Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Happy Day...

The sun is finally shinning after days of being gone! And I get to go to the DENTIST!! I am so excited I can't stand it! My idea of a spa treatment!! Oh, my!! LOVE IT!! Kristina will be a little jealous because it's mommy and not her. :( When she gets her "big" teeth then we will take her three times instead of two. Mommy goes three times.. YAY!!

I have to post another time about friends..stay tuned! But now, gotta get ready to go to the DENTIST!!! Oh, happy day!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Our dossier has been delivered and signed for!! Wow! I just started getting things ready for Jovan's room. I think it's called nesting! :) Okay, now I am nauseated!! Oh, my!

You know God is good! No matter what. Our adoption is in His hands and His timing! We do not know anything..but that is okay! It's gives us a time to pray and trust God! Rely on Him! Rest in His arms! I am soo excited!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today, Kristina and I sent off our dossier to go get our son/brother. Last step for us.. Yay! It was a long drive to the Secretary of State office. Especially when mommy does NOT like to drive!! And going somewhere I don't about white knuckles! :)

So many feelings..wanted to throw up while at the UPS store. Peace, a gentle a little smile in the corners of your mouth, and anything else you can think of that is sweet like a butterfly kiss. Oh, can't forget excitement!!

This weekend we are setting up Jovan's room. I am so excited! Dan and I have to hang a new closet system thingy for us.. So, hopefully we will have his room ready by the end of the weekend. I know I do not have to rush..we have just waited TWO years for him! It does not seem that long..where did the time go? That is another whole set of emotions!! :)

Have more thoughts to post.. But, want to spend time with hubby now. :) Because I LOVE him!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


It's funny, our sermon in church yesterday was on love. God loves us very much!! We were studying passages in John. It was just a nice reassuring sermon.

Well, we got in the car and I looked at Kristina's Sunday school paper..and the bottom of the paper it said "I love my family". That was written in her Sunday school teacher's handwriting..Kristina had colored a picture of some people..and put heart stickers on it as well. I held up her paper to her in the back seat and she said "look mommy stickers"! Then she said "daddy, mommy, me, Jovan".

How smart and sweet is that! Little things like that make waiting for our son easier and also remembering to praise and thank God for our children!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally..and Busy...

Finally a post, and it was because we were busy! :) Who knew a family with one child could be so busy. We have had a deck built..a gift from my mom and dad. And for Kristina's dad (who spoils her to death) gave her one of those wood tower/slide play areas. We have a friend who built the deck and assembled the wood thingy.

Right now I am getting a check up from Kristina..I have to breathe and cough..just like at her ALL day appointment yesterday. Hopefully I will be okay... :) I am. Kristina had her annual CF clinic visit. She is a little under weather..but they are very happy with her weight. Sometimes kids with CF have a hard time gaining weight.

I can't even remember what else has been going grandmother getting sick..

Adding pictures..

Her initials in the deck cement.. Working on the deck...

Her slide/play set... The deck with patio set I got on my 33rd bday

Daddy/Kristina Mommy/Krsitna

That's about it for now...Need to get making supper..oh, and making sure I have everything needed before I mail our dossier on Monday!! YEAY!! Our little boy should be ready for international adoption in a week!! In seven days it will be two years since meeting him!! little boy! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Tonight, on our way home from my parent's house..Kristina was looking at my (her) pictures of her "life". It's kinda like a little "brag" book that just has pictures of her adoption journey I carry in my purse. She LOVES looking at it. I know that some of those memories are fading for her. Kinda sad..but she is filling up her memory bank with new ones!

When she got to the pictures we took of her "brother"..she looks at them so carefully and knows in what order the pictures go..I never told her. My memories of her have not faded..the moment I saw her first picture..and the pictures after that. Waiting, crying, breathing, hoping, praying, trusting!! All of those things you do while waiting for you child!!

The moment I saw her, go right into her daddy's arms! (has stayed there since then!!) :) Playing, laughing, singing, oh and a little bit of crying too while we were waiting again to go home.

Memories for the first time she knew me as mommy..not just mama like all the other women. Her first owie, her first time on the potty, her first foods, her first shots and blood draws. First doctors visit, first CF vest treatment..

