Thursday, September 17, 2009

One year and one month...

Yes, it has been one year and one day since committing to adopt Jovan. So, it's only by the grace of God..and his love for us..that we have a ministry meeting on September 28th, 2009. Can you believe it? It's kinda a weird feeling..I am jumping out of my skin, yet really calm.

Tonight has been kinda of a veg night before the rush. (And I can get more done without people around) :) Early morning after hubby goes to work..he leaves about 4:45am. But, there really isn't much to do..just piddly stuff. If I put my mind and body into it, I could be done tomorrow. Maybe I will shoot for that. The only big project is building a fence for the "boys". That will be done this weekend..guess it has to be now doesn't it? :)

I was thinking a lot today as I was running some errands..God gave us His son..His one and only son! His son died for us to live...I am getting a son..and can't imagine giving him up especially for people I don't even know! But, because I believe in His son, I will have ever lasting life! My daughter knows about God, and knows that Jesus is at home in her heart. She is grasping other wonderful things about God as well!! God is good..for us to be able to talk to her and the Holy Spirit help her understand is so awesome! God's grace!

And I was thinking about how I prayed and prayed and prayed for a family for Jovan. Of course wanting him..but not really praying he would be ours. Just begging God for a family for him. So, to realize that he will be coming home to, his mommy. He is going to have a forever mommy. He is blessed! He has a "tummy" mommy and a forever mommy. I don't know the details of why..about his life. So, I pray that God will give the words to me to reach Jovan's heart and about why of his life.

So that has been my thoughts today..and many more that I am too tired to explain. God is an awesome God, who moved mountains to bring our son home. Thank you God for loving me and our son!


Zactly said...

Yeah Tammy!!! Answered prayers. Can't wait to follow along.

The Irons Family said...


I'm so excited that soon you will also be holding your little boy.

(I sent you an email)


AWESOME Tammy!!!!
I am so far behind on blogs..
Can't wait to see you holding Jovan!! Yay