Sunday, May 10, 2009


Tonight, on our way home from my parent's house..Kristina was looking at my (her) pictures of her "life". It's kinda like a little "brag" book that just has pictures of her adoption journey I carry in my purse. She LOVES looking at it. I know that some of those memories are fading for her. Kinda sad..but she is filling up her memory bank with new ones!

When she got to the pictures we took of her "brother"..she looks at them so carefully and knows in what order the pictures go..I never told her. My memories of her have not faded..the moment I saw her first picture..and the pictures after that. Waiting, crying, breathing, hoping, praying, trusting!! All of those things you do while waiting for you child!!

The moment I saw her, go right into her daddy's arms! (has stayed there since then!!) :) Playing, laughing, singing, oh and a little bit of crying too while we were waiting again to go home.

Memories for the first time she knew me as mommy..not just mama like all the other women. Her first owie, her first time on the potty, her first foods, her first shots and blood draws. First doctors visit, first CF vest treatment..

All of her firsts I saw, because I am HER mom! I am so THANKFUL that God blessed me with a wonderful daughter that will have many firsts to come...

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! I'm praying that next year you'll have two children to celebrate with. :)