Sunday, October 11, 2009


Okay, a fresh update. We have been busy walking the streets, playing as a family, shopping as a family (well, maybe I was shopping) :), and getting lost as a family.

We have walked streets we have not been down before. Ended up in a maybe not such a nice neighborhood..had to climb uphill to get out!!! Kinda freaky. But, we were able to see so many things then we ever had before.

Yesterday we were out the door and decided to walk in not the shopping streets. :) So we headed down what we call ministry road (where the ministry meeting is held), then we turned down embassy road. (named for the same reason) I have been watching the weather reports and it has said we have had to think ahead. We had to get Jovan's pictures for his visa
and medical. So we looked as someone said it was on the corner by the embassy. Across the street, at the very end..kinda in a small alley. Should have taken a picture..maybe I will. His pictures turned out great!!

We moved on down a new street, then we saw a lily. That is a store kinda like a drug store would be. Anyway, this one was very big!! So we got what we needed and started walking again. Oh, before we started walking we added minutes to our phone. All by ourselves!!!

Jovan and Dan ready for our adventure...they look excited don't they?

I am having trouble with uploading pictures!!! They don't move for I have to figure it out, but not at this moment!

As we wandered we took in other sites!! We ate at McDonald's again..that was fun. Came home and talked to my mom and Kristina. It was snowing and Kristina was excited!

Today we kinda were a little lazy. And also cleaned up the apt a bit. Jovan played and giggled today. We also ran up to the Maxi and got a few things because I was too tired to run up yesterday. Gotta go..start dinner..

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! Sorry I missed you again...was at the farmer's market with my two and between them and the music there, didn't here it. UGH! I'd so like to chat with you. Glad to hear things are spite of missing Kristina like crazy. :)