Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Since this past weekend we in our household have been doing many different things. Mommy rode a bike the first time in about eighteen years!! No camera shots available! :) Kristina and daddy do just fine..mommy is a lot shaky and scared! Practice, practice, practice! We found a bike type thing for Jovan to use..it will be quite the sight watching us go down the street. :)

Daddy today surprised us to death! I was making supper

Yep, butterfly meatloaf! :) I bake our meatloaf in my grandmother's old 9x13 pan. When she moved out of her house..I kinda got her rejects! :) Stuff she didn't need but had sentimental value to me! :) Anyway, it just makes it easier to throw it in a pan..

Then..I turn around and I see daddy out of the clear blue do this...

Don't ask me what was in his feet? :) Weirdo..So, now Kristina is trying to practice just like daddy. I do summersaults with her..no standing on my head! :) and I run across parking lots at her beck and call! :)

Well, gotta set the table. Daddy is out with the boys looking at a fire in a neighborhood close by. Kinda scary seeing all that smoke. Our fire warning is VERY HIGH! So, no burning!! Last weekend my sister's neighbor burned down his tool shed. And they live in town!! Scary!

Friday, April 24, 2009

You know...

I have been wondering how long it takes for the pain after a passed loved one takes to heal. My heart has been painful so off and on..especially anything even close to sadness! For me and my great uncle, it was old movies..John Wayne, and the old musicals..he knew them all!!

Tonight my hubby and I were watching a funny movie..and then there was a death. Oh, did I cry..heart pain. I know my great uncle is in heaven and I am so happy that I will be with him some day!! Actually, he is the lucky one!!

At his funeral, I took pictures of him. I have yet to print them..but they are on my disk. That might sound weird..but I have been taking pictures of lots of things in our family. My mom said "he is gone". And I told her well, I still love his body..even though his spirit is with God. And I think that it will help Kristina in the future..maybe even more when my grandma passes away.

Sitting here..my pain, my longing to see him is like the longing for my son. Pain.. Emptiness.. Waiting.. to get our son, and to see my great uncle in heaven. But, as I am writing this..I must focus on God and ask Him to heal the pain..give me a peace. It does come, usually when I pray or "sing" praise songs.

Boy, this is such a cheery post.. But, I can't cry around Kristina. She comes and hugs me, brings me a Kleenex, and says "don't cry mommy". That makes my heart melt! So, I cry lots when I am alone or with hubby around! :) Well, I am going to look at try to get some pictures together to start a scrap book for her..after two years, I think I might start! :) And have to do Jovan's too. His, I won't hopefully be so far behind. Thanks for listening! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We had a date!...

Not the kind of date most of you are thinking..but my hubby and I had an eight hour date! It was fun! We left last Saturday morning and headed to Minneapolis..a smidge over an hour away. We wanted to got to the MOA (Mall of America) and IKEA!! Yea!!

We went to Ikea first..It was a lot of fun, and so crowded! sitting in chairs and couches..looking at the small rooms they have on display..kinda like the spaces you find in Eastern European countries. Brings back memories of our trip to get our daughter. And a long time ago when I visited Germany.

We bought a few things..a couple for Jovan..but would work for Kristina as well. Bought a really cool car rug.. it's about 4x5 give or take a few inches. Kristina loves driving cars like that. She has a small puzzle she does that on. Napkins..love their napkins..but they did not many colors this time. Then we had lunch there. I had the Swedish meatballs, hubby had chicken nuggets. After that we shared an apple pie kinda dessert. Yum!

And then we went to the MOAI love to find Kristina's next year Easter dress at Macy's..on clearance of course!! I did! It's so cute..and because I matchy match us for occasions, daddy will be wearing green as will Jovan and mommy will be wearing pink.. My family thinks that I am nuts when I match us, but I think of it as a hobby. :) I don't get out much! :)

After walking around the mall..for quite some time..we went home. It was great fun! And I was with the love of my life on earth. (Kristina is as well, of course..but I wasn't with her!) :) I love him truly, oh truly I do!! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

8 months..

