Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My husband and I were discussing suitcases. How many, which ones, why so many? So, I had to write down how many and what for on a piece of paper. UGH! But, I think that he really gets it now. I am trying to be very, how shall I say...conservative? To be truthful, I don't want to pack a ton..but at this time of year weather is very unpredictable. Too warm, too cold, or just right?

How come I have such a hard time remembering what I did last time. Maybe because I was going to become a MOM for the first time!! And traveling..we only traveled close to home..not too far away so not much luggage.

My plan is to have all of it packed one day before he gets home..we will see then what happens!

I think I am trying not to worry about Kristina starting school..I can hardly think about it, my heart just aches and cries out!! Can't even think about..all done with that!! My baby!!...

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