Thursday, May 27, 2010


The month of May is almost done.. Where did it go? At the beginning of the month was our daughter's 7th birthday! We had just a family celebration.. She doesn't really know of any other kind of b-day party. It's always the same family members. I figure that once she knows about a friend party..then it will be a different story! :)

My daughter ready to blow out her candles! Love cupcakes! What designs they can do is awesome!!!

Before the festivities!!! Sloppy joes and baked beans, my daughter's request! I made a few salads and that was lunch! ;) I re-used some decorations and for color on the table I used pastel m&m's. Turned out really cute! She got some really nice gifts.. Not all toys which is awesome!!!

Next in the month comes our wedding anniversary. This year was twenty. We had planned on a party with re-newing of our vows..but getting our son far out weighs our party!!! A few days after our anniversary my sister watched the kids..we went into town and got hamburgers off the dollar menu! :) We brought our own drinks! It was a blast! Talking and just having a great time!

The rest of the month has been dealing with getting summer school in order and Jovan's wheelchair. His wheelchair was held up due to the physician's office holding up the forms!!!!! Oh, I was NOT NOT NOT happy!!!!!! I will be dealing with them after the Memorial day weekend!! I guess this mommy is still very upset!!!!!! So many exclamation marks!! No one messes with my baby and doesn't know about it! I will stop talking about it now... I just found out today about the forms.

Today my sister and I finished planting the garden...(my brother and law helped too) YEA!!! We planted at my parent's house as they have had one for years and we just made it bigger for the three families!! If I can survive the mosquito bites and itch weed, it was be awesome!!!!!

Now, I must care for the bites!! Itching like crazy!!!!!! (And YES, I did use bug spray!!!) :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Today my heart was heavy and tears did flow for Chrissie's family! They had her Celebration of Life yesterday. It was beautiful! (We watched it live yesterday) My whole family children asked lots of questions. My daughter has already been to a funeral..and she tried to explain to Jovan what it was about. It was so touching!! I look at my children and I am so thankful to God for blessing me with them for as long as it is God's will!

My son got out of bed this morning insisting we go get his brother. Like the first things out of his mouth..go bring him to America! I told Jovan that we need to have money to go and get him. Jovan told me he has money in his piggy bank. Kristina says she has money in her piggy bank too. And they both insisted that we go. Mommy and daddy bring him to America. We do not really talk about our son to come..sometimes my heart just breaks!!

All in God's timing..I have been praying for direction about raising funds, and I am not getting anywhere.. God is in control of this adoption and of our lives..our time is not his time I know. My plans may be what God has in the fall when the kids go back to school. Then my mom and sister do not have to alter their work hours..and still care for my kids, grandmother, and our dogs. I am excited to see when God's plan takes place... He, my heavenly father knows best!! I need to do my part..take action and live the way God commands me to live!

I will post more later as it is very hum ind..not good for Kristina to be out, so we are having a relaxing day inside with exciting crafts and play-doh to play with. :) Mommy will have time to post between loads of laundry. Supper is planned and takes little time to make! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Three years ago today we started our trek across the ocean to get our daughter. My husband reminded me of that today. I will NEVER forget it! Let's just say I am a much better traveler since then!! :)

I was so nervous the day we left and it continued for days!! When we got to the airport and waited for our ride to pick us up at the airport...he was not there! And our very important sheet of paper with phone numbers on it was at home with my favorite shirt and comfortable shoes!!

We had God and everything worked out great!! Trust and faith!!! And lots of prayers!!

With our timeline we got in a couple of days we had time to rest and explore a bit. Then came our meeting...oh was I NERVOUS!!!!! (I am known to cry...very emotional!) If you read my would see that! :) Anyway..while in the meeting tears started to fall...couldn't help it!!! Many things going through my head at that time.

We meet our little girl on May 22nd 2007. She went to her tata first. And to this day they are inseparable!!!!! Wow..she was a peanut!! My favorite picture!! Now..she is seven! She had just turned four! That is a whole different post.

While remembering our joys of our daughter I am also remembering a mother who mourns for her daughter here on earth. But is excited for the day they can dance together in heaven forever!!


In the side bar I have a picture of Chrissie and to pray for her. This morning Chrissie went home to be with Jesus. She passed away somewhere close to 5:30am CST. Her mom said in her blog post that her heart is healed and now she gets to dance with Jesus. Please pray for comfort for Chrissie's family! God loves the Patterson family, and God loves Chrissie! God's will was Chrissie joining him in her life here on earth she was able to touch and teach many people..many many things.

Pray for her family...Comfort, peace...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My oh my how time does fly!!! There is SO much to post!! Here is just a sample.. (Have to push the arrow button) :)

This is Jovan spelling his name!! Kristina did hers next...but she has been doing hers for years. Jovan only for about a month. They were talking and laughing while cleaning out the garage..the mess was ALL theirs! :)

So many things to post...just stay tuned.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

Wishing all mommy's a wonderful Mother's day!!! My kid's called it mommy's day! :) So cute!! Everyday to me is mommy's day! I am so thankful to God for the HUGE gift my children are to me! So very blessed.

Like me, if you are waiting and longing for your child to be in your arms thank God that he has given you that child. Waiting is TOUGH!! It's heartbreaking, faith stretching, encouraging, patience building, and best of all an ending!! Some day, only God knows when that day will be!! All in his place a child with their mommy.

I wrote this in green because it is my favorite color and gives me joy!! Have a great day and enjoy it!
My children I hold in my arms! Kristina since May 2007, Jovan since September 2009

My child I have in my heart...hopefully soon in my arms! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


We are expecting in our home! Isn't that great!! My children were calling me to come to them. They announced they have babies in their tummy's! I did all I could not to laugh! So cute!!!

If you look close enough you will see "babies" coming out of the bottom of Kristina's shirt and the top of Jovan's! :) Kristina's baby she said is going to be in her tummy all day! What kids I have. We did not have children that came from this mommy's tummy so my children are having them for us!!! :) They were so happy!!!

To say I love my children would be the understatement of the whole world!! Gotta go, my kids think I need a shot! OW!!!