Thursday, April 23, 2009

We had a date!...

Not the kind of date most of you are thinking..but my hubby and I had an eight hour date! It was fun! We left last Saturday morning and headed to Minneapolis..a smidge over an hour away. We wanted to got to the MOA (Mall of America) and IKEA!! Yea!!

We went to Ikea first..It was a lot of fun, and so crowded! sitting in chairs and couches..looking at the small rooms they have on display..kinda like the spaces you find in Eastern European countries. Brings back memories of our trip to get our daughter. And a long time ago when I visited Germany.

We bought a few things..a couple for Jovan..but would work for Kristina as well. Bought a really cool car rug.. it's about 4x5 give or take a few inches. Kristina loves driving cars like that. She has a small puzzle she does that on. their napkins..but they did not many colors this time. Then we had lunch there. I had the Swedish meatballs, hubby had chicken nuggets. After that we shared an apple pie kinda dessert. Yum!

And then we went to the MOAI love to find Kristina's next year Easter dress at Macy's..on clearance of course!! I did! It's so cute..and because I matchy match us for occasions, daddy will be wearing green as will Jovan and mommy will be wearing pink.. My family thinks that I am nuts when I match us, but I think of it as a hobby. :) I don't get out much! :)

After walking around the mall..for quite some time..we went home. It was great fun! And I was with the love of my life on earth. (Kristina is as well, of course..but I wasn't with her!) :) I love him truly, oh truly I do!! :)

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