Friday, April 24, 2009

You know...

I have been wondering how long it takes for the pain after a passed loved one takes to heal. My heart has been painful so off and on..especially anything even close to sadness! For me and my great uncle, it was old movies..John Wayne, and the old musicals..he knew them all!!

Tonight my hubby and I were watching a funny movie..and then there was a death. Oh, did I cry..heart pain. I know my great uncle is in heaven and I am so happy that I will be with him some day!! Actually, he is the lucky one!!

At his funeral, I took pictures of him. I have yet to print them..but they are on my disk. That might sound weird..but I have been taking pictures of lots of things in our family. My mom said "he is gone". And I told her well, I still love his body..even though his spirit is with God. And I think that it will help Kristina in the future..maybe even more when my grandma passes away.

Sitting pain, my longing to see him is like the longing for my son. Pain.. Emptiness.. Waiting.. to get our son, and to see my great uncle in heaven. But, as I am writing this..I must focus on God and ask Him to heal the pain..give me a peace. It does come, usually when I pray or "sing" praise songs.

Boy, this is such a cheery post.. But, I can't cry around Kristina. She comes and hugs me, brings me a Kleenex, and says "don't cry mommy". That makes my heart melt! So, I cry lots when I am alone or with hubby around! :) Well, I am going to look at try to get some pictures together to start a scrap book for her..after two years, I think I might start! :) And have to do Jovan's too. His, I won't hopefully be so far behind. Thanks for listening! :)

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Anonymous said...

You still need to come over so we can scrapbook together! I bet I'm more behind than you are:)