Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Baaaaccckkk...

Did you miss me? I was gone a long time since my last post. What a!! (think I have to stop drinking coke!!) Anyway, we got out the door after Jovan's nap..we were on a mission to head up to the citadel. How cool!! EVERYONE needs to head up there. It is a little tough with a stroller, but still worth the effort!! We were there about an hour and a half..and so much more to see. Then my camera ran out of we left and started to head home. Or should I say the apartment.

On the way back we stopped at a little cart type thing..and I bought a souvenir for my mom and a little something for me. As if my son was not enough!!! :) And then..we decided to find something for dinner..since we did such an awesome job for lunch!! Well, we were walking and would you believe we found another Chinese restaurant. So that is where we went! It was so cool, it was like an upscale Chinese restaurant..but not. It was a weird experience being not in the states, but in a European country..eating Chinese. Served by servers who spoke ENGLISH!! Quite the meal..the food was great as well!!!!!

We then wandered on home because it was very cold!!! And our son was getting tired! It was time to get him warm and tucked into bed! So we are home..after a really fun day!! It was a weird feeling..hard to explain. I will post pictures..but when I get home as I can't seem to do them here. So keep checking back..I'll let you know.

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