Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Three years ago today we started our trek across the ocean to get our daughter. My husband reminded me of that today. I will NEVER forget it! Let's just say I am a much better traveler since then!! :)

I was so nervous the day we left and it continued for days!! When we got to the airport and waited for our ride to pick us up at the airport...he was not there! And our very important sheet of paper with phone numbers on it was at home with my favorite shirt and comfortable shoes!!

We had God and everything worked out great!! Trust and faith!!! And lots of prayers!!

With our timeline we got in a couple of days we had time to rest and explore a bit. Then came our meeting...oh was I NERVOUS!!!!! (I am known to cry...very emotional!) If you read my would see that! :) Anyway..while in the meeting tears started to fall...couldn't help it!!! Many things going through my head at that time.

We meet our little girl on May 22nd 2007. She went to her tata first. And to this day they are inseparable!!!!! Wow..she was a peanut!! My favorite picture!! Now..she is seven! She had just turned four! That is a whole different post.

While remembering our joys of our daughter I am also remembering a mother who mourns for her daughter here on earth. But is excited for the day they can dance together in heaven forever!!

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