Friday, November 13, 2009


Not sure if that is spelled correctly..but in my world it is. Sleep, nap, rest, whatever getting to close your eyes and not be hazardous to your health means!! That is what my children are doing..well one down and the other is on their way. I may sneak a few winks..

Just to catch up this week...hard to think back..On Wednesday I met with "the team" to go over Jovan starting school. Well we had our meeting and Jovan starts school Monday!! Just for an hour and a half...but still he starts school!! I am excited about it, dad is kinda cautious. And I don't know if Jovan gets it yet. I will update on how that goes...

Yesterday we all went to the eye doctor..Dan and I had appointments. So in the end all of us are getting glasses. The kids are so awfully cute!! My sweetie looks kinda sexy! :) Me..not quite so sure but it was unanimous by my family and two complete strangers that offered their opinion as well..not asked for either! :) My eyes have improved! Finally something improves with my age!! :) I was told I have young eyes!! :) I'll take it!!

Today, I was supposed to meet with Kristina's teacher for conferences..but I do believe God intervened!! I met Jovan's teacher and the gal that will be with Jovan through out his school day. That was awesome!! It feels much better knowing who he will be with and what his classroom looks like. I am so very blessed to have so many people interested in helping my children to the best of their ability! What ever God has in store for them!! And who or what ever they become. Just kidding that I am pulling for a doctor and and auto mechanic..or plumber/electrician. A mom can have dreams can't she? :) Honestly, I would be so happy if they just loved the Lord with all of their heart and trust him for everything!

Oh, earlier this week we got a Walmart gift card without a return address. If you read my blog THANK YOU!! I thanked God for them and asked God to bless them right back!!!

So, this weekend I (and Jovan) get to buy more school supplies!! WAHOOO!!! Love it!! I still have some from when we went this fall with Kristina. Okay, I have a confession..ready..I LOVE absolutely LOVE the smell of crayons!!!!! Crayola as opposed to Rose-Art. LOVE IT!! :) And a backpack for Jovan to carry his items in. I am thankful that I have some clothes that look age appropriate..even though he wears eighteen months in bottoms and about a three/four T in tops. His shoes we bought in Serbia..he has a few pairs for now and ? as I have NO clue how he grows. He loves this particular pair..they were the first pair we bought him!! He didn't know that...

My children are the best, and I am SO very thankful to God that he has blessed me with them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a mom...let alone a mom to two great kids that I love and adore!! And they are so dang cute!! Thank you God!!

Kristina Faith and Jovan beautiful children!! LOVE THEM!!!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! We'll talk this weekend. Things are finally winding down here. Glad to hear about the school thing for Jovan. Probably be the hardest on mom! :)
Miss you ~J

Zactly said...

Love the picture of Kristina and Jovan. It is really good!