Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Day...

My darling daughter wanted to go out and play's almost 50 degrees! YEA And she told me that she was building a snowman. Poor kid, loves the snow and the sand!! :) She has been out off and on today. Supper, treatment, bath, and bed! :) Sounds like a plan!

We went to the Sheriff's office to get our good conduct letter. And I picked up our marriage certificate as well. We walked around the big block and counted the sidewalk tiles..she was having such a good time! It was nice to have her with on this trip..Dan and I did ALL the steps together..and now Kristina and I are doing ALL the steps! :)

She just came in to remind me that she wants to go with to pick up her medicine. She told me she would be outside and for me to call her when I was ready! :)

The "boys" were out as well..they want to go out as well! You see, Kristina is playing in Cooper hole that HE dug! :) And he is not to happy! And now he is screaming to go back out...

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