Friday, October 30, 2009


Leg, eyes, eyes, shots, and information. Lets just say I am glad for the weekend..and Monday it starts again. Two days ago I took my new little boy to the ER because he had hurt his leg..I don't exactly know what we went and sat for almost FIVE hours!! I was NOT happy, but what was I to do? Leave AMA? No, what if he had broken something? So, I was stuck! What a trooper I had..he just started to cry and whimper at the the last hour or so. But, he was still to cute!! Anyway, thank God nothing was found on his xrays!!!

Eyes and eyes, today I took my children to have their eyes checked. They did such a great job!! both of them!! Jovan will be getting glasses..the dr think that glasses will help his lazy eye. That would be so awesome!!! He is so tiny..glasses that they had are big..there is one kind that fits him, but they are not indestructible like the others. UGH!! But he is sooo very cute with them.. We will get them in about a week and a half. Kristina did really well...

After we did the eye exams, we went to the clinic so Kristina could get her flu shot and a MMR shot..okay, she is immune for the MMR shot. That let the flu shot..I am ALWAYS apprehensive when she gets her shots. She always gets a little sick after each one. Imagine my nerves..she got a regular flu shot AND the H1N1 shot. Because of her Cystic Fibrosis she is like at the TOP of the "list" to get the shots first. So, we will pray and see how she does in the next few days.

A few days ago I spoke with our pediatrician about Jovan and his medical issues. She has a plan, oh I love her!! So, that makes the steps with him a little easier to deal with. He has a check list. :) Lots of information...oh my!

Today, after we were all done we went to Super Target for a hot dog and ICEE. Jovan does not like them. The ICEE that is. We looked at toys..and stuff. Came home and the kids played. Dan comes home a little early on Fridays. YEAH!! And tonight we decided to order Chinese food. Yum! Dinner was good, cookies were eaten, nebs were done, bath was done, then kids went to bed! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


Above is last night playing play-doh, and they played for over an hour!! Giggles went along with that by the bucketfuls!!

Above is playing with Kristina's really cool doll house complete with sound and everything! He loves to flush the toilet! Check out his bracelet! Every kid loves that plastic multi colored slinky!

Above is just a cute picture of the kids together! Now that mommy is feeling much better, they better beware..cuz mommy is back on the picture taking frenzy!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time Flies...

It has been one week since being home. My goodness, it seems like so long ago that we got home. Is that good or bad? Or has it been two? No, just one. Wow that was tough.. Maybe I will post about today and go backwards. And how come when I am going about the day, I can blog in my head..then I am too tired to do it later when I have time?

Today we went to church and Jovan went with Kristina in her class. He was okay to be there I toy car and a bye mama he was good to go. The teacher said he did really well. I was glad.. After church he was introduced around..lots of people wanted to meet him. Of course he is a little ham!! :) Ran to Target for grandma..came home and had lunch. Nap time and Dan and I watched the Viking's football game. (I am sure that is why they lost!!) We NEVER watch the games..well we did when we were adopting Jovan..but that was on days later! :) Sorry to all the Viking fans!

Oh, yesterday we went to my parent's house for a little fall clean up. The kids played for a little while, then I got out the riding toys. Kristina had her bike..and I got out Jovan's really cool.ride on toy that just needed the steering wheel moved back and forth for it to move. He was too little, he kept falling off. It was not fun for him after that. I felt so bad.. And I was getting crabby and cold myself, so we went home. Not the best to be outside after trying to get over a bad cold..but I really wanted to help my parents. So we left daddy to finish with grandma and grandpa..but don't feel bad because they took daddy out to eat pizza!!! Then we just kinda hung out and played.

Friday was oh man, can't remember. Kristina went to school..Jovan was beginning to get it that we leave her but we pick her up too. Jovan played then we played together..did a little "school". The day went fast. I was going to go and try to learn how to scrapbook in the evening. But I was feeling better so I tried really hard to get stuff put away and organized..I was pretty tired..but I kept going. My dad made supper, a "practice" Thanksgiving dinner. It was really good! The gravy was to die for!!!!! The sauerkraut was great too! We had a Butterball turkey that was really good, my dad made it in a roaster and not the oven. Pretty cool. Well, after that I was all done. And no I did not took all the rest of my energy to put the kids to bed. Then I curled up on the couch and fell asleep.

