Thursday, April 2, 2009


My grandmother is home!! Praise God!! They still do not know what is wrong with, we have to keep a journal of everything unusual! Check her pulse and her blood, my mind is SO tired. Her doctor did say he does not think that this is life threatening. For which I am greatful!! Today my grandmother is ninety years, one month and one day old! Yikes! :)

Next week I will be VERY busy with the Easter prep!! Saturday is our home study visit. Yesterday in the mail we got our reciepts from the USCIS. Of course the paper said the appointment for the finger prints would take up to six weeks. Okay. Well, today I was talking to God while waiting for the doctor..and I said wouldn't it be nice if that letter came with the appt time? Well, guess what came in the mail... YEP!! April 14th is our date!

Better go..have lots to do..missed a couple of days being at the hospital with grandma! :)

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