Today marks the eighth month. I am nauseated!! And miss him! Done and just waiting!! WAITING on the Lord! But, as I write this I am excited at what god has in mind for us!! Will we be allowed to get him in nine months..or will it be longer?

Just my thoughts..now we are going into town and get seeds for our science project! Today is test and FUN Friday. Love those days..and Dan comes home early! :) See ya!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guess What...

I sat down at my desk this morning, and thought as I was looking at my adoption paperwork pile..We are adopting!! Can you believe it? It's a weird feeling I have said it before.. I do not know what is like to have children any other way.. I get excited at the littlest things. Ask the people who know me! :)

Well, just thought I would tell everybody that we are adopting a little boy! With all of his snails and puppy dog tails! Better warn the "boys" to be on the look out for their tails. Gotta go..lots of Easter prep to do. Salads, and jello. Dessert is not my forte!! Oh, forgot the veggie tray...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Day...

My darling daughter wanted to go out and play today..it's almost 50 degrees! YEA And she told me that she was building a snowman. Poor kid, loves the snow and the sand!! :) She has been out off and on today. Supper, treatment, bath, and bed! :) Sounds like a plan!

We went to the Sheriff's office to get our good conduct letter. And I picked up our marriage certificate as well. We walked around the big block and counted the sidewalk tiles..she was having such a good time! It was nice to have her with on this trip..Dan and I did ALL the steps together..and now Kristina and I are doing ALL the steps! :)

She just came in to remind me that she wants to go with to pick up her medicine. She told me she would be outside and for me to call her when I was ready! :)

The "boys" were out as well..they want to go out as well! You see, Kristina is playing in Cooper hole that HE dug! :) And he is not to happy! And now he is screaming to go back out...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our home study is done. One day earlier then we expected! :) So, now we wait for our finger prints and wait some more! But, we have been getting ready for Easter. I have been reading my nephew and K about the time before during and after Christ's death.

Trying to make the Babka.. Not succeeding!! I don't make bread..and this recipe is a bit more then I can handle. So, out came the tears...it was so frustrating to be so careful and still mess it up. But, then again..my dad makes some every year and his first attempt failed as well! :) So, we will see tomorrow what happens. I was trying to make it look like this picture...

Needless to say, mine did NOT! Better be off..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Little House on the Prairie...

It's funny.. I am new at home schooling. When I started with both kids at the same time (my nephew and my daughter), it reminded of Little House on the Prairie! My favorite tv show growing up. And I read her books a million times growing up.

It gives me strength..I am now doing a different type of schedule. I am thinking that it will work better. I think I have said that my nephew has a learning disability..so, I have to figure out how he ticks! :) To be able to work with him is awesome!! We are able to talk about all kinds of things both about school and life! God is good!! All the time!

Well, his break is almost done..and so is the dryer. It's Monday ALL day! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

What I have...

I have a daughter!! A beautiful little gift from God!! I looked at her this morning and her face just was shining with love!! Her heart is so kind and loving! A huge blessing, and can't imagine life any other way..it's like we have had her from birth!

Now, hopefully not too long from now she will be a sister! She will do a good job! Such fun (and frustration) :) she will have! I have a brother I know! But, they are nice to have too! :)

Well, got lots to do..

Thursday, April 2, 2009


My grandmother is home!! Praise God!! They still do not know what is wrong with her..so, we have to keep a journal of everything unusual! Check her pulse and her blood sugar..um, my mind is SO tired. Her doctor did say he does not think that this is life threatening. For which I am greatful!! Today my grandmother is ninety years, one month and one day old! Yikes! :)

Next week I will be VERY busy with the Easter prep!! Saturday is our home study visit. Yesterday in the mail we got our reciepts from the USCIS. Of course the paper said the appointment for the finger prints would take up to six weeks. Okay. Well, today I was talking to God while waiting for the doctor..and I said wouldn't it be nice if that letter came with the appt time? Well, guess what came in the mail... YEP!! April 14th is our date!

Better go..have lots to do..missed a couple of days being at the hospital with grandma! :)