Thursday..Kristina was home. Oh yeah..we went "shopping" with Auntie. I had a little list and I needed to get Jovan a winter jacket the fit him. It was a good thing she went with as it was a bigger job to take the kids then I thought. We ran to the outlet mall which is actually close once we drove to Super Target. The kids did really well. They giggled a lot..Auntie is a lot of fun!!

Wednesday..Kristina had school again..and I can't remember much..I know I was sick..Jovan and I did some "school" and spent time together. Played together..introduced him to Sesame Street. Kinda cool. I know we did more..

Tuesday..Kristina and Jovan played together ALL day..almost like they were making up for lost time. Getting quite loud at times!! But, they really played well together. It was such a wonderful experience to hear my children playing down the hallway. Laughing and giggling..sometimes a little frustration, but for the most part pure fun!!! By the time daddy came home..I was tired! Who knew being sick with kids was so tough. I think it was because it was like a respiratory like cold. Hard to breathe and coughing. ICK!!

Moday was Kristina's first day of school...oh my Jovan was NOT happy we left her. After we took her to school, I took him to see the doctor. The whole nine yards..we have a follow up this coming Friday. He was NOT happy at ALL!!!! He was so not happy, he screamed and screamed!! UFFDA!!! But, when we were all done..he was okay and acted like nothing happened. Then we went to Auntie's work, so she could show him off..home to make supper.

That was the basic run down of our first week. The best part is that mommy is almost 100% better! And we all had a pretty great week. Right now, everyone is sleeping and I need to head there too. Pictures are coming..I promise!! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The nicest word I know! :) We had a pretty uneventful flight/s home. Jovan did not sleep..just way too much to take in. There was a landing that was pretty tough on his ears..He did great!! (A side note to people who are traveling..I would bring masks!! There was a guy who sneezed and coughed the ENTIRE long flight from London to Chicago!!!! And until airlines require the use of masks for people like that..I would bring my own!!!! Wish I would have thought of that..I now have a cold/ick!)

We got in later then the flight was scheduled! :( My family was waiting for us..minus one sister who had gotten exposed the the "bad" flu..she didn't want to share her germs. Thank you for that! :) Kristina grew!!! She had a huge growth spurt while we were gone..a couple of the pairs of shoes I got for school are too small now. I mean we are talking almost an inch in her feet!! She was so excited to see Jovan!! He was excited to see her too!

Sunday we ran to Super Target!!!! I had to get some meds and vitamins. We also shopped for a few things for Jovan. Minus a few things for church..he is pretty set for winter. My mom got him a few things while we were gone.

Kristina and Jovan played and played on Sunday. My mom/dad/sister came over to visit..and my dad made the best sloppy joes for lunch!! We watched the Vikings game.. The kids played some more!! My sister is absolutely in love with MY son!! He likes her too.

Yesterday Kristina went to school..Jovan was NOT happy about that!! He was even more not happy with the fact mommy took him to the doctor! YIKES and UFFDA!! But we both survived! :)

We later picked up K from school..oh how excited they both were! Jovan has several words that he knows..and says. Mommy, daddy, puppy, cup, Kristina, out, hi, bye, and a couple more that escape me at this moment.

My house is quiet..I have been up since 3:45am. Wide awake!! But, I have gotten a lot done already this morning!! Making silly pancakes for breakfast..and maybe a painting art will be raining today and tomorrow. Or so they say. Oh, Jovan can already get in and out in my SUV. He LOVES that fact, I think because Kristina can do it. He can get out of his captains bed. It is two and a half times taller then he is!! In and out of his booster seat. It's like a wood high chair..but it really just looks like a small sized chair which happens to be tall! Kristina used it and now it is perfect for Jovan. You should see how he drives his trucks!! So fast down the hallway!! Oh, did I say he already can cut with scissors!! He and Kristina were cutting on an art project that K made..having fun they both were!!! coughing got the "boys" up! That would be Calvin and Cooper! Jovan is just crazy about the excited and LOUD!! The boys are just a wee bit hesitant about him..but they both loves it won't take them long to be loving him up!!

Better go..just wanted to give an update. I know I have a TON of pictures to post..that will have to wait.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Baaaaccckkk...

Did you miss me? I was gone a long time since my last post. What a!! (think I have to stop drinking coke!!) Anyway, we got out the door after Jovan's nap..we were on a mission to head up to the citadel. How cool!! EVERYONE needs to head up there. It is a little tough with a stroller, but still worth the effort!! We were there about an hour and a half..and so much more to see. Then my camera ran out of we left and started to head home. Or should I say the apartment.

