Monday, November 30, 2009

Our life...

Is this the best or what? I love being a wife, mother, granddaughter, and best of all a child of God!! My husband is a true gift of God!! He has really stepped in and done so much lately for me!! Somewhere in the last few days I picked up some bad germs.. UGH!!! Not complaining, just ready to have them live with someone else? :) Have NO clue as to why I am still sick..

Moving on..I have some pictures of the last few days and Thanksgiving. We cut our Christmas tree down on Saturday night. Jovan did NOT like the hayride out to the trees and did NOT like being in the trees to pick one out. It was not as pleasant as I thought it would our tree may not fit where we usually have it. I know I said we cut it on Saturday night..well after I made dinner when we got home..I just died. Body aches, and just an all over icky feeling and laid down for the rest of the night. Did not go to church on Sunday because I was just not feeling well and didn't want to spread my germs! So the tree didn't come in on Sunday. Today I was so close to doing it myself...figured Dan would have NOT been happy if I did! (Don't think I was up to it anyway) Tonight I had to go help out my sister as her husband had surgery and didn't come out of it as well as he should have. So, not tonight either.. Maybe tomorrow it will come in.

On Sunday it snowed..kinda. Jovan was SO excited!! He wanted to go out right when he got up. I let them go out after breakfast. Well it did not snow enough to cover the dirt..we do not have plush grass..yet, so there is a lot of dirt patches. Ground not frozen=MUD!! Yep, the kids came in covered in mud!! Thankfully my laundry room is straight off the front in went all the muddy snow gear!! Kristina and Jovan had a blast so that is ALL that matters!!
Jovan's first snow..touching and feeling!!
My snow babies!! Aren't they cute!! Notice there is NOT much snow!!

One more thing..Jovan went to school all day today and loved it!! He didn't want to leave. He said "come back" which he had never said before! How awesome is that!! All he wanted to know is when he was going back!! Yeah for school!! Now to rest a little before bed! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The kids are in bed..the dishwasher is going, and I am blogging! We had a really good Thanksgiving meal! There are quite a few left-overs, so anyone in the area we will be doing it again tomorrow!! There is plenty of turkey, sauerkraut, green bean bake and PIES!! :)

Jovan had a blast!!! So many people and so much food. He sat next to his favorite auntie and ate really well! He especially liked grandpa's sweet potatoes and biscuits!! We took pictures..I'll post tomorrow. My kids are such a blessing!! We gained one more!!! Just kidding, he's just on loan! Our two and a half year old nephew wanted to come back and stay with Kristina. They had already gone down the road. The kids were happy to have him back!

I have been thinking about what I am thankful for. Oh my goodness!!! What is there NOT to be thankful for? If you think about it, really think about it you can be thankful for many more things then you think. Well, maybe not my lap dogs who I have let take over my chair space!!! I don't have the heart to push them away! Yeah, one got up!!

Anyway, I think about my children. I am thankful God that he was/is control of my life. My wonderful children...the ones I waited for!! Especially our little boy that is all ours!! I waited for him for what seemed like forever!!! Holidays and birthdays came and went..Two and a half years of waiting. So many things happened to me while I waited..growing emotionally and for sure spiritually. Maybe I wasn't so thankful exactly speaking while I was waiting as I really should have been. But, it just hit me. I waited for two and a half years..I met this little boy, fell over my feet in love with him and trusted God for his life. What did I exactly wait for? In my heart that little boy was my son and would be forever and ever!! In my heart I wanted a family for him..I waited for him to have a family, I really begged God for a family for him. And maybe in some ways I thought that I would be his forever mama..but I could not fathom a change in the way that his country did adoptions. I am so thankful that God is a gracious and loving God!! He can move mountains..and so many other things to do HIS will when we ask for it. And oh boy, did I ask and begged for God's will be done!!

I am thankful that I am a child of God! Everything I am is because I am an adopted child of God. Abba Father! I am thankful to be alive no matter what ups and downs come around. My goal in life now is to really concentrate on being thankful in every situation!!

Happy Thanksgiving today and everyday!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where have the days gone?...

My goodness, the days just are flying by!!!!! See, in my head I blog..but it is just too hard to do it on the computer. Too much energy. I am slowly feeling better. I literally laid on the couch on Saturday and Sunday. Just could not do much.. So, I will do another re-cap of the past few days.

Kristina and Jovan have been going to school..Jovan still just in the morning for two and a half hours. But, I just told the school that we wanted him to go all day. It might be a shock to Jovan..I am sure he will do fine. The kids in his classroom don't seem to think he is any different then he is. He walks in the classroom, but to go to different areas in school he rides in a stroller.

