Sunday, October 11, 2009

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I had several in mind, but the one that this tired mommy wants to use is consideration. I was irritated at I am sure thousands of people last night!!!!!! Yes, probably thousands! If I knew there names I would knock on their doors and tell them so. Let me tell you what happened. (this mommy might be whining, complaining, venting..but I can because this is my blog)

The evening started out wonderfully for Dan and I. Our son went to bed without a sound, and went right to sleep. We were so excited!! He needs to have restful sleep. So, we were relaxing watching tv, talking to my mom, and just talking. I fell asleep on the couch. Next thing we know is the sound of BIG guns. We freaked out..are we being bombed? You should have heard the noise. It seemed kinda far away, so we shut off the lights and looked. Dan did, and saw lights by the church near us and smoke. Mind you it was ten thirty at night!!!! Okay, so maybe it was a celebration of some kind. We just went UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't people think of other people? (consideration)

Oh, my goodness..what happened next!! Horns honking, people shouting, sirens going!!! And LOUD!! That lasted for probably at least a half an hour!!! UGH!!! Don't those people think about all the other people sleeping? (consideration)

During ALL that noise my son fell (rolled) out of bed. When I carefully put him back..the noise woke him up!!! So he had to try and fall asleep to that noise. He did. I wanted to say to all those woke up my kid!!!!! Do you not think about other people? (consideration)

Then this morning when I woke up, I saw the sun rise out the window. It was so beautiful! You know God is considers us every moment of every day!!! How to protect us, teach us, show us, warn us, guide us, and there is more!!! I am thankful for that!! So thankful that he cares enough to show us beautiful sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars, babies..anything and everything!! So thankful that he considers my feelings in life..knowing I wanted to be a wife and a mommy, knowing that I truly want to be more like him in life!!

That brings me to considerate am I? Do I think of others when I want to get in front of someone on the highway? Do I think of others before myself? Yes, I believe I do. Can I do better? Yes, I can!! Do I consider my "enemies" enough to pray for them? Yes, I do..but I can do better. Do I consider my children, yes..but I can do better. Do I consider my husband? Yes, I do..but I can do better!!!

Bottom be is a lesson for me today. I was not considerate of others when I started this post venting..but I am human, and I am continually striving to be better at it and focusing on the lessons to learn from my heavenly father..Thank you God for considering me every moment of every day!!!

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