Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In My Hand...

I hold the glue for the puzzle. Jovan's visa/passport is in my hand!!!! See it? I thought you this means we are ready to come home..and are able to come home!! The guy that "helped" us last time was the same man this time as well. I begged God to soften his heart towards us..and not let his position go to his head. I thought at first he was going to be shall we say difficult? Anyway, I prayed and about twenty minutes later, out he came..a new man. Really it was the same body..but he was defiantly different!! Thank you God!!!!!! Waiting for our son is DONE!!! We have a son!!! All ours and no one elses!! Well, of course we all know he belongs to God first!!!

We are leaving Saturday morning for our long trip home. Don't really know what to expect from him..he can get really loud. Hum..might have to get a few quiet toys..

Tomorrow and Friday are sightseeing/shopping/packing..and anything else we can squeeze in and dodge rain that is expected on Friday. It stopped raining today...I think!

Someone in the building is cooking, and it smells good. Better get started on our supper as well!!!

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