He has tried to really communicate..and now he really emphasises MOM when he is irritated! It's so hard not to laugh because it is so cute and sounds just like any other kid frustrated at his parents. :) There are many things that he can do for himself..this morning he was frustrated that his light was left on and he wanted it off. We will have to figure something out for that..haven't been able to..and door knobs as well.

This weekend my wonderful husband took over taking care of everybody. He does such a great job and the kids love the attention from their daddy!

Monday Jovan had another doctor appointment and he will be having surgery in January I believe. It is boy stuff and we will leave it at that. I think that will be tough on him...he does not like doctors and going to the hospital might just send him over the edge. We will pray not!!

And yesterday my beautiful children are able to see better!!

Such cutie pies!! Jovan actually loves his..he can see really well for the first time in his life!! My kids are growing up so fast!! Kristina is a young lady and I think Jovan has gotten older in the time we have been his parents!!!

Thursday is Thanksgiving and it will be at our dad is making the turkey and gravy. Oh, I the sauerkraut salad!! I am potatoes, green bean bake, and jello! I got off pretty easy!! :) My mom is supposedly making pies..we shall see! :)

So, I'd better get going and get some things done before Kristina comes home..Jovan is resting. And my house is SO quiet!! LOVE IT!!!! But my most favorite time is when I can hear my CHILDREN playing and laughing together!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Who knew this mommy was have to go to the doctor sick. I completely couldn't breathe..or catch my breath back this morning. When I was bending over in Jovan's room to put something air just squeezed out, kinda like toothpaste out of the tube. Then I had to lay down to catch my breath. Kinda freaked me out. I was going to make an appointment for next week if I wasn't feeling better by Friday. So I called to make an appointment and was told I had to talk to the triage nurse first, kinda made me a wee bit crabby! I waited for her for sixteen minutes and then I had to answer ALL of her questions which took another fifteen minutes. Okay thirty-one minutes of my life to be told, yep you need to be seen with in twenty four hours. (Don't get me wrong, I get it about the H1N1 flu..Kristina had it and it was scary and not only because of her CF!)

So, my sister said she would watch the kids..which they were so excited about!! My grandmother not so much as she was getting nervous and stressing a bit. Then about an hour before I had to leave, I called my mom crying because I didn't want to go!! She told me I had to..and did I want my dad to drive me. I said no, I didn't want to go. In the end, my dad drove me and waited TWO hours for me!

In the end. My diagnosis...bad bronchitis! So, antiboiotic and inhaler for me. Rest..ya right! :) Tomorrow Dan will drive to Jovan's ortho appointment, so I can rest in the car. It's about an hour twenty minute drive to get there..rush hour traffic..maybe longer. Nice morning nap!

The moral to this post..if you are sick for several weeks go in to the doctor. I waited four weeks..maybe a bit too long? The best thing..God is so good to me! We are blessed to have insurance to have me go, and the rest of my family is fine!! God is good!!
Big Moments...

Many big moments have happened this week. Sunday my sister and her husband made a surprise visit and met our new son. It was pretty special and a fun afternoon because my other sister and my parents came over as well. Big sister came up to visit. :)

Monday Jovan had his first day of school!!!! He only went for two hours, but he went!!! I think he did pretty well. And the more he goes, the easier for him to get the routine. Tomorrow is a school day for him..but he will be going to the pediatric orthopedic tomorrow instead. He will NOT be happy..but daddy is going with and Kristina is in school so everything should be good to go. It was a little emotional for me..he has changed so much!! Big moment..Jovan went to school. :)

We made it past one month home! Praise God!! I am so thankful for my blessings!! I am so enjoying being a mom!! It's the best thing I could have received!! Of course that is only after receiving Christ as my savior!! Thanks God!! Big moment..home one month! :)

My daughter made supper last night!! She made tator-tot hotdish. Granted the meat was already she mixed up the ingredients and poured it into the pan. Tasted so good!! Made with the sweat of my daughter!! She was so proud and she smiled all through dinner. I am glad that I took the extra time to have her stretch her mind! Big moment..Kristina made supper! :)

Another big moment is my children are playing so I can post this!! :) Better get going..many things to mom just told me thins morning that Thanksgiving is at our house this year. Not a big surprise..all the holidays seem to be here. I love having people over and be able to serve them!! Our door is always open for anyone! Let's just say we have an open door policy..the bathroom door stays closed but Cooper and Jovan sit outside waiting for the person inside. Don't ask me why...

Friday, November 13, 2009


Not sure if that is spelled correctly..but in my world it is. Sleep, nap, rest, whatever getting to close your eyes and not be hazardous to your health means!! That is what my children are doing..well one down and the other is on their way. I may sneak a few winks..