On the way back we stopped at a little cart type thing..and I bought a souvenir for my mom and a little something for me. As if my son was not enough!!! :) And then..we decided to find something for dinner..since we did such an awesome job for lunch!! Well, we were walking and would you believe we found another Chinese restaurant. So that is where we went! It was so cool, it was like an upscale Chinese restaurant..but not. It was a weird experience being not in the states, but in a European country..eating Chinese. Served by servers who spoke ENGLISH!! Quite the meal..the food was great as well!!!!!

We then wandered on home because it was very cold!!! And our son was getting tired! It was time to get him warm and tucked into bed! So we are home..after a really fun day!! It was a weird feeling..hard to explain. I will post pictures..but when I get home as I can't seem to do them here. So keep checking back..I'll let you know.
All around town...

Yes, we have been all around town! I forgot the other day that I found a bridal shop and a Chinese restaurant!!!! And a place to repair shoes. Today is a beautiful day..a little on the cool side, but perfect for walking!!! We are going to this old citadel after our son lays down for a bit.

I am so excited!! We have pretty much gone where we wanted to go..right here in Belgrade. We walked around this morning for about two and a half hours. Stopped by a toy store and got Jovan a couple of new for the airplane cars. And then we went to a souvenir shop. Picked up many things for my family! And three key rings with Jovan's name on it!!! I am so thrilled!! Of course there is never anything in the states with his name on it.

On our way home we stopped by a bakery...can I just say oh my goodness!!!!! Oh, my goodness!!! Okay, I'll stop! We got some really good sandwiches!!! Then came the doughnuts!! Oh, my goodness! Never tasted anything like it. So delicate and a delicious marmalade in the middle. Oh, my goodness. Light and fluffy!! Should have taken a picture of you all could have seen it!

I checked on my son and he is in a bit he will wake up and we can go out again! He loves being outside..but he HATES stopping to look at stores and such!! Kinda like my daughter! But that's shopping for mommy, I will be too busy with my new son!!

It was so fun this morning!! I wanted to just yell out to everybody what a wonderful day. My thought after that, was no one would have wanted to hear me yell out. :) I have taken more pictures..oh cool...the church we are by just was ringing their bells!

Well, better go get busy..laundry to hang out, souvenirs to pack..very busy!...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In My Hand...

I hold the glue for the puzzle. Jovan's visa/passport is in my hand!!!! See it? I thought you this means we are ready to come home..and are able to come home!! The guy that "helped" us last time was the same man this time as well. I begged God to soften his heart towards us..and not let his position go to his head. I thought at first he was going to be shall we say difficult? Anyway, I prayed and about twenty minutes later, out he came..a new man. Really it was the same body..but he was defiantly different!! Thank you God!!!!!! Waiting for our son is DONE!!! We have a son!!! All ours and no one elses!! Well, of course we all know he belongs to God first!!!

We are leaving Saturday morning for our long trip home. Don't really know what to expect from him..he can get really loud. Hum..might have to get a few quiet toys..

Tomorrow and Friday are sightseeing/shopping/packing..and anything else we can squeeze in and dodge rain that is expected on Friday. It stopped raining today...I think!

Someone in the building is cooking, and it smells good. Better get started on our supper as well!!!

My daughter LOVES puzzles! She is up to 100 pieces. When she can't get a lot of pieces together, she puts it away and then takes it out again. I like to do puzzles as well. And I was thinking of all the ways people start them..corners, edges, or they jump right in the middle..many ways to start all finishing the same way, with a completed puzzle.

I was thinking of our adoption and the process we had to go through..all the pieces fitting together..just right. For us we started right in the middle, with the love we had for our little boy!! (who is playing right in front of me) We then started to put together all the MANY, many, many, and many pieces that made up our adoption.

Our process was a little different..we actually met and fell in love with our son before we started this process. Unlike our daughter, who we just fell in love with her picture and followed God's leading to get her. I think that way is how most people start their puzzles of adoption.

We then gathered all of the documents required (pieces), and did the different steps like medicals, fingerprinting. (more pieces) Then we sent our dossier to get translated. (more and more pieces) After that was done we waited and waited to receive the date to meet with the adoption officials. (many, many pieces) Luggage pieces began to be filled, rearranged, filled again weighing their respective weights..48, 46.5, 47 pounds. Had to be under 50 pounds. Those were tough pieces to fit!!!!

