Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Boy...

Yes, it is a boy. For us... He is where we just were, picking up our son. And he has been waiting a long time for a forever family. His birthday was a few months ago and he turned six. What a big boy! Fits right in with the other kids in our family.

You see we have met and visited with him several times before. We have seen him change over two and a half years. Growing and changing..and in need of parents and family! He is full of energy, brightness, laughter, and fun! Someone who is not afraid to reach out to people..some people have seen that! :)

It was a little bit of a surprise...we were not sure if it would approved for us to go back. It was approved and we found out on Christmas morning! What a wonderful present!!! A son. Later that day when everyone was here..tears came to my eyes. It felt like he was he has been here and then not. Crazy sounding I know! My heart is so free, so at peace!

We prayed and prayed HARD for God to do His will and let it be done. So right now we are headed back to get our son.

Money is what is standing in our way..we need to raise it. And we would like to do it fast. But of course we know God and we trust in His timing. We are going to do some stay tuned. We have committed to this little boy to make him our son...

Saturday, December 26, 2009


In our house we love butterflies!! Mommy even loves caterpillars! Because they grow into butterflies. To me butterflies signify freedom..freedom from all types of situations! But in our family it signifies that a little child has a family...

Friday, December 25, 2009


Our night in Bethlehem.. We are so thankful to God for giving unto us this day the Savior who is Christ the Lord! May God Bless you and keep you on this wonderful day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many Things...

I can't believe how much time has gone by since I last posted!! Actually everyday I post..only it's in my head. So really, I blog a lot!! :)

Let me start by saying the other day my kids came home from school so happy telling my about school, then of course they went out to play in the snow! I was going through their paperwork and just started to cry!! So many emotions! I was a mom! (I still get emotional about that) My kids were in school learning and enjoying it!! My kids have parents and so many aunts and uncles..cousins..grandparents...and a great grandmother!!!

This last week has been mostly of going to school...and playing in the snow. Kristina and I had a mommy daughter day last week when I took her to her CF doctor apt. It was mid morning and it takes about an I figured she would just be off. Jovan was in school, grandma was taking care of great off we went. Had a good day! Oh, and we even SURPRISED daddy at work. He didn't have any idea we were coming! :) It was so great! Normally I have a hard time keeping a secret from him..when he benefits from it!

Jovan is talking more, and we are trying to get him to use the potty..don't know if he will physically be able to be independent with that..but at least he is trying and it is just a "normal" thing for people to do. And I know he is happy to do what every else does!

Because my grandmother is ill and the SNOW we have/are getting we canceled our Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner. It has been that way my whole life..but some of the traditions between my grandmother and my children are very similar. We watched a movie an old fashioned Ukrainian way back when she little. The kids loved it!!

Well, many things to do before tomorrow...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week in Review...

Wow, this week has been so fast. I asked Dan when we went to church this morning if we were there last week. He said..yes all day. I said oh yeah. We went to church last Sunday came home, my family napped and I made perogies for Christmas Eve dinner. Then we took a trip to Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born. It was about a half hour journey as our church hosted a night in Bethlehem.

My boys and their new friend. I have NEVER seen a camel up close and personal like that before. Kristina and I were too chicken to get that close! We saw a donkey, llama, sheep, and baby goats as well! Then we went inside the gates to Bethlehem..and wow we had to pay our taxes, then we had a family picture. After that we enjoyed some goodies and went to the center of town. We visited the carpentry shop, the baker shop, the many other places I can't remember. When we were done we saw baby Jesus asleep in the hay. (Actually asleep in his mother's arms) It was a live nativity scene..made it really realistic. God gave his son, his only son for us to live in eternity!!

The rest of the week was filled with school and going outside for the kids. For me it was appointment making and research on both of my children's needs. What was supposed to be the high-lite of my week was not so. Okay, if you have read my blog..every four months I get my teeth cleaned. It is my one treat for myself. A spa like experience..thanks Margie!!! Love you!! This week I brought my children with. Jovan freaked out.. so I had to calm him down, and Kristina wanted it to be her turn. Anyway, once I got them settled in the corner with their toys I tried to settle down and enjoy it. I told them to not talk to mommy, and they listened!!! They were SO good!!! I was so proud of them!!

Anymore high-lites? My brain can't think? This weekend was my nephew's hockey tournament. We went to one game. Jovan was with his Auntie ALL day..ten hours!!! They were at the arena most of the day. Besides lunch with everybody (but Dan and Kristina) and a trip to Walmart he was at the arena. And he had a blast!!!!!!

Now, I remember. (I am a little distracted watching the Vikings football game) Dan and Kristina went to the Princess movie. The Princess and the Frog. They loved it. She was stunned at the size of the "tv". I was with my family at lunch..they did not see my nephew entire game. It was a good day..then we picked up my two and a half year old nephew to spend the night and go to church with us. The kids have a lot of fun together..

So, now it is the start of a new week. Pizza tonight..don't know where?...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

NO Kids...

Jovan has gone with his Auntie all ready this morning! He is going to a hockey tournament with her ALL day. The door didn't open fast enough for him, he was saying good-bye even before he had finished getting his mittens on.

Kristina and her daddy are going to go see the Princess movie by will be her first on the big screen. Daddy said she could get a big bucket of popcorn.. I do not like to go to I am going to let them have a special time and mommy is going to go to the local outlet mall and look around. NOT shopping... :)

I am so thankful to be a child of God..adopted by him, accepted, loved, and cherished for everlasting life!!

Now, I need to finish my Saturday chores if I want to go have fun. It's nine o'clock and I am not quite done yet. The kids had their rooms done by eight..mommy is a little slow! :)

Later I will give a re-cap of the week...

Friday, December 11, 2009


Baby it's cold outside. My kids don't care!! They have been playing outside anyway. Jovan especially wants to go out in the snow. From morning to night he asks to go outside. He's such a cutie pie. Now Miss Kristina could live outside no matter what kind of weather
Some pictures of my snow babies! The third snow baby is my nephew. He is so good with the kids and they have such a blast with them too!!
My newest snow baby! So cute he is playing in the snow!!!
The three amigos.. Aren't they cute? Love those kids to pieces!!!
I am standing in my kitchen window..they were ALL over the yard...front and side yards had foot tracks all over! What a blast they had. Maybe this weekend I will join them? :) Just maybe? I went out last year..even have snow pants!! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

To be in snow or to be in dirt...

I sent the kids out this morning to play. Actually they wanted to go and I agreed. It was snowing or flurries as my husband called them. They were so excited and out I sent Jovan before Kristina was totally ready..he was thrilled!!

The next thing I did was look out the window and saw this...
That would be my son digging in the dirt..not playing in the snow. Then when Kristina got out..she joined him...

So I guess my kids prefer dirt! :) I don't care they had fun!! :)
So cute!...

I just had to tell something son's eyes popped out of his head when he saw the tree up. It is much taller then he is. He is two and a half feet tall and our tree is nine and a half feet tall. Wow never thought about that before.. Anyway, I told him not to touch..just look.

When my grandmother got up he was sitting outside her door and he said "tree..look no touch" It was cute because he did hand motions too. Pointed to his eye and put his hand over his other hand. Just made me smile!!

I can't wait until it gets decorated!! Gotta move on with my day.