Just to catch up this week...hard to think back..On Wednesday I met with "the team" to go over Jovan starting school. Well we had our meeting and Jovan starts school Monday!! Just for an hour and a half...but still he starts school!! I am excited about it, dad is kinda cautious. And I don't know if Jovan gets it yet. I will update on how that goes...

Yesterday we all went to the eye doctor..Dan and I had appointments. So in the end all of us are getting glasses. The kids are so awfully cute!! My sweetie looks kinda sexy! :) Me..not quite so sure but it was unanimous by my family and two complete strangers that offered their opinion as well..not asked for either! :) My eyes have improved! Finally something improves with my age!! :) I was told I have young eyes!! :) I'll take it!!

Today, I was supposed to meet with Kristina's teacher for conferences..but I do believe God intervened!! I met Jovan's teacher and the gal that will be with Jovan through out his school day. That was awesome!! It feels much better knowing who he will be with and what his classroom looks like. I am so very blessed to have so many people interested in helping my children to the best of their ability! What ever God has in store for them!! And who or what ever they become. Just kidding that I am pulling for a doctor and and auto mechanic..or plumber/electrician. A mom can have dreams can't she? :) Honestly, I would be so happy if they just loved the Lord with all of their heart and trust him for everything!

Oh, earlier this week we got a Walmart gift card without a return address. If you read my blog THANK YOU!! I thanked God for them and asked God to bless them right back!!!

So, this weekend I (and Jovan) get to buy more school supplies!! WAHOOO!!! Love it!! I still have some from when we went this fall with Kristina. Okay, I have a confession..ready..I LOVE absolutely LOVE the smell of crayons!!!!! Crayola as opposed to Rose-Art. LOVE IT!! :) And a backpack for Jovan to carry his items in. I am thankful that I have some clothes that look age appropriate..even though he wears eighteen months in bottoms and about a three/four T in tops. His shoes we bought in Serbia..he has a few pairs for now and ? as I have NO clue how he grows. He loves this particular pair..they were the first pair we bought him!! He didn't know that...

My children are the best, and I am SO very thankful to God that he has blessed me with them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a mom...let alone a mom to two great kids that I love and adore!! And they are so dang cute!! Thank you God!!

Kristina Faith and Jovan beautiful children!! LOVE THEM!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Head spinning...

Why does it seem that sometimes it feels as though your head is spinning around on your neck? Let me just say, oh my goodness!! So many things have happened in the last week! And I have tried to blog a couple of times..but I think I have a fussy computer and it deletes them as I am in the middle of typing. UGH!!

I will hit the highlights..last week Kristina missed a day of school because she was sick. I am convinced that it was a reaction to her vaccines she got. The flu and the H1N1 were the ones she got. Her CF nurse was adamant about the fact she couldn't have a reaction to a dead virus. I don't believe her! Kristina ALWAYS gets an upper respiratory ick after getting the vaccines. This has happened since she came to the US. Just a coincidence? NOT!! But I will move on..more on that later!

Can I just say I have the CUTEST little boy in the world!! He is laying on the floor watching tv while my most beautiful daughter is finishing her treatments. By the way she counted to fourteen this morning..YEAH!! Numbers and colors are tough for her.

Okay, what else..we got a ton of appointments lined up for Jovan. He HATES doctors...even if it is someone elses turn! He cries..can't imagine what he will be like in the next few weeks..bribes, comfort toys?

On Saturday I helped my dad (and mom..she was so nervous) clean pine needles from the corners in their roof. My dad climbed the ladder...that was scary for me too!! But he did it..and then he was telling me that the ladder was too heavy for me..I said NO and showed him that I could maneuver a twenty-four foot extension biggy. Then I told him to try something else to get the needles down. I was very was kinda was almost like the roles were reversing. Not being disrespectful..but just like "hey dad I am not a kid anymore"!! Made my head spin at the fact my parents are getting older and they will need SO much help in a few years..getting old is tough!

Sunday our son got dedicated. Our pastor asked us to say something when we got up there. He asked during the singing. Oh, I prayed for God to put words in my mouth..there were so many God moments that I could have said...and I didn't know how long to talk. Anyway, giving ALL the glory to God..he was dedicated. It was really nice because after the service a lot of people came up to us and said we have a wonderful family and God is GOOD!! We do not have any SN kids in church, that I know of anyway. I can not wait for him to be able to tell his story! It was an awesome thing for him to be dedicated on Orphan Sunday. My son is no longer an orphan! Praise God!!!

Sorry, had to take time to feed the kidS and take the dogs potty. They are having a little free time..then it is time for mommy school.