Once we were in country, it was meeting the officials..(fragile pieces)(nerves!!made them fragile) After that then was a awesome easy piece!!! Meeting (seeing) our son!! More easy pieces as we visited him for days and days. We bonded those easy pieces together. There were reports to be written (pieces that were fit together by other people), and the biggest piece was to have our documents signed. That was as important as all the little pieces put together!! Our daughter's piece of that took a long time, our son's was done quicker then I thought. The signature peice was not something we could find and we had to have it fit just right. Then we continue with the other peices.

The adoption ceremony was really like seeing almost the whole puzzle being completed. They trusted us to finish the puzzle. How awesome!! So onward we went..the puzzle of getting the passport. For our daughter it was a long wait and a misunderstanding..but it was done while we waited. Our son's took two is the rule now. In the middle of that process we needed to schedule our appointment for his visa. That also takes two days..and they make the pieces again filled in by other people. They are only open at certain times and do not do appointments on Fridays..which is why we had to wait until this week. And we also had Columbus they were closed. (Our daughter's visa was denied THREE times. Those were like having missing pieces!!! That was so hard!!!)

Yesterday we got the final piece!!! HIS VISA!!!!! No problems!!! PRAISE PRAISE GOD!! (I have to go today and pick it up) But it is paid for and approved!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

So putting together the pieces of an adoption puzzle is a rather hard puzzle to put together, but it is so worth it!! Some pieces we got to do, but it seems like there were just as many pieces put in by other people. Now, we can permanently glue them together as a family...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Okay, a fresh update. We have been busy walking the streets, playing as a family, shopping as a family (well, maybe I was shopping) :), and getting lost as a family.

We have walked streets we have not been down before. Ended up in a maybe not such a nice neighborhood..had to climb uphill to get out!!! Kinda freaky. But, we were able to see so many things then we ever had before.

Yesterday we were out the door and decided to walk in not the shopping streets. :) So we headed down what we call ministry road (where the ministry meeting is held), then we turned down embassy road. (named for the same reason) I have been watching the weather reports and it has said we have had to think ahead. We had to get Jovan's pictures for his visa
and medical. So we looked as someone said it was on the corner by the embassy. Across the street, at the very end..kinda in a small alley. Should have taken a picture..maybe I will. His pictures turned out great!!

We moved on down a new street, then we saw a lily. That is a store kinda like a drug store would be. Anyway, this one was very big!! So we got what we needed and started walking again. Oh, before we started walking we added minutes to our phone. All by ourselves!!!

Jovan and Dan ready for our adventure...they look excited don't they?

I am having trouble with uploading pictures!!! They don't move for I have to figure it out, but not at this moment!

As we wandered we took in other sites!! We ate at McDonald's again..that was fun. Came home and talked to my mom and Kristina. It was snowing and Kristina was excited!

Today we kinda were a little lazy. And also cleaned up the apt a bit. Jovan played and giggled today. We also ran up to the Maxi and got a few things because I was too tired to run up yesterday. Gotta go..start dinner..

Post Title...

I had several in mind, but the one that this tired mommy wants to use is consideration. I was irritated at I am sure thousands of people last night!!!!!! Yes, probably thousands! If I knew there names I would knock on their doors and tell them so. Let me tell you what happened. (this mommy might be whining, complaining, venting..but I can because this is my blog)

The evening started out wonderfully for Dan and I. Our son went to bed without a sound, and went right to sleep. We were so excited!! He needs to have restful sleep. So, we were relaxing watching tv, talking to my mom, and just talking. I fell asleep on the couch. Next thing we know is the sound of BIG guns. We freaked out..are we being bombed? You should have heard the noise. It seemed kinda far away, so we shut off the lights and looked. Dan did, and saw lights by the church near us and smoke. Mind you it was ten thirty at night!!!! Okay, so maybe it was a celebration of some kind. We just went UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't people think of other people? (consideration)

Oh, my goodness..what happened next!! Horns honking, people shouting, sirens going!!! And LOUD!! That lasted for probably at least a half an hour!!! UGH!!! Don't those people think about all the other people sleeping? (consideration)

During ALL that noise my son fell (rolled) out of bed. When I carefully put him back..the noise woke him up!!! So he had to try and fall asleep to that noise. He did. I wanted to say to all those woke up my kid!!!!! Do you not think about other people? (consideration)

Then this morning when I woke up, I saw the sun rise out the window. It was so beautiful! You know God is considers us every moment of every day!!! How to protect us, teach us, show us, warn us, guide us, and there is more!!! I am thankful for that!! So thankful that he cares enough to show us beautiful sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars, babies..anything and everything!! So thankful that he considers my feelings in life..knowing I wanted to be a wife and a mommy, knowing that I truly want to be more like him in life!!

