Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I posted about Chrissie a few days ago. Below are prayer requests directly from her mom's blog. Please pray..stop and pray over the list!
Here is the list...

1)That Chrissie would stop bleeding internally, but not clot so much that it clogs the ECMO or drainage tubes...a delicate balance to achieve.

2)That Chrissie's heart would be strong and "perfect". That it would beat and pump properly, that blood would flow through it properly, that it would do the proper exchange of blood from left to right without improper exchange of red/blue blood, that it would push the correct blood out of the new pulmonary artery and out through the new valves and into the lungs. Basically that Chrissie's broken heart would be completely, wholly, and miraculously healed, every nook and cranny, every chamber, every function, inside and out.

3)That Chrissie's entire pulmonary system would be completely restored to perfection. That all of her arteries, veins, and vessels would be able to handle the new pressures of blood running through them, and that they'd be able to get the blood delivered to the lungs properly.

4)That Chrissie's lungs would accept the blood being delivered by Chrissie's heart and pulmonary system. That her lungs would clear and inflate. (Right now she still has areas that are collapsed within her lungs, and one of those collapsed areas is at the top of one of her lungs, where blood needs to enter the lung, making it really difficult for blood to enter a collapsed cavity.)
Lungs are a huge prayer request because if her heart is able to function properly on its own, the lungs HAVE to clear up and function properly as well. Lungs are not clear right now.

5)That Chrissie's entire pulmonary system would function beautifully, miraculously, and perfectly. That Chrissie's blood would be properly treated by her own pulmonary system. That the carbon dioxide gasses would be removed as they should and that her blood would be properly oxygenated by her own pulmonary system, as God intended it, all at the proper life-sustaining and vital levels.

6)That Chrissie would be able to get off the ECMO machine and LIVE!!

If you want to follow along with her story her mom's blog is Remember to please pray for the whole family!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Different ways...

There are many different way of getting around. Can't even begin to list them all, so I won't! :) Tomorrow my son Jovan will be getting measured for a new way for him to get around. He will be getting a Little Dipper. (No, it is not the stars..but it will bring my little boy over the moon with joy!!) It's a wheelchair. Check it out... He even picked the color. BLUE!! I just asked him and he said blue..which I already knew since it is his favorite color!!

Anyway, tomorrow VERY early we have to drive almost an hour..maybe more with traffic to get him fitted for it. I am sure there will no way I will be able to contain his excitement!!! And that will be all he will talk about until the day he gets it. (hee hee) I am so excited for him...he will be able to get around so much easier and be so much more independent!!! But, little does he know that his mommy will have a chain attached so he can only go so far!! He would wheel himself all over the world, which is fine when he is older MUCH older!!

Other then that not a lot is going on.. just working on a bunch of stuff to get our #2 son home as quickly as we can! And I always say that with "as God's will be done". Who knows but God!! We could have all of the funds ready's all in God's hands!! And we wait patiently...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There is a little girl who is clinging to life! She was adopted at the same time Jovan was. She is a beautiful girl that God has been so gracious in her life. Her heart has many owies, as I tell my children and now she is very very sick. Please pray for her and her family. Follow along with their blog. Again pray for healing and God's will to be done!

That is one of the sweetest names I know! There is one woman who helped me get that name. Of course we give God all the glory..but here on earth the she was the one who helped us get our paperwork for our dossier together and answer MANY questions. I made reference to her in an earlier post about people I wanted to thank..

But this post is going to be all about her! When we were in the process of adopting our daughter, there were many details that needed to be worked out. She stayed on top of and worked them to the very last one! When we were in country, she walked us through what was going to happen and when things were going to happen. (to the best of her adoptions are not always without issues) For us, not only being our first adoption we also were first time parents!! She was there through it all!

Our second adoption was no different..with details needing to be worked out and such. It was a little less stressful only because we had done it before...but still so VERY thankful for her help and guidance!!

While we are working on our next adoption..she is there again!! Less issues..(just waiting for funds), but still the same support from her. Which is great!!

Now while I have mentioned her support and dedication, I have not shared with you that she does all of these things out of the kindness, and love of her heart. She works to find her special children their forever families because she cares about the children. The country is also wonderful as they do not require a long process or huge dossier to adopt. Which helps kids get their families faster. She is a great woman who works long hours and many days for all the adoptive parents!

Personally, I wish I could give her the moon!!! She would not take it, as she does not want anything for helping these children! THANK YOU for everything J!! You mean the world to us!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a prayer request! There is a fellow adopter that is stuck in Eastern Europe trying to bring home her newly adopted son!!! He is not feeling the could you please pray for his health, his mom's strength, and a fast solution to get them home!!! I know a lot of people pray, so can we just get together and pray for them? Thanks!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thoughts of my son...

This morning when Jovan got out of bed his mind was already moving and thinking!!! He showed me his shorter really non-functioning leg and basically said it was going to grow like his other one. I told him that leg would always be smaller and that is why he was getting a wheelchair to get around with. Jovan was born with Sacral Agenesis. That means absence of his sacral..which is part of your back and spine. That's just the lump definition I have.