We had a really lazy was nice! Kristina took a nap that she needed desperately!!! Then about 3:30pm she started to cough..and then cough..okay so we did her treatments a little early..she did NOT stop coughing..and could not catch her breath..Dan was taking care of her as I had Jovan and my try to keep them calm and like no big deal. About the time she couldn't catch her breath..I called the on call doctor at her CF clinic. Just so you know this all came on all of a with in FIVE minutes or so. The doctor called back right away..mean time she had thrown up all the drainage...just mucus. So she was throwing up again and again the doctor told us what to do..and we did it then she started to calm down..she didn't throw up as much or cough.. While I was talking to the doctor Dan told me that he wanted to call 911. He really never him wating to call 911 was serious. But, during the whole ordeal I was begging God to help her..and take care of her!!!! The whole episode was from 3:30 until about 7:30....She then wanted to eat..her request was pizza. She ate and went to bed.. Dan and I went limp after that. UFFDA!!

So, now how do we do this...I called the clinic and let them know..but I think we know what to do and see the "warning" signs early..then we should be good to go. But, it is in the back of my it going to happen again..will it be worse? God knows..I can't worry or panic just be prepared..Okay I can do that.

Tomorrow I meet with people at school for Jovan..and the plan for him. More mind spinning and the biggest spinning of all!! Where should he go? Kindergaten even though he is seven. He just turned seven right before school started. They suggested he go in Kristina's room..right away my thought was NO. Kristina has enough to concentrate on..and I want her to feel a sense of ownership in school and what she is learning. I asked her...and she said NO it was her teacher, not Jovan's. Okay I agree with her. So does daddy. My sister said that she didn't think he was ready for school, but I feel very comfortable about him going. Dan needs a little more after the meeting I will have more. But, that has been on my mind..a lot!!!

Well, today I have to do laundry..usually my Monday chore, but I was so busy! And we took my grandmother (baba to Jovan) to the podiatrist. And then we went to get a few groceries..then we came home after picking up Kristina. Jovan can now say Kristina in school.

Better get on with my day..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have many more of those then someone should be allowed! Don't get me wrong...they are good and not so good is happening all around. My pep is a little low. Not pep..just maybe my get up and go has gone away. It somehow doesn't feel like I am 100% better since bringing home my cold-thingy. So, everything seems just off slightly...

There are many things going on with my children. They are learning, happy, playful, excited to have each other for siblings. Some ways they are like other children..and someways not quite. Kristina is having a little trouble with some things in class. We have been doing research and trying to figure out just what will boost her in the right direction. I told hubby last night that maybe she is frustrated because she may not quite get things and yet sees that the other children do..wanting to "get" it and just can't...makes me both sad and determined to help her!! That has been on my mind and heart for some time now..I am somewhat frustrated not knowing exactly where to turn.

With my new little boy, his right now are medical. A very LONG list of things to check...oh, my. Yesterday was a long doctor appointment..xrays, shots, specialist appointments, and a step by step plan of care. He cried during the xrays..oh how I felt bad!! Then the shots came..I cried harder then he did!! My heart just hurt!!! But, then it was over..he did really well considering shots hurt!!! So about every other week up until a few days before Christmas he and I will go to his son and I.

Something is bothering me...I have not told anyone..can't quite get a grip on it. Am I nuts that I don't see my son's differences? I mean I see that he struggles a bit to get what he wants..but he is just perfect! That is just little gift from God (with a little spunk!!) The day that I put him in Sunday school..I never thought about how he might impact the class..with his differences and his newness. I just felt so at ease.. Later that week I got a call from church about him and wanting to find his perfect fit..and to sit with him for a couple of weeks to see where that is. Somehow that triggered a button. My son will have to overcome that his whole life. I knew in my mind that he would..but this was so real, like in my face. On one hand it makes me sad..then it makes me determined to get/do what it takes to make him as successful as he wants to be.

My son, the one I waited for two and a half years for!! A long time..not knowing for sure that he would be my son in my arms or just in my heart. Well, I can tell you..he is in my arms!! He is such a spark..he has a smile that just lights up a room. He knows who is mama is..and really wants her! He can say words in English, use a potty, eat with a spoon, fork, and knife like a pro! Get in and out of his captains bed. Get in and out of my SUV. Up and down stairs are a breeze! He can get dressed and put on his shoes..and many more things!!

I have been his mother for one month!! Seems like just yesterday..and other times it seems like forever!! It is amazing to see him sit right in front of me..and he is here! HOME!!! God answered my prayers!! I always prayed for a family for him..and now he has one!! In my arms!!

Now, I am feeling better..a peace, an excitement, a joy..thanks for listening!