Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Maybe? We are here, have been here. Just had a little email/computer trouble..and I was and still am too tired to blog. Okay..let's just get to the We flew on a plane and have arrived. Too tired to get much sleep. Saw our wonderful, awesome, lovely, hard working facilitator. Went to our meeting. Um..what next? Oh yeah, rode a taxi. And then..we saw our SON!! Yep, our sweet little boy.. He has gotten so big!! And he already calls us mama and tata! He,loves cats, cars, and playing outside.

We have seen him everyday since Monday..and now tonight we are even closer!! Our original apartment was available, so we moved across town..literally!! Should be no more taxi rides, unless we are dying. Yesterday and today we walked three hours or a smidge more. So, this evening I am tired and I have a blister. In a few minutes I will be going to bed! YEAH!! Then a beautiful walk to our little boy!!

I will try to blog as often as I that we are closer, it will be easier!! Until later...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane..

We know when we will be coming back again! :) Still a little to do, ran into a carry on situation. I know I you say I should have checked sooner. Well I did, and we were fine until I read more into our Heathrow departure. The measurements INCLUDE the handle!! Uffda!!

Other then doing the little bit of cleaning up we are ready. So my little Jovan here we come!! God is with us and I will post as soon as I can!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Don't tell! I am supposed to be working, but I am taking a break..actually I really want to take my headache and take it to bed. I have to finish up something I am working on..but I might just take it with me to finish. The medications and house schedules are done, I even did a quirks and NO NO's one for my grandmother and Kristina. I think I said I was going to do that..well it's done. Let's just say they both have no knifes on their sheets! My grandmother is confined to the upper level and NO stairs!! (we live in a split level..but the living/kitchen/bath/3 beds are up) Kristina is confined to the yard..actually the backyard. :)

My grandmother told me today that she has Jovan in her heart. Oh, how I cried!! I took her to a doctor's appointment to make sure she was was a follow-up from her hospital stay. It's hard to leave her..on the way down she was trying to tell me something but she couldn't get it out of her head. Finally almost ten minutes later it came out. It frustrates her..I think that she is slowing down..although today was a good day! We went to Burger King and ordered off the dollar menu. Oh, how she loves a Whopper Jr.!! :)

What else can I say..way toooo much!! God is good!!! All the time!!! All the time God is good!!! Twice this week people have called me and either have forgotten why they had called and offered encouragement or prayer, or sensed that I needed it. Kinda cool!!

So many things run through my mind..not really once is it "oh my", can I parent two. More like "oh my..Kristina and Jovan's lives are going to change in an instant". What if they don't like each other, what if Kristina really resents her brother, what will Jovan's attitude be like when he is in a family..things like that. Kristina went with the flow..she was very loved and I dare say spoiled, and of course a little carried over to her life in America. Unreasonable questions? God is in control..we just pray and God it to God. Give God all the glory and praise.

Okay, getting my second wind..oh wait, third wind. My second came when I kinda made dinner from scratch. But it tasted that way!! :) And it looked good! :) Oh, how I wish my head didn't hurt! Ow! I know stop complaining..not trying to..just OW!!

Better get on with it..but maybe I'll get up really, really, early and go to be now. Maybe I'll see ya at 4:30am? Sleep tight!

Oh, it's one year, one month, one week, and my 2o1st post. Yeah look at all those ones! Reminds me of who number one heavenly Father! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Right now Kristina is tickling her daddy and she is squealing like a stuck pig! Glad she is having fun! Now, daddy has times! I am taking a little break from getting things done.

We are leaving a week from today. Our flight leaves about 2pm. So we will get a chance to have breakfast and not rush to the airport. We get to go through Germany this time..some place new. On the way back however we have to go through London. :( UGH!!! We had such an icky experience last time.

Haven't decided if we are going to get a back pack or stroller to travel with on the way back. And we are printing out a map for Heathrow airport and studying it well!!!!! Last time we went through there while construction was going on.

Both of our children did/will become American citizens in Chicago. Kinda cool! Our back to the states date is October 17th. So that is going to be one day longer then we were with Kristina. Maybe we will have a little chance to see things that we didn't last time..Lots of pictures will be taken!! We spent so much time with Kristina that we didn't see much. But that' s okay..we brought home a daughter!! :)

Oh my, forgot all about the garbage day..and recycling. Let's see have to check the calender. Things hit me like that out of the blue. Got to check with my mom about how they are going to do meals..guess I don't care.. My mind is now going very fast. But I am determined to keep calm and finish.

Well. my break is over..shhhh don't tell Dan but I am having a little hard time compacting things..but I will keep trying...

Friday, September 18, 2009


It is now one year, one month, and one day since committing to our son. Now we have airline tickets and our apartment reserved. Been a busy day. Working with my mom on Kristina's nebulizer treatment, other paperwork issues...

