Thursday, September 10, 2009


Right now Jovan is breathing as a seven year old!! I can wish him Happy Birthday twice. Once today, and again tomorrow!! We will be missing his birthday by a couple of weeks. When we adopted Kristina we missed her birthday by a couple of weeks too!

I was thinking tonight..why am I so emotional or stunned that everything is falling into place to adopt Jovan. Don't I trust God and everything about Him? Haven't I seen miracles, and God moments? Basically..did I have faith to see Jovan come home. Yes, I am so thankful that our son is coming home!!! Thank you God!! Thank you for answering my prayers to give him a mommy and daddy!! Thank you that I am going to be his mommy! Thank you for ALL the miracles you have given us!! And our son's seven years of life! Praise God!!


Zactly said...

Happy Birthday to Jovan!! Wow, can't wait for you to get a travel date.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your son! How's school going for Kristina? Logan loves it. Makes me sad 'cuz I miss him but happy too that he likes it so much.
Miss you! ~J


Happy Birthday Jovan!!!

Tammy i will pray you get a travel date soon!!!