Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shots, Cake, Stress...

This morning, we took the dogs and their cousin to get their shots at the "dog fair". We got there it was a breeze to get in and out. The line after we got in the car was insane, but the prices are SO much cheaper, and it was our vet clinic that does it. So, we love that.

Dan went home with the three and Kristina. Brave man! :) I drove separately so I could go pick up K's cake for her birthday tomorrow. But first, don't tell Dan I went to a craft fair. :) I was just going to pick up a cake and put some butterflies on it.. Super Target has some really nice cakes, but I asked really nice if they could put some cupcakes in the shape of a butterfly. Normally they need to have the order in advance..but the lady did it for me anyway. It was not as nice as I thought it would be..but it's okay.

After shopping and getting what I needed for her meal. (she changed what she wanted) No biggie, it went from pizza to baked beans. :) Oh, and we convinced her to have something besides beans and cake. Sloppy joes, BEANS (ick), fruit, salad of some sort, chips/veggies, dip, cake and ice cream. I got cookies to have for her Sunday school class.

I get home and the dogs are just down and out!! They did not go potty..Cooper cried, and Calvin winced and cried when I tried to pick them up.. I was a wreck!! I literally had to slow my breathing down not to panic! (some people can see me going nuts!!) Dramatic I know..but I wanted to cry!! I was a good mommy and kept it together. Our vet office had closed so I called the emergency vet, and got the scoop of what to look for. UGH!!!

Let's just say today was not the day I was planning on having! On top of it all my husband, daughter, and dad are AWOL!! Are they around to help with the stress? NOOOOOO Now, that the boys are comfortable, sorta..I can get my few things done. Yard work with have to wait..

Oh, my mom can't hold a secret to save her life! She told me that she bought Jovan a riding pedals, no motor. Can't wait to see that. I told her, remember that we weren't going to buy a ride on vehicle until we are traveling? She said she didn't care. What a gram ma! But, this mommy bought his coming home from the orphanage outfit. And of course his red, white, and blue outfit for the plane!! :)

Something just fell and I hit the ceiling and my blood ran cold! Gotta chill out!! Maybe a little snooze.. oh, and the adoption front nothing new. We did get a picture yesterday..or was it the day before? Anyway..his is to die for cute! LOVE that little boy!! There is a family that is going to get their beautiful little girl in a week and a half!! YEA!!! I am so happy!! I think that there will be a couple more families traveling soon as well!! YEA!! Our turn will come! God's timing!!

Better hit the road..gotta wrap presents..just remembered! I'll tell more about the party tomorrow. :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kristina! Have a great birthday party. Find anything at the craft sale?... I was garage sale-ing when you called. Didn't find a lot but it was the first good weekend for them around here.
Have a fun party and I'll be waiting for pictures. Love, J