Thursday, October 15, 2009

All around town...

Yes, we have been all around town! I forgot the other day that I found a bridal shop and a Chinese restaurant!!!! And a place to repair shoes. Today is a beautiful day..a little on the cool side, but perfect for walking!!! We are going to this old citadel after our son lays down for a bit.

I am so excited!! We have pretty much gone where we wanted to go..right here in Belgrade. We walked around this morning for about two and a half hours. Stopped by a toy store and got Jovan a couple of new for the airplane cars. And then we went to a souvenir shop. Picked up many things for my family! And three key rings with Jovan's name on it!!! I am so thrilled!! Of course there is never anything in the states with his name on it.

On our way home we stopped by a bakery...can I just say oh my goodness!!!!! Oh, my goodness!!! Okay, I'll stop! We got some really good sandwiches!!! Then came the doughnuts!! Oh, my goodness! Never tasted anything like it. So delicate and a delicious marmalade in the middle. Oh, my goodness. Light and fluffy!! Should have taken a picture of you all could have seen it!

I checked on my son and he is in a bit he will wake up and we can go out again! He loves being outside..but he HATES stopping to look at stores and such!! Kinda like my daughter! But that's shopping for mommy, I will be too busy with my new son!!

It was so fun this morning!! I wanted to just yell out to everybody what a wonderful day. My thought after that, was no one would have wanted to hear me yell out. :) I have taken more pictures..oh cool...the church we are by just was ringing their bells!

Well, better go get busy..laundry to hang out, souvenirs to pack..very busy!...

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your journey w/ us Tammy. I can hardly stand to wait for more pictures!!! I wnat to see more of the handsome little guy. Has Kristina talked to him on the phone yet? What is she thinking at home? can't wait for the first pic together. When are ;you scheduled to come home? Good luck w/ everything.

stephanie--mom to 7 special kiddos!