Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Adventure...

Today was a day of adventures. First when we were at the orphanage Jovan and I went outside the little play area today. He was on a trike with a handle to push him. We were looking at all the cars..he was having a blast!! Best thing...he thought he was driving but it was mommy who was! What a trip!!!

Second adventure was in search of two things. First a stroller for Jovan. We thought about bringing one..but we put our luggage for things for the orphanage. VERY pricey for overweight and extra luggage. It took two hours but we FINALLY found one, and several other kids clothes/shoes. I LOVE the's just an umbrella type one. Very sturdy..and taller then the cheapy regular umbrella strollers. It is a little cushiony..and his back will not touch the cross bars.. So, I am so will work until we figure out what will work for us to transport him in.

Third was the store Ciciban. A shoe store that I wanted to get some shoes for Kristina. We looked and looked at the same time we looked for the stroller. To come up empty handed was disappointing. As we were leaving a woman with a stroller had TWO Ciciban shoe balloons attached to her stroller. And I asked her where the store was..she did not speak English!! UGH!! Then a woman behind her tried to help me in English!! So we now have a map!! And the best thing is that we could not have found it easily as it moved inside another building. HA! We will find it..maybe tomorrow, depends on what we are doing with Jovan and lunchtime.

Fourth was putting our things away in the apartment. We waited until we went on our adventure, as we could put clothes away when it was dark outside. :) There are so many cupboards and closets that we actually had fun putting things away. We even have a spot for Jovan's toys. So all in all a good day!!

Now, I am going to try my family, and see if I can reach them again. Talked to them this morning..saw Kristina, my mom and grandmother. Then I talked to and saw my dad this afternoon. He was so cute, he sent me an email. Wondered how we were, a little concerned and then he said it felt like we were gone a loooooooooooooong time already. So sweet!!

Better get going..we get to see our son in ten hours!!! Yipeeee


Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Hi All....So happy things are going well. I am having a bit of stress right now. We were given travel dates and now there is something going on in the region so we have been "tentatively" pushed to the following week of October 19TH....urg!!! Sounds familiar for Russia though. Pray for us and we sure are for you guys. I think everything is going to be smooth as beautiful glass for you guys this time;-). Hope our last adoption goes smoothly, too. Take care...enjoy your adventure...and much love to you all three. Many blessings...Trisha

Zactly said...

Glad you found out where the shoe store is. I know you love that place. Jovan's stroller sounds good. Happy all is going smoothly for you.


Sounds like all is going very well. Can't wait to see pictures.
Give that special little guy lots of hugs ..Enjoy your stay..


Karl and Ashley said...

It's so exciting to read about your experience so far!
I'm sure it's surreal and wonderful to finally be with your boy.
I'm so glad for you!
and you should post some pictures of the apartment, and area! I'd love to have a sneak peak ;)

Stephanie said...

Keep writing Tammy! We love it. M akes us feel like we are there w/ you. Glad you found the stroller. Can't wait to see some pictures of this cutie. Have they been asking all about Kristina as well while you've been there? Many blessings on a smooth journey. Best wishes. Stephanie.