain I have ever seen!

All of us climbed up and played on the hay!

We were there almost four hours and went on hay rides a plenty. The last place we went was to pick apples! The bag of apples weighed about thirty five pounds (15.88 kg)..which is heavier then Jovan. :) There was a huge hill that we had to climb and get the apples. Jovan was carried and the apples rode in his wheelchair down the hill. :) Both the kids and parents were very tired after this adventure. It was the BEST BEST field trip we have done in a long time. It was worth every cent of the four dollar per person entry fee. Did I say the word BEST yet? THE BEST!!!

The weather was awesome too! It was totally a Minnesota fall day! Crisp, little windy and clear sky! Hubby's mother was visiting from out of state so we took her along.. She enjoyed spending time with the kids.

It was decided that going to this apple orchard will be an annual fall tradition for our household! Next year there will be one more going and having a blast! Thank you God!


Zactly said...

Sounds like a great time. Any news on when you might be traveling to Europe? You all are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that pic of your kiddos is SOOOO CUTE!!!!