Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today is the day where I am writing down my lists that I have in my head for our upcoming trip! Not exactly sure of the dates..but to have peace of mind I want to get the bulk of things done. Jovan is packed, I am half packed, daddy is NOT packed. Some gifts packed..

So many details..we have to give grandma and auntie a course in Kristina's vest treatments. She will have a check-up before we a couple of weeks. And she is going to have teeth pulled next week. Her bottom ones are coming in..but the old ones are NOT moving!

We will not mention to my heart about having to leave my daughter! Can't go down that road! To those of you who have and made it through.. I admire you very much! I hope my eyes will dry in time to re acquaint ourselves with our son. Can you believe it? Blows my mind!

Better many things to do today! Jovan, we are coming soon!


Zactly said...

Getting closer Tammy!! So excited for you all. Will you be able to talk with Kristina while you are gone via skype. That helped us alot.
take care,

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Awe!!! I know what you mean. It's the most difficult part for me. In the long run it is a sacrifice that has a BIG payoff. I know you already know this. But, it helps to hear it again. Keep your eyes on the prize God has selected just for you "sonanddot"!!! Many blessings from your pal...Trish