There are different degrees of Sacral Agenesis..Jovan does have two legs..very little legs. One he uses with his arms to get around..he is hunched over . The other leg he uses as a balance because his rear end is pretty flat. He will uses a wheelchair as his mobility to get places. He has never talked about his body before today.. I hope and pray that God will help me with the correct words to say to him. Like I tell him he has had seven birthdays..but he is VERY small for his age. It's hard to explain that God made everybody different and someone very special to God.

That is my sweet son and the thoughts he had...last night was about getting money to bring home his new brother. This morning he said he wasn't going to school..he had to get money for his brother. :) So cute!!! He went to school because he loves to go. Also he told me that Kristina would have to go to school!! :) He is kinda bossy!! :)

Better go and get some things done before I run around doing errands around town!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Quick But Meaningful Post...

I have to put some yawning kids to bed in a few minutes.. But I wanted to take a minute to remember people who have touched me in one way or another through our adoption journeys. Do you all know that I have chldren? Sometimes I just smile and thank God over and over again for my children. Anyway, there is one person that has worked the hardest, more then anyone else I know! She is the person in our children's country that worked so hard to everything done to adopt our children. We love her very much...and I can't go on because I can't get emotional! :)

There are people that I have developed friendships with that have also adopted from the same country.. Special people indeed!! They are people that I continue to pray for!! It just seems like family.

Some other people that have touched me may never know. I read blogs..LOVE to read them!! LOVE to see other families come together!! I love to pray for them..and see how God works in their lives! It's AWESOME!!

Today I was blessed by a woman I just met through my computer screen. She sent me a picture of our precious little son! I will blog more about that later...she is there on a mission, along with another mom. Gotta go..typed fast didn't check sp errors. THANK YOU for all who have touched me and I pray God will touch you too!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Pics...

The kids posing for a picture during the Easter egg hunt.
Jovan collecting his eggs. Mittens are to protect his hands..not for the weather. It was a beautiful day out, just perfect!
Kristina picking up her eggs..we had designer bags not baskets! :) We love Target!
My smiling little gift from God! She was so excited for Easter..and being thankful for Jesus. She does not quite get the whole concept but pretty close. Jesus died for our sins..God gave his only son! For us!
A kinda silly picture of us for Easter 2010. Hope you had a great one! We sure did!!!


Waiting is so ? Sometimes it's easy, but I think for the most part it is hard!! Especially waiting for a child to come home through adoption. When a "tummy" mommy has a baby, she watches he/she grow from the very beginning. She can "carry" that new baby within her from the very begining. An adoption is hard because you don't see your child grow..he/she is far away, not able to be "carried" anywhere. I am not feeling sorry for myself or anything like that..but for me to think of a little boy so far away is hard. And waiting to get him is a hard thing for me to do..

I know where he is..I know what he looks like..I know how he smiles..I know what he sounds like..I know how he walks..I know so many things..I do not know when he is coming home..

So, I do not talk about our adoption as we are ready..just trying to finish gathering the pennies to get him. My heart sometimes just breaks for him. I broke down in tears when I saw this teddy bear the other day. I hugged it and cried..and of course ended up taking him home to be the buddy for my new son. See, my new son has everything he needs..clothes, toys, and even shoes. All of those things I thought were going to be for his brother that we brought home last fall..but his brother is much much smaller then I now we have all of those things. My first son has a lot of hand me downs. :)

Anyway, I thought I had better say something about our adoption and where we were with it. Waiting, and waiting some more. Praying and praying some more. Trusting God more and more! Thank you God for your perfect timing in bringing our new little boy home...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen...

He is Risen Indeed!!! Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What do you do?...

What do you do when your heart has an ache that does not go away? What do you do when you follow God doing something that seems so hard? What do you do when there is a little boy ready and literally waiting for his mommy and daddy and it's the rest of the funds that are standing in the way? What do you do when you think of the years, months, weeks, days, and every minute that he has been waiting? What do you do when you try to wait patiently on God's timing?...

Pray..and trust God! Please pray with me as it is so hard sometimes to wait patiently!! All in God's timing...
My Husband...

The man that God picked to be my husband is the best in the WHOLE world!!! He worked SO hard while I have been sick! Actually sick quite a lot since coming home with Jovan! It has seemed sometimes discouraging at how much I have been sick since the begining of the year. But my hubby has stepped up to the plate and ran with all of the responsibility there was to handle!

I do love that man very very much!! In one month and four days we will have been married twenty years!! It does not seem that just yesterday! All of our adventures, excitements, disappointments, and even lose that all have made up who we are.

Now we are a family of four going on five God willing. Now our lives are no longer just the two of us. It is amazing to see how lives hubby is an awesome father. Kind, gentle, loving, silly, tenderhearted, and just plain a great dad! He is a little soft on discipline however! :)

That is my husband and I just plain LOVE him and glad God picked him just for ME!!!