Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where have the days gone?...

My goodness, the days just are flying by!!!!! See, in my head I blog..but it is just too hard to do it on the computer. Too much energy. I am slowly feeling better. I literally laid on the couch on Saturday and Sunday. Just could not do much.. So, I will do another re-cap of the past few days.

Kristina and Jovan have been going to school..Jovan still just in the morning for two and a half hours. But, I just told the school that we wanted him to go all day. It might be a shock to Jovan..I am sure he will do fine. The kids in his classroom don't seem to think he is any different then he is. He walks in the classroom, but to go to different areas in school he rides in a stroller.

He has tried to really communicate..and now he really emphasises MOM when he is irritated! It's so hard not to laugh because it is so cute and sounds just like any other kid frustrated at his parents. :) There are many things that he can do for himself..this morning he was frustrated that his light was left on and he wanted it off. We will have to figure something out for that..haven't been able to..and door knobs as well.

This weekend my wonderful husband took over taking care of everybody. He does such a great job and the kids love the attention from their daddy!

Monday Jovan had another doctor appointment and he will be having surgery in January I believe. It is boy stuff and we will leave it at that. I think that will be tough on him...he does not like doctors and going to the hospital might just send him over the edge. We will pray not!!

And yesterday my beautiful children are able to see better!!

Such cutie pies!! Jovan actually loves his..he can see really well for the first time in his life!! My kids are growing up so fast!! Kristina is a young lady and I think Jovan has gotten older in the time we have been his parents!!!

Thursday is Thanksgiving and it will be at our house..my dad is making the turkey and gravy. Oh, I the sauerkraut salad!! I am potatoes, green bean bake, and jello! I got off pretty easy!! :) My mom is supposedly making pies..we shall see! :)

So, I'd better get going and get some things done before Kristina comes home..Jovan is resting. And my house is SO quiet!! LOVE IT!!!! But my most favorite time is when I can hear my CHILDREN playing and laughing together!!!


Zactly said...

Love the photos Tammy. Sorry you were sick. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lorraine said...

Our oldest son created an invention when he was little so he could turn the light switches off. (Didn't work to turn them on, but off, it did.) He took a piece of long string and then scotch-taped the string around the light switch knob. The string hung down to within his reach, so anytime a light was on, he could just pull the string to turn it off. He had rigged up something once for his bunk bed where he could use string to turn the light both on and off from his bunk bed, but I don't know how it worked. I think there's an invention you can buy that you install to the switch so little ones can turn lights both on and off, but not sure who makes it. I remember babysitting a LONG time ago for a family who had these on their switches, and it involved strings hanging down as well. Hope you're able to find something that will work!

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi Tammy....I love their new glasses...how cute!!!! Wishing your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Lots to be thankful for;-). Us too!!! We leave Saturday to make Vika our daughter next Friday. Much love and many blessings...Trisha