That brings me to considerate am I? Do I think of others when I want to get in front of someone on the highway? Do I think of others before myself? Yes, I believe I do. Can I do better? Yes, I can!! Do I consider my "enemies" enough to pray for them? Yes, I do..but I can do better. Do I consider my children, yes..but I can do better. Do I consider my husband? Yes, I do..but I can do better!!!

Bottom be is a lesson for me today. I was not considerate of others when I started this post venting..but I am human, and I am continually striving to be better at it and focusing on the lessons to learn from my heavenly father..Thank you God for considering me every moment of every day!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


My son!!! He is mine!!! (and of course Dan's) My son finally has a mommy! This mommy..I am she? Or is it I am her? Doesn't matter..he is mine!! I think I may be a little tired.. :) But so happy!! Here he is, and what kind of mommy would I be if I didn't take a sleeping picture? My favorite kind of picture of MY kids!!

Now can I wake him up? Isn't he the cutest? I think he is!! Oh, how precious is he?

It is weird because I thought I would post more then I have..sorry about that!! I have been one day off since before we even left the states! And my goodness the day just flies by!!!!!! And we have been walking so much, by the end of the day I am one tired person!! Jovan has been able to see many things..his favorite has been the cars and motorcycles!!! Now that we have him 24/7 forever we can do a few more things. I would love to go to to see many more things!!

This journey has been so many things. I have had many prayer times with God..He picked me (us) to be Jovan's mommy and daddy. We are the family that I prayed for..for two and a half years..even up to the time right before we got the travel date. I don't even know how to describe many things. God has taught me many many things in the last two and a half years. Faith, trust, dependancy, love, kindness, truth, and several other things!!! God is good! To go on this journey was amazing, and I am thanking God and glorifying His name!! It was His will that we caught another butterfly!!! Thank you God!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yep, today was the day!!! We are now Jovan's forever parent's!!! FOREVER!!!! What a day, I am so tired. Didn't sleep well last night..too much on my mind. But that is okay, because I was praying LOTS!!! Wow, our washer sounds like a jet airplane taking off. I am afraid and I don't even know how to stop it. UGH!!!! Scary..hold on, oh it's done now.

Anyway, what a day!! God was/is good!! It was a beautiful day!! And now tomorrow moring we get him forever!! Can't wait!

I am too tired to keep writing, I have lots of pictures to update on..maybe later. We have to drive up again 1.5 hours to do the passport stuff. That is new for us this time. So, take care and I will write soon!!!! Jovan's mommy :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Phone Message...

Today we received a phone message. We did not get/see it until after we heard the news. IT IS SIGNED!!! Wow, the minister signed our approval for the adoption of Jovan. Really? Really, Really?

We are thrilled to pieces!! Our adoption ceremony may be Wednesday or Thursday. So, we will see. Can't wait for that step..

Tonight for dinner we had the newest family from the US for dinner along with our "facilitator". It was fun. Something we did not really expect..but are SO happy that we were able to have them stay with us!! They are the first family to adopt from this orphanage, and it is HOURS away from they are basically on their own. It's funny because both of our children are from the same Center, yet are in two different far away!! But, here we are under one roof..they are sleeping after the LONG flight over..and we should be but I am trying to get a hold of my family to tell them, but can't. So, all of you know about the signing before my family! :)

Better get to bed. We will have one probably cranky little boy. He has a dr apt in the morning I think..morning, anyway..maybe won't be so bad? Maybe? Good Night!....
A New Post...

As I sit here watching my son, I think wow..a mother of TWO. They are different, yet similar..I am thinking from the orphanage. I love that little boy..he is cute, charming, and so lovable!! Smart, shall I say very stubborn, and friendly. The stubborn part does NOT bother me a bit. My mother used to tell me I was..maybe still am? :)

Today we went to an open farmer's market type place..we bought shoes and two pair of pants for Jovan. More adapters..hard to just have one. We tried to make do.. What else? My mind wandered away..oh tomatoes, then I went to the mini market and got things to make for supper. We are having the next family to come to Serbia for dinner.

