Friday, October 30, 2009


Leg, eyes, eyes, shots, and information. Lets just say I am glad for the weekend..and Monday it starts again. Two days ago I took my new little boy to the ER because he had hurt his leg..I don't exactly know what we went and sat for almost FIVE hours!! I was NOT happy, but what was I to do? Leave AMA? No, what if he had broken something? So, I was stuck! What a trooper I had..he just started to cry and whimper at the the last hour or so. But, he was still to cute!! Anyway, thank God nothing was found on his xrays!!!

Eyes and eyes, today I took my children to have their eyes checked. They did such a great job!! both of them!! Jovan will be getting glasses..the dr think that glasses will help his lazy eye. That would be so awesome!!! He is so tiny..glasses that they had are big..there is one kind that fits him, but they are not indestructible like the others. UGH!! But he is sooo very cute with them.. We will get them in about a week and a half. Kristina did really well...

After we did the eye exams, we went to the clinic so Kristina could get her flu shot and a MMR shot..okay, she is immune for the MMR shot. That let the flu shot..I am ALWAYS apprehensive when she gets her shots. She always gets a little sick after each one. Imagine my nerves..she got a regular flu shot AND the H1N1 shot. Because of her Cystic Fibrosis she is like at the TOP of the "list" to get the shots first. So, we will pray and see how she does in the next few days.

A few days ago I spoke with our pediatrician about Jovan and his medical issues. She has a plan, oh I love her!! So, that makes the steps with him a little easier to deal with. He has a check list. :) Lots of information...oh my!

Today, after we were all done we went to Super Target for a hot dog and ICEE. Jovan does not like them. The ICEE that is. We looked at toys..and stuff. Came home and the kids played. Dan comes home a little early on Fridays. YEAH!! And tonight we decided to order Chinese food. Yum! Dinner was good, cookies were eaten, nebs were done, bath was done, then kids went to bed! :)

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