Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Since this past weekend we in our household have been doing many different things. Mommy rode a bike the first time in about eighteen years!! No camera shots available! :) Kristina and daddy do just fine..mommy is a lot shaky and scared! Practice, practice, practice! We found a bike type thing for Jovan to use..it will be quite the sight watching us go down the street. :)

Daddy today surprised us to death! I was making supper

Yep, butterfly meatloaf! :) I bake our meatloaf in my grandmother's old 9x13 pan. When she moved out of her house..I kinda got her rejects! :) Stuff she didn't need but had sentimental value to me! :) Anyway, it just makes it easier to throw it in a pan..

Then..I turn around and I see daddy out of the clear blue do this...

Don't ask me what was in his feet? :) Weirdo..So, now Kristina is trying to practice just like daddy. I do summersaults with her..no standing on my head! :) and I run across parking lots at her beck and call! :)

Well, gotta set the table. Daddy is out with the boys looking at a fire in a neighborhood close by. Kinda scary seeing all that smoke. Our fire warning is VERY HIGH! So, no burning!! Last weekend my sister's neighbor burned down his tool shed. And they live in town!! Scary!


Anonymous said...

What has gotten into you guys? :)
I want pictures of the bike riding - Please, Please! Actually I was thinking of getting a bike (the kids got for their birthdays), but that would be an even worse thought AND picture!

Heard any more news yet?

And patiently waiting... said...

Wonder how long it would take for us to bike between MN and CO? :) Let me know if you get a bike! :) Cheaper then airfare..maybe! No news..