Monday, April 6, 2009

Little House on the Prairie...

It's funny.. I am new at home schooling. When I started with both kids at the same time (my nephew and my daughter), it reminded of Little House on the Prairie! My favorite tv show growing up. And I read her books a million times growing up.

It gives me strength..I am now doing a different type of schedule. I am thinking that it will work better. I think I have said that my nephew has a learning, I have to figure out how he ticks! :) To be able to work with him is awesome!! We are able to talk about all kinds of things both about school and life! God is good!! All the time!

Well, his break is almost done..and so is the dryer. It's Monday ALL day! :)

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I aslo love Little house books. I have lots of them and some dvd's.. Great books. How's things going???