Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So many things..but I am getting them done. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining!!! It just amazes me that there are so many things that are done without me even giving them a thought. But to have to describe and write instructions down is mind boggling. I have taken pictures of all of Kristina's nebulizer treatment vials and settings..my mom knows about her pills. The dosage for Motrin and Tylenol are posted in the medicine cabinet.

My grandmother is easy..I just figured out how to do her pills, putting them in a Press and Seal package. With the date on them it will be easy for everyone and anyone to give them to her. And of course I will take a picture of every dose as well.

The what can the "girls" do and not do is in progress as well. They both like to push the envelope to the edge. :) My grandmother is NOT allowed to go downstairs by herself!! (She does many times) No knives or sharp objects!! And NO walking without her walker!! My daughter has several as well. :) No answering the phone..not everyone can understand her. Things like that.. They both have chores that they do. For my grandmother it is to keep her busy and her mind occupied..For Kristina to teach responsibility. Kristina has ALWAYS been a very good helper. The other day she unloaded the dishwasher by herself. She can load it too! :)

The dogs are easy! Feed/water and potty them. They have a choice to sit out in the front yard or back yard. Only AFTER they have gone potty may they come upstairs and visit. No barking, no table scraps, and no getting into any garbage. :)

That is all the living things at our house, besides the plants which is another grandma chore. :)
Packing is continuing to be done..as is unpacking. My husband gave me strict direction as NOT to pack as I did last time. Even thought I told him that we used 99.578% of the items we did bring. He is NOT budging on that. :(

Crying is also done on a regular basis. Can't help it.. I am now getting excited about going! It was hard to before because there were SO many things to write down and take pictures of. Now that is done so I am feeling so much more relaxed and can enjoy the time instead of panicking! Although when we get our travel date, I will freak out!!

We got new car seats..Kristina was getting too big for hers, so now we have booster seats for them. Oh, I did get a SUV with a third seat. It was a HUGE blessing!!! Never did I think that I would get the exact vehicle I wanted!! But God knew..and it even has a few things that were not on my list. God knows every little detail, and in his time!!

I heard a song yesterday about waiting on the Lord. It builds strength. When things are not going so well, I will have strength to endure it. With this adoption there has been a LOT of waiting. (Sometimes not as patiently as I could have been if I listened to the Lord.) Now, I feel a gentle peace about me. God is good! All the time! All the time! God is good!

Now off to get some more things together for the household. Trying to figure out what Kristina will wear for her pictures and her first day of school. Her pictures are like the second week of school..Bummer, but my sister told me to give her instructions on clothes and hair. :)

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