Tonight at dinner I told Dan that I bought our tickets, and then I asked him if I said that out loud. He said yes..but it felt like a dream. Weird feeling. When we get the will seem more real. How is that possible?

Not much else is going on..spending time with Kristina..a LOT of time! Maybe a little spoiling as well! I bought a few gifts for my mom and sister to give Kristina while we are gone. Like more legos, and educational puzzles. Oh, I did buy her a video of Strawberry Shortcake. She watches videos sometimes while doing her treatments..

Okay, I am needing to chill a bit..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One year and one month...

Yes, it has been one year and one day since committing to adopt Jovan. So, it's only by the grace of God..and his love for us..that we have a ministry meeting on September 28th, 2009. Can you believe it? It's kinda a weird feeling..I am jumping out of my skin, yet really calm.

Tonight has been kinda of a veg night before the rush. (And I can get more done without people around) :) Early morning after hubby goes to work..he leaves about 4:45am. But, there really isn't much to do..just piddly stuff. If I put my mind and body into it, I could be done tomorrow. Maybe I will shoot for that. The only big project is building a fence for the "boys". That will be done this weekend..guess it has to be now doesn't it? :)

I was thinking a lot today as I was running some errands..God gave us His son..His one and only son! His son died for us to live...I am getting a son..and can't imagine giving him up especially for people I don't even know! But, because I believe in His son, I will have ever lasting life! My daughter knows about God, and knows that Jesus is at home in her heart. She is grasping other wonderful things about God as well!! God is good..for us to be able to talk to her and the Holy Spirit help her understand is so awesome! God's grace!

And I was thinking about how I prayed and prayed and prayed for a family for Jovan. Of course wanting him..but not really praying he would be ours. Just begging God for a family for him. So, to realize that he will be coming home to, his mommy. He is going to have a forever mommy. He is blessed! He has a "tummy" mommy and a forever mommy. I don't know the details of why..about his life. So, I pray that God will give the words to me to reach Jovan's heart and about why of his life.

So that has been my thoughts today..and many more that I am too tired to explain. God is an awesome God, who moved mountains to bring our son home. Thank you God for loving me and our son!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There is so much to post about..and I am slow at doing it. I have been so busy with a ton of stuff, I am just too tired to write it down.

School update will be coming, some pictures maybe too. Let's just say she is fine.

Let's see just waiting on a travel date..patiently waiting..sometimes not! We know that we will get one when God chooses. I have to tell myself a lot some days. Faith!

Packing is well underway..I can almost have everything packed today. Writing down notes is almost done. Can't decide if I wan to do a video for Kristina's treatment. Maybe I should..

Well, today is dentist day for Kristina..she is so HAPPY!! She can't wait!!! Tomorrow is her second day of school. I will try to update later! Stay tunned!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Right now Jovan is breathing as a seven year old!! I can wish him Happy Birthday twice. Once today, and again tomorrow!! We will be missing his birthday by a couple of weeks. When we adopted Kristina we missed her birthday by a couple of weeks too!

I was thinking tonight..why am I so emotional or stunned that everything is falling into place to adopt Jovan. Don't I trust God and everything about Him? Haven't I seen miracles, and God moments? Basically..did I have faith to see Jovan come home. Yes, I am so thankful that our son is coming home!!! Thank you God!! Thank you for answering my prayers to give him a mommy and daddy!! Thank you that I am going to be his mommy! Thank you for ALL the miracles you have given us!! And our son's seven years of life! Praise God!!

Wow, they can really make you sick! I got them..emotions that is! :) This afternoon we found out that all of the paper issues have been fixed and we are now really just waiting for a travel date!!!! All in God's time. All in His time!!! Whoa! I am so nauseated!! Through are adoption process I get so nauseated I can't stand it! Worse with Kristina..way worse!

So, I am not yet in panic mood..because I am trying hard to brace myself for Kristina going to school. Her first day is tomorrow. I don't know why I am so emotional..maybe because I am going to miss her very much! It's a good thing she only goes every other day! Can you imagine if it was everyday? That class filled up fast..thank you Jesus!

We had one of Kristina's favorite meals tonight..Grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and baby tomatoes from grandma's garden! Yumm

And let me say, I don't know how anyone with more then just one child in school can stand the emotions!! I know she needs to be in school, she may need a little help with speech. It is great now when we say a word..she can repeat them almost perfectly. :) She makes up some interesting sentences too! :) See what I am going to miss? :)

Stay tuned and I will tell you why.. I am so ill!! But, I don't have time write now. Just wait...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My husband and I were discussing suitcases. How many, which ones, why so many? So, I had to write down how many and what for on a piece of paper. UGH! But, I think that he really gets it now. I am trying to be very, how shall I say...conservative? To be truthful, I don't want to pack a ton..but at this time of year weather is very unpredictable. Too warm, too cold, or just right?