All of her firsts I saw, because I am HER mom! I am so THANKFUL that God blessed me with a wonderful daughter that will have many firsts to come...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Two days ago was our daughter's birthday. She is now six years old. What a change in the almost two years we have had her.. We watched a little video of her with her birth mom. All day I thought about her mother..does she have pain that she released Kristina to us? If she does has it gone away some from when she let her go. I am hoping that she is relieved that her daughter will live a healthy life.

Then I thought about Jovan's mom..lots of thoughts went through my mind..I will not share pains me deeply! My son has a mother..who gave him life, carried her in her tummy. I tell Krisitna that she had a mommy that carried her in her tummy, cause mommy's was broken. God brought her to me..she knows this.

Anyway, we had a nice birthday party for her with family. Next year we will have a party with friends as well. I tried to take pictures..she was kinda in a sourish mood.. She has her permanent teeth coming in behind her baby teeth. One on top, and one on the bottom. She will maybe have to get some pulled.

Now for pictures...
She is such a cutie pie!! Love her to pieces!!


Is our nineteenth wedding anniversary. At 2:18pm we were pronounced husband and wife. Looking at the's right now! Not the wedding I had envisioned growing up. But bottom line..I got my husband. Some memories actually bring pain..but that is a whole different story. And let's just say my welcome into my hubby's family was NOT a positive one. I have given it up, but sometimes it still makes me mad!! Boy, I must be a tad on the crabby side. It's been one of those days.. UGH!!

Okay, enough of that! Dan and I are going out to the restaurant that we had our rehearsal dinner. It's just in town..been around forever. Memories! My sister is watching Kristina while we go out. I have to find my pep to get ready for my "date"! One of my favorite pictures of us!! Love that man!! Gotta go look for something to wear! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shots, Cake, Stress...

This morning, we took the dogs and their cousin to get their shots at the "dog fair". We got there it was a breeze to get in and out. The line after we got in the car was insane, but the prices are SO much cheaper, and it was our vet clinic that does it. So, we love that.

Dan went home with the three and Kristina. Brave man! :) I drove separately so I could go pick up K's cake for her birthday tomorrow. But first, don't tell Dan I went to a craft fair. :) I was just going to pick up a cake and put some butterflies on it.. Super Target has some really nice cakes, but I asked really nice if they could put some cupcakes in the shape of a butterfly. Normally they need to have the order in advance..but the lady did it for me anyway. It was not as nice as I thought it would be..but it's okay.

After shopping and getting what I needed for her meal. (she changed what she wanted) No biggie, it went from pizza to baked beans. :) Oh, and we convinced her to have something besides beans and cake. Sloppy joes, BEANS (ick), fruit, salad of some sort, chips/veggies, dip, cake and ice cream. I got cookies to have for her Sunday school class.

I get home and the dogs are just down and out!! They did not go potty..Cooper cried, and Calvin winced and cried when I tried to pick them up.. I was a wreck!! I literally had to slow my breathing down not to panic! (some people can see me going nuts!!) Dramatic I know..but I wanted to cry!! I was a good mommy and kept it together. Our vet office had closed so I called the emergency vet, and got the scoop of what to look for. UGH!!!

Let's just say today was not the day I was planning on having! On top of it all my husband, daughter, and dad are AWOL!! Are they around to help with the stress? NOOOOOO Now, that the boys are comfortable, sorta..I can get my few things done. Yard work with have to wait..

Oh, my mom can't hold a secret to save her life! She told me that she bought Jovan a riding pedals, no motor. Can't wait to see that. I told her, remember that we weren't going to buy a ride on vehicle until we are traveling? She said she didn't care. What a gram ma! But, this mommy bought his coming home from the orphanage outfit. And of course his red, white, and blue outfit for the plane!! :)

Something just fell and I hit the ceiling and my blood ran cold! Gotta chill out!! Maybe a little snooze.. oh, and the adoption front nothing new. We did get a picture yesterday..or was it the day before? Anyway..his is to die for cute! LOVE that little boy!! There is a family that is going to get their beautiful little girl in a week and a half!! YEA!!! I am so happy!! I think that there will be a couple more families traveling soon as well!! YEA!! Our turn will come! God's timing!!

Better hit the road..gotta wrap presents..just remembered! I'll tell more about the party tomorrow. :)