Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The nicest word I know! :) We had a pretty uneventful flight/s home. Jovan did not sleep..just way too much to take in. There was a landing that was pretty tough on his ears..He did great!! (A side note to people who are traveling..I would bring masks!! There was a guy who sneezed and coughed the ENTIRE long flight from London to Chicago!!!! And until airlines require the use of masks for people like that..I would bring my own!!!! Wish I would have thought of that..I now have a cold/ick!)

We got in later then the flight was scheduled! :( My family was waiting for us..minus one sister who had gotten exposed the the "bad" flu..she didn't want to share her germs. Thank you for that! :) Kristina grew!!! She had a huge growth spurt while we were gone..a couple of the pairs of shoes I got for school are too small now. I mean we are talking almost an inch in her feet!! She was so excited to see Jovan!! He was excited to see her too!

Sunday we ran to Super Target!!!! I had to get some meds and vitamins. We also shopped for a few things for Jovan. Minus a few things for church..he is pretty set for winter. My mom got him a few things while we were gone.

Kristina and Jovan played and played on Sunday. My mom/dad/sister came over to visit..and my dad made the best sloppy joes for lunch!! We watched the Vikings game.. The kids played some more!! My sister is absolutely in love with MY son!! He likes her too.

Yesterday Kristina went to school..Jovan was NOT happy about that!! He was even more not happy with the fact mommy took him to the doctor! YIKES and UFFDA!! But we both survived! :)

We later picked up K from school..oh how excited they both were! Jovan has several words that he knows..and says. Mommy, daddy, puppy, cup, Kristina, out, hi, bye, and a couple more that escape me at this moment.

My house is quiet..I have been up since 3:45am. Wide awake!! But, I have gotten a lot done already this morning!! Making silly pancakes for breakfast..and maybe a painting art project..it will be raining today and tomorrow. Or so they say. Oh, Jovan can already get in and out in my SUV. He LOVES that fact, I think because Kristina can do it. He can get out of his captains bed. It is two and a half times taller then he is!! In and out of his booster seat. It's like a wood high chair..but it really just looks like a small sized chair which happens to be tall! Kristina used it and now it is perfect for Jovan. You should see how he drives his trucks!! So fast down the hallway!! Oh, did I say he already can cut with scissors!! He and Kristina were cutting on an art project that K made..having fun they both were!!!

Great..my coughing got the "boys" up! That would be Calvin and Cooper! Jovan is just crazy about the dogs..so excited and LOUD!! The boys are just a wee bit hesitant about him..but they both loves kids..so it won't take them long to be loving him up!!

Better go..just wanted to give an update. I know I have a TON of pictures to post..that will have to wait.


Zactly said...

So glad you all made it home alright. Sorry you got a cold. That stinks. Wonderful that Kristina and Jovan are playing so well together. Can't wait to see the pictures.

MaybeMama said...

welcome home! congratulations on having your family all together!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are good! We've been dealing with illness here too. Call you soon, mom of two.