How come I have such a hard time remembering what I did last time. Maybe because I was going to become a MOM for the first time!! And traveling..we only traveled close to home..not too far away so not much luggage.

My plan is to have all of it packed one day before he gets home..we will see then what happens!

I think I am trying not to worry about Kristina starting school..I can hardly think about it, my heart just aches and cries out!! Can't even think about..all done with that!! My baby!!...

Monday, September 7, 2009

How far is the East from the West...

I know there is a song with the title..and I love it! In my many many thoughts I have been thinking about God's love and patience. How many times has God had to wait on us for something? Can you only imagine? I can't..but I am going to really pay attention and ask God for eyes to see!
My husband says I take too many pictures of my favorite things. My daughter sleeping, the Jovan moon (The moon now ALWAYS reminds me of my son!), and the sun. The sun reminds me of a new day..and all the possibilities it holds, and the beauty that God gives us..and not one is the same! Can you believe that? I can't!!

Here is what I took off my deck yesterday morning..

From my deck last night...

I am so thankful for God's love and beauty!! Everyday!! I am so thankful for my family!! And I CAN'T wait to take my first sleeping picture of my son!! And maybe the sun and moon?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


No, we are not traveling yet. There is a family that is going in about two weeks. YEA!!! I am so glad that there is another family being joined together!! They will love the city!! What a huge blessing!!

My excitement was tripping and hitting my head on a bookcase on Friday. Was still having a huge headache, so I went to the ER after church.. My head is intact..just bruised badly in the front..not bones. I am so THANKFUL to God for protecting me!

Kristina's excitement is that she has her Kindergarten open house. She got to see her classroom and drop off her school supplies. Wow, what a room! I will try and volunteer lots until Jovan comes home!!

Dan's excitement is that he had a birthday last Thursday. Nothing much happened except a surprise cake and we went out to dinner with my mom and dad.

Our excitement is knowing that hopefully soon we will get a travel date. I have EVERYTHING ready to throw in the suitcase and run. My mom and sister have had a dry run at watching her for the day. They both watch her..but not for as long as they have had her this weekend. She has done really well, but Auntie just called and had some questions on time outs. Oops..

Well, better go..can get a few things dome before I go pick up Kristina and our pizza. Sunday night is pizza night. Yum..

So here we are thankful for our excitement and God's love!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So many things..but I am getting them done. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining!!! It just amazes me that there are so many things that are done without me even giving them a thought. But to have to describe and write instructions down is mind boggling. I have taken pictures of all of Kristina's nebulizer treatment vials and mom knows about her pills. The dosage for Motrin and Tylenol are posted in the medicine cabinet.

My grandmother is easy..I just figured out how to do her pills, putting them in a Press and Seal package. With the date on them it will be easy for everyone and anyone to give them to her. And of course I will take a picture of every dose as well.

The what can the "girls" do and not do is in progress as well. They both like to push the envelope to the edge. :) My grandmother is NOT allowed to go downstairs by herself!! (She does many times) No knives or sharp objects!! And NO walking without her walker!! My daughter has several as well. :) No answering the phone..not everyone can understand her. Things like that.. They both have chores that they do. For my grandmother it is to keep her busy and her mind occupied..For Kristina to teach responsibility. Kristina has ALWAYS been a very good helper. The other day she unloaded the dishwasher by herself. She can load it too! :)

The dogs are easy! Feed/water and potty them. They have a choice to sit out in the front yard or back yard. Only AFTER they have gone potty may they come upstairs and visit. No barking, no table scraps, and no getting into any garbage. :)

That is all the living things at our house, besides the plants which is another grandma chore. :)
Packing is continuing to be is unpacking. My husband gave me strict direction as NOT to pack as I did last time. Even thought I told him that we used 99.578% of the items we did bring. He is NOT budging on that. :(

Crying is also done on a regular basis. Can't help it.. I am now getting excited about going! It was hard to before because there were SO many things to write down and take pictures of. Now that is done so I am feeling so much more relaxed and can enjoy the time instead of panicking! Although when we get our travel date, I will freak out!!

We got new car seats..Kristina was getting too big for hers, so now we have booster seats for them. Oh, I did get a SUV with a third seat. It was a HUGE blessing!!! Never did I think that I would get the exact vehicle I wanted!! But God knew..and it even has a few things that were not on my list. God knows every little detail, and in his time!!

I heard a song yesterday about waiting on the Lord. It builds strength. When things are not going so well, I will have strength to endure it. With this adoption there has been a LOT of waiting. (Sometimes not as patiently as I could have been if I listened to the Lord.) Now, I feel a gentle peace about me. God is good! All the time! All the time! God is good!

Now off to get some more things together for the household. Trying to figure out what Kristina will wear for her pictures and her first day of school. Her pictures are like the second week of school..Bummer, but my sister told me to give her instructions on clothes and hair. :)