Thursday, March 26, 2009

Better then a massage!...

Kristina and I have something in common!! Or should I say another thing! We LOVE going to the dentist!! Actually, to have our teeth cleaned!! I do one appointment right before Christmas ans a present for myself!! Our insurance pays for cleanings every six months and I pay for one extra. Cheaper then a trip to the salon to get my hair done!! :) (Actually, I am letting my hair grow to donate to "locks for love" You just call around your area for a salon that works with that charity. That is where they cut your hair for free if your hair is long enough. I have done this twice all ready..

Anyway, for Kristina she has started early with the girly stuff of doing her hair and such. I have NOT encouraged it. She loves to brush her teeth and her hair. She can put in some hail clips by herself! When she puts the "ponies" in..they don't quite stay in. Today while shopping at Target..I broke down and bought her chap stick. That is all the make up she is getting till she is 30! :) And I know chap stick is not make up, it just feels like she is growing up so fast already
Getting ready to get her teeth cleaned!
Getting to see how well she brushes..very well! :)

Now, to have that ooh la la feeling!! Thanks Margie!! We LOVE you! :)

I am SO very thankful to God that Kristina is great with going to appointments with doctors/dentist. :) Hopefully she will go into the helping profession when she gets older! :)

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Karl and Ashley said...

I sent you an email :) and I would love to be invited to your other blog if that is about your adoption journey?