Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today, Kristina and I sent off our dossier to go get our son/brother. Last step for us.. Yay! It was a long drive to the Secretary of State office. Especially when mommy does NOT like to drive!! And going somewhere I don't about white knuckles! :)

So many feelings..wanted to throw up while at the UPS store. Peace, a gentle a little smile in the corners of your mouth, and anything else you can think of that is sweet like a butterfly kiss. Oh, can't forget excitement!!

This weekend we are setting up Jovan's room. I am so excited! Dan and I have to hang a new closet system thingy for us.. So, hopefully we will have his room ready by the end of the weekend. I know I do not have to rush..we have just waited TWO years for him! It does not seem that long..where did the time go? That is another whole set of emotions!! :)

Have more thoughts to post.. But, want to spend time with hubby now. :) Because I LOVE him!!


Zactly said...

Yeah Tammy!!! Glad the paperwork is on the way. Hope you are able to travel soon. I am so excited for your family.

Anonymous said...

Good news, Tam! Yes, I am here...just busy around here. Trying to get things done b/4 haying time so we can get up your way. We're happy for you and we miss you!~J

Anonymous said...

YEA!!!!! So excited for you guys!!



Yay Yay!!! Tammy,

I am so glad you got your dossier sent out..I hope we can travel together soon... Is J~ paper work already now???