My son giggles!! He is so happy!! Easy going, doesn't really like shopping. After just one day..he knows where the apartment is. Smart boy!! Love him to pieces!! Can't wait for the Lord to lead us and help us follow God and what He has for him! We will encourage our children..with their special bodies not to give up, rely on God first, giggle, and pursue their dreams...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apartment Bound...

A couple of pictures of when we got to the apartment for the first time. He is now a smiley, giggly, outgoing little boy. Quite different then the picture of him above!! Our apartment is wonderful!!! However, there have been a few alteration to adjust to him. But it is okay, he eats well, sleeps well, and plays well!! What more could a mommy ask for?

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here are some pictures..I love the one with Dan and Jovan, and the one where he is driving away!! So CUTE!!!!!

I have taken more..and I will include some scenery as well. But, it is getting a little late... I am slow but I will keep posting...
What day is it?...

I have NO idea what day it is. Time is flying..But I do know that tomorrow I will have our son ALL day. We are excited! Did I say that I got an awesome stroller? I think I did..That means we can stroll the town. YIPEE!!!

Tonight we are just hanging out. We may go out and get some dishwasher soap and paper towels. Oh, and Coke. Two years ago, they had Coke they consider Coke Zero as Diet Coke. So, if anybody is coming that drinks DC as we call it..better try Zero or Orange. :)

We went to an open market..bought Dan a "man purse" and an adapter. It was fun because we took side streets that we have never taken, and we made it back. My computer is acting horribly..up/down. Maybe it is tired?

Tonight for supper I made a Ukrainian meatloaf patty with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was great to have a homemade meal. I don't consider spaghetti a homemade meal..cuz I didn't make the sauce. The meal was pretty good but needed pepper and ketchup. Can't wait to cook for my little boy!!!

Right now I can't post pictures..but as soon as I can figure out my computer. I have many more to take!! :)

This morning when we went to see Jovan, it was a peaceful day. Everyday, it seems that he gets more calm.. He plays games with us a little quieter..hope for the long plane ride! :) It will be so nice when he has his room and his own toys to play in.

While Dan was playing with Jovan, I was praying for the children and praising God! He has them in his hands!! He created each one of them and their cute little faces!! He knows their future..He knows EVERYTHING about them. So praise God that he has them in His hands!

Will post pictures..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Adventure...

Today was a day of adventures. First when we were at the orphanage Jovan and I went outside the little play area today. He was on a trike with a handle to push him. We were looking at all the cars..he was having a blast!! Best thing...he thought he was driving but it was mommy who was! What a trip!!!

Second adventure was in search of two things. First a stroller for Jovan. We thought about bringing one..but we put our luggage for things for the orphanage. VERY pricey for overweight and extra luggage. It took two hours but we FINALLY found one, and several other kids clothes/shoes. I LOVE the's just an umbrella type one. Very sturdy..and taller then the cheapy regular umbrella strollers. It is a little cushiony..and his back will not touch the cross bars.. So, I am so will work until we figure out what will work for us to transport him in.

Third was the store Ciciban. A shoe store that I wanted to get some shoes for Kristina. We looked and looked at the same time we looked for the stroller. To come up empty handed was disappointing. As we were leaving a woman with a stroller had TWO Ciciban shoe balloons attached to her stroller. And I asked her where the store was..she did not speak English!! UGH!! Then a woman behind her tried to help me in English!! So we now have a map!! And the best thing is that we could not have found it easily as it moved inside another building. HA! We will find it..maybe tomorrow, depends on what we are doing with Jovan and lunchtime.

Fourth was putting our things away in the apartment. We waited until we went on our adventure, as we could put clothes away when it was dark outside. :) There are so many cupboards and closets that we actually had fun putting things away. We even have a spot for Jovan's toys. So all in all a good day!!

Now, I am going to try my family, and see if I can reach them again. Talked to them this morning..saw Kristina, my mom and grandmother. Then I talked to and saw my dad this afternoon. He was so cute, he sent me an email. Wondered how we were, a little concerned and then he said it felt like we were gone a loooooooooooooong time already. So sweet!!

Better get going..we get to see our son in ten hours!!! Yipeeee