Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time Flies...

It has been one week since being home. My goodness, it seems like so long ago that we got home. Is that good or bad? Or has it been two? No, just one. Wow that was tough.. Maybe I will post about today and go backwards. And how come when I am going about the day, I can blog in my head..then I am too tired to do it later when I have time?

Today we went to church and Jovan went with Kristina in her class. He was okay to be there I toy car and a bye mama he was good to go. The teacher said he did really well. I was glad.. After church he was introduced around..lots of people wanted to meet him. Of course he is a little ham!! :) Ran to Target for grandma..came home and had lunch. Nap time and Dan and I watched the Viking's football game. (I am sure that is why they lost!!) We NEVER watch the games..well we did when we were adopting Jovan..but that was on days later! :) Sorry to all the Viking fans!

Oh, yesterday we went to my parent's house for a little fall clean up. The kids played for a little while, then I got out the riding toys. Kristina had her bike..and I got out Jovan's really cool.ride on toy that just needed the steering wheel moved back and forth for it to move. He was too little, he kept falling off. It was not fun for him after that. I felt so bad.. And I was getting crabby and cold myself, so we went home. Not the best to be outside after trying to get over a bad cold..but I really wanted to help my parents. So we left daddy to finish with grandma and grandpa..but don't feel bad because they took daddy out to eat pizza!!! Then we just kinda hung out and played.

Friday was oh man, can't remember. Kristina went to school..Jovan was beginning to get it that we leave her but we pick her up too. Jovan played then we played together..did a little "school". The day went fast. I was going to go and try to learn how to scrapbook in the evening. But I was feeling better so I tried really hard to get stuff put away and organized..I was pretty tired..but I kept going. My dad made supper, a "practice" Thanksgiving dinner. It was really good! The gravy was to die for!!!!! The sauerkraut was great too! We had a Butterball turkey that was really good, my dad made it in a roaster and not the oven. Pretty cool. Well, after that I was all done. And no I did not took all the rest of my energy to put the kids to bed. Then I curled up on the couch and fell asleep.

Thursday..Kristina was home. Oh yeah..we went "shopping" with Auntie. I had a little list and I needed to get Jovan a winter jacket the fit him. It was a good thing she went with as it was a bigger job to take the kids then I thought. We ran to the outlet mall which is actually close once we drove to Super Target. The kids did really well. They giggled a lot..Auntie is a lot of fun!!

Wednesday..Kristina had school again..and I can't remember much..I know I was sick..Jovan and I did some "school" and spent time together. Played together..introduced him to Sesame Street. Kinda cool. I know we did more..

Tuesday..Kristina and Jovan played together ALL day..almost like they were making up for lost time. Getting quite loud at times!! But, they really played well together. It was such a wonderful experience to hear my children playing down the hallway. Laughing and giggling..sometimes a little frustration, but for the most part pure fun!!! By the time daddy came home..I was tired! Who knew being sick with kids was so tough. I think it was because it was like a respiratory like cold. Hard to breathe and coughing. ICK!!

Moday was Kristina's first day of school...oh my Jovan was NOT happy we left her. After we took her to school, I took him to see the doctor. The whole nine yards..we have a follow up this coming Friday. He was NOT happy at ALL!!!! He was so not happy, he screamed and screamed!! UFFDA!!! But, when we were all done..he was okay and acted like nothing happened. Then we went to Auntie's work, so she could show him off..home to make supper.

That was the basic run down of our first week. The best part is that mommy is almost 100% better! And we all had a pretty great week. Right now, everyone is sleeping and I need to head there too. Pictures are coming..I promise!! :)

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