Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My grandmother...

Today, or this morning my grandmother had a seizure. My mom and husband went with her to the hospital. Oh, how I cried!! Labor day 2006 she had a stroke in my arms. I was trying to give her a perm.. I told her NEVER again would I do that. My sister does them now.

When I think of her, I think of a strong woman! She went through a lot during WWII, before she came to America. She taught me about traditions..and the recipes to go along with them. :) And they will continue to happen after she goes to heaven!

She is so faithful to God. Although she begs God to take her to heaven..as she is ready NOW. I can't imagine being without her. I told her she had to live another twenty-five years! To see Kristina and Jovan grow up! She laughs and says NO way!

My heart hurts now..maybe because the thought being without her is something that I can not bear...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Better then a massage!...

Kristina and I have something in common!! Or should I say another thing! We LOVE going to the dentist!! Actually, to have our teeth cleaned!! I do one appointment right before Christmas ans a present for myself!! Our insurance pays for cleanings every six months and I pay for one extra. Cheaper then a trip to the salon to get my hair done!! :) (Actually, I am letting my hair grow to donate to "locks for love" www.locksforlove.org. You just call around your area for a salon that works with that charity. That is where they cut your hair for free if your hair is long enough. I have done this twice all ready..

Anyway, for Kristina she has started early with the girly stuff of doing her hair and such. I have NOT encouraged it. She loves to brush her teeth and her hair. She can put in some hail clips by herself! When she puts the "ponies" in..they don't quite stay in. Today while shopping at Target..I broke down and bought her chap stick. That is all the make up she is getting till she is 30! :) And I know chap stick is not make up, it just feels like she is growing up so fast already
Getting ready to get her teeth cleaned!
Getting to see how well she brushes..very well! :)

Now, to have that ooh la la feeling!! Thanks Margie!! We LOVE you! :)

I am SO very thankful to God that Kristina is great with going to appointments with doctors/dentist. :) Hopefully she will go into the helping profession when she gets older! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where does it go?...

Time that is...it has been almost a week since I have posted. We are getting "our ducks in a row" so to speak. Our home study update is on April 4th. The social worker called a few minutes ago. She is FAST!! And so very excited to update us!

So, needless to say..I am excited as well!! Sometimes it hard to believe that we are adopting again. Then it just bubbles out! :) We are pretty set with things on the home front as far as his room stuff. I just have to paint and I want to do that when I can open up the windows for circulation. :)

When I took the dogs out, ohhh I was naughty! I went out in bare feet!!! :) Don't tell my grandmother..she will skin me alive!! It is 46 degrees out, but misting. FUN!!

I have some pictures to post and more thoughts... but supper has to be started.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We've been busy...

Lot's of things going on..and working on our adoption "pile". :) We found out that it is moving very slowly!! But, that is all right..we are still learning lots and doing lots! And of course trusting God!! :)

Tonight however, I found out that the actress that hit her head while on the bunny hill died..it hurt me. Don't know her..she has two sons almost teenagers, and my heart is broken. Maybe, because my loss is so recent..don't have a clue. It's a loss, a big loss. I truly hope that she new Christ...then she will be in the best place ever!

I will post more tomorrow, I have pictures..but just finding out about the death hurts me..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What can brown do for you?...

Yesterday, the weather people said we were having the worst storm this season. Yep, I think that would be correct! The temp dropped and then came the wind!

Hubby stayed down at work overnight so I was alone. The dogs started to BARK..freaked me out, who in the world would be out this late and on a night like we had?

If you guessed UPS then you were correct!! The driver brought our daughter's swim suit that I ordered from Land's End. I laughed..a swimsuit on a freezing evening!... :) But, it also shows that Brown does deliver! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


How come in life things are so frustrating? This may be whiny, but I am so frustrated I could scream!! I have already cried and cried till my heart is split in two. As you may know Kristina has Cystic Fibrosis and she has a vest treatment that she does. Well, something has not been working correctly, so we have struggled to figure it out. So, this morning I called the company once again! Told the customer service rep through my tears that I was frustrated with what was going on!!!!

So, they are sending a whole new system! Finally!! I refuse to settle for an answer that I know isn't going to work!!!! As, I am sure most parents do. I feel better, not so frustrated. We will get the new system tomorrow afternoon.

I still kinda consider my self like a new mom. Learning everyday about my daughter. Teaching her so many things! It's fun to see her light up when she understands something or does something new! She is a very bright girl. Puzzles are one of her favorite things to do!

Everyday she has school..I home school her as well as my nephew. He has a learning disability, so we work hard at success for him. So, to help him gain confidence I have had him help me with Kristina and her "schooling". Reading her books, helping her count and so on. It has worked well, she gets excited because she sees him working and she wants to do the same thing. :) And, I get to see them blossom. Some days we struggle..but over all it has been wonderful!

We are still in the process of adopting our son..and can't wait to teach him as well!! I am learning so much! Yeah!!! Better go, their lunch break is over.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Buni...

That is my grandma. My brother could not say grandma in Ukrainian when he was little..so he made up the name Buni. So, we had her birthday on Sunday. She had a wonderful time!! The weather was sunny..although it was just the kids who went sledding. :)

There are a bunch of pictures to post..
.Her cake and flowers were beautiful! My husband picked out the flowers! :) Cute pictures Here is the four generations..