Monday, August 24, 2009

Serious Questions...

Already this week I have been asked tough questions. The first one was asked by my mother..what do I want to do if my grandmother passes away while we are gone. Um..hadn't thought about it. That has been bouncing in my head. My thought was to wait until we got back..I think. Kristina has already been to one funeral..and I think she understood about death. Now, my grandmother is a totally different story. Kristina sees her everyday all day long..when Kristina doesn't see her, she asks where is she. That impact might be harder to understand.

The second one came from my husband..what if something happens to us, then what? Too much for me! We have talked about it off and on since she became ours and we have never put anything in writing. Shame on us..but we will be doing that, and soon! Okay, can't go down that road right now.

Today is one year and one week since committing to adopt our son. Time sure flies.. How come it seems like not a whole lot of time..then when I think about all the times I had trouble waiting..let alone patiently..UGH!! Didn't really learn my lesson about it truly being in God's time. And sometimes it is very hard to wait patiently..but DUH, I don't and can't see the big picture. I probably would be too freaked to look.

Well, better be off bacause very soon it will be one year, one week, and one day. Oh, we may hear something as early as next week about our travel date. Oh, my! :) YIPEEEE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Multi..Multi..oh yeah..Task...

I think I am doing some circles now. So many things..packing is pretty well under control. Thinking of leaving my dear daughter is another story. I have read many many blogs about families who have left kids behind. (And all have survived!!)

So, what makes me have issues? Hum..she's mine and she's still new! She has really blossomed lately! Becoming a little more independent, a lot more verbal..and a lot more personality! :) Her new word this week is delicious.. Everything she eats is delicious! So cute!

This next week or so is going to be very busy..the State Fair is coming right around the corner, there is the best craft fair every year in Little Falls. (about an hour and a smidge away) Good practice for walking..which I have already started. :) Wanting to take a trip to the MOA (Mall of America) for more walking and for going to the Minnesota store.

It has been raining for the last two days..take about a sleeping pill! :) Weeds are green, and the pool is at it's brim..all is well! SO looking forward to a little dry..but I am SO thankful for the rain!!!!

See, I am just blah, blah, blah..don't tell..I feel like laying down on the couch..and not moving. But I can't..dishes to do, and Kristina's vest treatment needs to be changed...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lately it has been hard to wait for us to move forward and get a travel date. But I have to wait, there is nothing else to do. I was reminded of this verse just this morning. From Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Verse 6 continues that with: in ALL your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.

So basically, I don't understand the waiting part..but God does and that is why I need to trust the Lord with ALL of my heart..not just the part that is okay with waiting. So, while we wait we keep preparing for the one day we can go. Jovan's room is last thing I would like to do, but I need my artistic sister to help me.

Kristina is completely ready for school! Clothes, school if mommy could just relax about it. The most part, I think it's the germs I worry about and her getting sick. I know, I know..she needs to build up her immunity..but that is my little girl!! I don't want her sick. There are areas I know she is a little behind..but I am sure she will catch right up! So, the GERMS are my concern. As I said in the Lord with all of your heart! He will be with her..and protect her.

Well, today Kristina and I are going to grandma and grandpa's! To help out with a few things..she is doing her CF treatment and has not a clue. She will be excited to say the least! The "boys" however will NOT be so happy that they can not go with!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today is the day where I am writing down my lists that I have in my head for our upcoming trip! Not exactly sure of the dates..but to have peace of mind I want to get the bulk of things done. Jovan is packed, I am half packed, daddy is NOT packed. Some gifts packed..

So many details..we have to give grandma and auntie a course in Kristina's vest treatments. She will have a check-up before we a couple of weeks. And she is going to have teeth pulled next week. Her bottom ones are coming in..but the old ones are NOT moving!

We will not mention to my heart about having to leave my daughter! Can't go down that road! To those of you who have and made it through.. I admire you very much! I hope my eyes will dry in time to re acquaint ourselves with our son. Can you believe it? Blows my mind!

Better many things to do today! Jovan, we are coming soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009


The other night I went to check on Kristina on my way to bed..and this is what I found...
That was not my daughter!!! Then I saw something on the floor, in a pile of her stuffed animals that she keeps on her bed...

She didn't even wake up when I put her back. I LOVE taking pictures of her when she sleeps! Lately she does NOT want to smile for pictures..and starting the other day she has begun to wave for the camera. Maybe someday she will just go back to smiling. :) Silly girl!